The Professional Tier: Advanced Solutions for Sophisticated Laboratories

The Professional Tier is a powerful laboratory information system solution for growing laboratories that includes all the modules and features present in the Essential Tier, plus additional advanced capabilities.

Laboratory Information System Benefits

Key Features of the Professional Tier

Grossing Touchscreen

Streamline your laboratory's workflow while ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every process with our Grossing Touchscreen Functionality. The Touchscreen offers an unparalleled user experience for grossing technologists, providing them with a comprehensive, intuitive, and customizable interface that enables seamless specimen handling and supports integration with voice control technology.

Document Scanning

Enjoy a paperless environment within your lab with our Document Scanning module. This module is designed to digitize and manage a variety of document types seamlessly and securely. It allows for immediate document scanning right after the order entry stage, and it also supports centralized batch scanning, enabling a large volume of documents to be scanned and organized efficiently.

Specimen Handling, Tracking, and Security

Ensure the highest level of care for every specimen from entry to final disposition with our Specimen Handling, Tracking, and Security module. This module is designed to enhance specimen integrity, increase productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance in your laboratory. It offers real-time location tracking and visibility by assigning a unique identifier to each specimen that covers every stage, from accessioning, processing, testing, racking and storage, to final disposition.

CAP Synoptic Reports

Elevate your standard of pathology reporting by aligning with College of American Pathologists (CAP) protocols with our integrated CAP Synoptic Reports module. This specialized module facilitates structured, comprehensive, and uniform reporting of cancer pathology findings. It assists pathologists in documenting critical cancer data systematically, clearly, and concisely, ensuring that all necessary information is included and easily understood.

Quality Control

Ensure your laboratory consistently delivers accurate and reliable results with our Quality Control (QC) module. This module systematically tracks, monitors, and analyzes various aspects of your workflow, ensuring that the highest standards of laboratory operations are upheld. The QC module shines when dealing with high volumes of complex tests, as it systematically reduces errors and improves efficiency by providing a visual snapshot of your laboratory's performance, allowing for the swift identification of trends and deviations.

Statistical Reports

Analyze your data with our expansive library of statistical reports. This library includes hundreds of customizable templates that empower labs to gain insight into their data from multiple perspectives. Our LIS system's robust reporting capabilities allow for informed decision-making that drives efficiency and performance improvements.

Digital Pathology

Drastically improve your diagnostic efficiency and accuracy with our Digital Pathology integration. This feature significantly expands the capabilities of our platform, creating a seamless connection between laboratory operations and digital imaging. The LigoLab platform is agnostic toward whole slide imaging scanners, making it compatible with various imaging technologies. This flexibility allows laboratories to choose the imaging equipment that best suits their needs without compromising on the integration with our LIS software.

Provider Portal

Enhance communication and collaboration between your lab and its providers with our easy-to-use and secure Provider Portal. This portal is designed to streamline the ordering process, provide timely updates, and ensure that your providers have access to critical information whenever they need it.

Integrated Cloud Faxing

Streamline and modernize your laboratory's communication process with our Integrated Cloud Faxing module. This robust feature moves beyond the limitations of traditional fax machines, offering a more reliable and efficient method of sending and receiving important documents directly from within the LIS system platform.

LIS Software that Helps Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Labs Grow and Thrive

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