What Problem Can LigoLab Help Your Laboratory Solve?

LigoLab Information System is a Los-Angeles based company that specializes in the development and licensing of innovative software for pathology, clinical, and reference laboratories. We’ve helped labs grow and thrive since 2006 by leveraging our deep domain expertise and best practices to design and implement specifically tailored information systems for our lab partners. 

Over the past 14-plus years, we’ve addressed hundreds of laboratory challenges. By finding creative solutions to the most pressing laboratory operational problems, we’ve helped our lab partners grow their businesses and become market leaders.

Whether it’s missing features, too much manual labor, or outdated processes, LigoLab’s LIS & RCM Operating Platform can solve the issues that are keeping your laboratory from peak efficiency. 

Here is an example of a standard laboratory problem and how LigoLab can help your lab overcome it.

The Problem: Low Performing Information Systems

Does your laboratory struggle with a low-performing information system? Are lost specimens, manual processes, and unsatisfactory turnaround times daily issues? Is the current system able to keep up with changing regulations and ready to meet all compliance standards established by CAP and CLIA? Does the current system lack the report customization and customer preferences expected from a modern, flexible, and efficient LIS? 

Unlike modern systems, low-performing information systems are rigid, missing features, challenging to work with, and unable to deliver the necessary improvements in reliability and performance that customers expect. 

The Solution: LigoLab’s Super-Charged LIS & RCM Operating Platform

LigoLab offers comprehensive and extremely flexible solutions for anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, and reference labs, along with a robust revenue cycle management module, all on one single integrated software infrastructure for improved workflows, total connectivity, consistent data integrity, and maximized reimbursements. 

LigoLab is a scalable solution powered by an enterprise-level software that’s internet-enabled and can be hosted on a local server or in the cloud. The platform features an open architecture and powerful supporting engines, enabling laboratories to spike productivity by applying rules and automation to workflows while also eliminating redundancy and minimizing errors. 

With LigoLab, users can configure the system to support the unique requirements of all customers, which in turn leads to faster turnaround times, improved customer service, and a competitive edge in your market.

Curious About the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform?

Wondering if LigoLab would be a good long-term fit for your laboratory operations? Schedule a software demo to find out more. Schedule Demo

Is Your Lab Doing COVID-19 Testing?

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