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Fully Integrate Your LIS & Laboratory RCM 
Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
that Transform Your Workflow Operations:
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Improve Your Laboratory’s RCM Process and Maximize Profit

LIS and RCM Data are Interdependent
so Why not Integrate Them into ONE Powerful Platform?

Turn your clinical laboratory or pathology group into a profit center with LigoLab’s all-in-one laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM) solution. Combine the power of LigoLab’s LIS & RCM modules onto one united and integrated informatics platform to gain full visibility into all of your laboratory operations and activities.

Robust and Future-Proof Laboratory Billing Solutions that are
Highly Automated and Scalable

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Manage and curtail clerical mistakes on the fly with extensive data validations/error scrubbing

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Utilize demographic check, address validation, insurance coverage discovery, and eligibility verification RCM tools in real-time

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Leverage full synchronization with third-party services such as:

Mailing companies

Clearing houses

NPI registry

Payment processors

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Employ extensive rule-driven claim scrubbing engines with:

AMA and Medicare policies

Custom commercial payer policies

Individual client billing provisions

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Minimize labor cost through automatic coding including TC/PC splitting

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Simplify and streamline claim denial appeal management with a robust rule engine

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Administer regulatory compliance protocols at every stage

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Increase revenue with complete accounts receivable control and accessibility

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Apply quality assurance throughout entire revenue cycle management (RCM) operations, supported by comprehensive audit trail for optimal laboratory RCM management

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Engage powerful data processing tools and gain accounting insight

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Ensure high visibility with real time laboratory workflow queues and data processing

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Create detailed statistical reports and dashboards to monitor trends and KPIs

The Driving Forces Behind LigoLab's Lab Billing Software

Increased operational efficiency through laboratory billing with focused automation

Surging productivity through seamless workflow design

Customized & streamlined statement distribution mechanics

Constant counteraction of industry challenges

Added Lab RCM Benefits

Unparalleled client support

Expert turnkey development team

Fully customizable reporting & statistical engine

Experienced medical billing counsel

Sophisticated patient/payer validation RCM tools

Laboratory RCM News Solutions

Dramatically Improve Lab Revenue Cycle Management

Lab Billing Comparison Year-Over-Year: Prior Stand-Alone RCM vs. LigoLab's Fully Integrated Laboratory Billing System

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All of our client laboratories have reported substantial growth in total net collections. A number of our clients have enjoyed over 30% growth in year-over-year total net collections when comparing the LigoLab's integrated billing software for labs with their prior legacy stand-alone lab billing systems. In the case highlighted above, significant gains were reported across the board, with payer billing up 27%, patient billing up 30%, and client billing up 45%.

LigoLab's Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

  • Accelerate cash flow and increase margins
  • Integrated and transparent platform
  • Flexible distribution and automated statements
  • Increase efficiency and automation (CPT and ICD coding)
  • Clean claim validation and error correction
  • Demographic, eligibility, and insurance discovery
Lab Revenue Cycle Management

The Advantages of Integrated Lab Revenue Cycle Management

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Safeguarded single data source
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Interwoven LIS to RCM billing logic
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Full compartmental transparency and access
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Fast-tracked accounts receivable cash flow

Laboratory Billing that Starts When the Test Order is Created

Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) has traditionally been viewed as a “back-end” process. This outdated view is changing because accurate information needed for a smooth and productive billing workflow can now be interwoven throughout the LIS system workflow.

Unlike traditional laboratory RCM solutions, LigoLab Informatics Platform starts the RCM process at the order level with verification and scrubbing components that are shared by both the LIS and RCM modules.

Real-time patient/payer data verification RCM tools prevent rejections and denials, and are seamlessly integrated into LigoLab’s live queue-facilitated workflow.

Laboratory RCM News Solutions

The Time to Invest in Scalable Technology is Now

A Laboratory Guide to Help Labs Improve Workflow Efficiency and the Clean-Claim Pass-Through Rate

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Partner Lab Testimonials

Learn more from LigoLab partner labs that have significantly grown their business using LigoLab Informatics Platform.
photo Jennifer Bull
Jennifer Bull
COO at Avero Diagnostics
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LigoLab enabled our pathology practice to quickly add a clinical lab and successfully automate internal billing operations, giving us a competitive edge in our market.

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photo Aaron Rossi
Kelli Cole
Vice President at Cole Diagnostics
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Having one place where we can easily sort client bills from insurance bills and patient bills, and then process them in a fast, compliant manner has been an amazing improvement.

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Reduce Data Quality-Related Claim Denials and Significantly Increase Your Lab's Net Revenue

Nationwide, an estimated 35% of claim denials are caused by inaccurate or missing data which is primarily due to the human error component and time-consuming nature of manual claim processing.

Stand-alone lab RCM systems substantially contribute to high denial rates and revenue loss. When LIS & RCM modules operate as separate silos, even if interfaced, the full capabilities of each cannot be achieved due to lack of consistency, transparency, and integrity of data.

A single fully integrated platform ensures proper interchange of both LIS and RCM laboratory data.

Laboratory RCM News Solutions

Non-Integrated Billing Systems

User Error - Missing/Inaccurate Data

Manual Claim Processing

Non-transparent Laboratory Financials

Cumbersome/Complex User Interface

Disconnected/Disrupted Workflow

LigoLab's Integrated Single-Source Platform

Live Data Error Prevention

Automated Billing Workflow

Full Financial Transparency

Cohesive/Unified User Interface

Simplified/Streamlined workflow

Simplified Statement Distribution Workflow – Faster Reimbursement

LigoLab's all-in-one laboratory informatics platform accelerates the process of reimbursement for payers, clients, and patients. Utilizing a permeating rule-based automation engine ensures accurate, transparent, and customizable statements, which delivers an unparalleled business advantage.

Laboratory RCM News Solutions

LigoLab's Powerful Bonus
Features Include:

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Easy-access online payment portal
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Automated client notification
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Print, email, and SMS notifications
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Automated posting of payment
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Highly-customizable statements
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Automated payment reconciliation
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Robust distribution engine
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