The Advanced Tier: Innovative LIS Solutions for High-Volume Laboratories

The Advanced Tier is a laboratory information system (LIS) solution that unlocks the full potential of mid-to-large-sized laboratories in need of robust pathology lab software tools and insights that drive efficiency and fuel growth.

Laboratory Information System Benefits

Key Features of the Advanced Tier

Multi-Facility Support

Efficiently manage multiple laboratory operations under a single, unified LIS software system with our Multi-Facility Support module. This advanced functionality is ideal for laboratory networks that operate across several locations, ensuring each facility can work independently while maintaining streamlined, cohesive management and visibility across all of the sites. With customizable user and group settings, staff members can be configured to have access and visibility that aligns with their specific roles, responsibilities, and workloads.

Send Out Tracking

The Send Out module is a comprehensive solution designed to manage the full range of tasks involved in sending specimens or tests to reference laboratories or across different laboratory facilities. This module automates requisition form filling by capturing data already within the LIS system, and it also supports electronic integration with reference laboratories, enabling seamless data exchange and ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Customer Service Module (CRM) and Case Flagging

Streamline communication, manage customer interactions, track issues, and foster efficient resolution with the Customer Service module and Case Flagging functionality. This module provides a centralized location where all customer-related and quality assurance information can be accessed and managed. It assists with tracking customer interactions and managing customer support activities, thereby ensuring that all customer concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

Rule Engine

The Rule Engine offers unprecedented control and rule-based automation across all facets of your laboratory operations. It leverages the lab information system's discreet data storage methodology to facilitate a highly flexible and customizable actions that execute based on a myriad of conditions present within your laboratory data.

Workflow Engine

Automate and enhance a wide range of processes across your laboratory with the Workflow Engine. This robust feature streamlines and enhances a wide range of processes across your laboratory's workflow, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness in lab operations by providing dynamic automation and configuration capabilities.


The Dashboards module is an interactive, dynamic tool designed to provide users with a real-time, at-a-glance view of their operational data. This module allows for the construction of personalized dashboards using a variety of widgets, with each representing a specific dataset or key performance indicator (KPI). These widgets offer a rich visual representation of data by employing charts, graphs, tables, and other forms of data visualization that can be easily read and interpreted.

Dynamic Reports

The Dynamic Reports module is designed to give laboratory operators complete control over their data visualization and reporting needs. This intuitive, user-friendly LIS system tool allows users to construct their own reports by harnessing the power of the platform's discrete data elements with a straightforward interface. This module’s reporting capabilities extend beyond predefined templates. LigoLab also supports ad-hoc reporting, allowing users to generate custom reports on the fly to meet specific informational needs.

Inventory & Supplies

Manage, track, and optimize all aspects of your laboratory supply chain operations with the Inventory & Supplies module. From customer orders to internal usage, inventory control, and cost tracking, this module brings together all the elements necessary for efficient inventory management and cost containment.

Priority Support

Priority Support, offered as an upgrade option or bundled into our Advanced Tier package, is designed for customers who need immediate attention to pressing issues. This elevated support tier guarantees expedited response times within four hours, addressing high-priority issues with the urgency they require. This upgraded service also provides customers with a direct communication channel for rapid issue reporting and resolution.

LIS Software that Helps Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Labs Grow and Thrive

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