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A Medical LIS Team that's with You from Planning to Implementation and Beyond

The aim of the LigoLab team is to provide a basis for close cooperation between LigoLab and its customers. We offer around the clock support through phone and email, included at no additional cost. We are with our customers through every stage, from planning to implementation, go-live, and beyond. We also provide follow-up and maintenance support to ensure the continued functionality and success of your laboratory.

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Implementing a New Laboratory Test

The Help Desk Support at LigoLab is committed to delivering quality customer service and is available 24/7. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction in responding to requests, and we value open, honest, and clear communications between our staff and our customers. Whether that be addressing a request, providing training, or best practices.

At LigoLab, we’ve been perfecting the science of support and lab information system (LIS) implementation processes since 2006. During implementation, we work closely with your laboratory every step of the way. We pride ourselves on being reliable and experienced LIS & RCM platform providers and strategic business partners. We understand, anticipate, and eliminate all issues and difficulties to ensure a smooth transition from your current information lab information system.

From domain analysis to go-live, and everything in between, LigoLab provides a dedicated implementation team to guide new customers through the entire process while learning everything about the current and future state of the laboratory and mitigating go-live risks. In all of our years of service, we’ve never experienced a rollback after go-live, and not a single customer has chosen to switch to another system after implementing LigoLab Informatics Platform.

As a LigoLab customer, you’ll gain a lab information system partner with deep domain expertise and best practices, an all-in-one LIS & RCM platform to future-proof and grow your operation, and receive responsive customer service and support. Our team is based in Los Angeles and we’re here to answer any questions and address any issues that may arise before, during, and after LIS system implementation.

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Customer Service and Support

Project Management and LIS System Implementation

LigoLab has helped laboratories upgrade their operations and replace a wide variety of LIS systems and laboratory billing systems, from very well-known legacy vendors to custom-built homegrown systems. Our technical team has the full capability and experience to replace and import data from any pathology lab software, as well as migrate all existing pathology software interfaces.

Stage 1 - Gathering Info

The first stage of the project is always heavily dependent on information gathering and deep domain analysis. Once this stage has been completed, we sculpt the project plan based on what is required and when.

Stage 2 - Baseline Configurations

The next stage is by far the most time consuming and includes baseline configurations of master files, enhancement requests, historical data imports, and interface builds.

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Stage 3 - Validation

After addressing configurations, testing and validation begins, enabling the laboratory’s staff to process live cases in parallel and report any gaps so they can be addressed.

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Below is a summary of what to expect as you upgrade your laboratory information system to LigoLab Informatics Platform.

Deployment Timeline

The six stages of LIS System implementation:

Deployment Timeline
Project Agreement

After agreeing to partner with LigoLab, we implement a test (or sandbox) environment that will be used for configuration of the LigoLab platform.

Project Agreement
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Project Preparation

Initial planning and preparation for the laboratory information system upgrade and the project as a whole begins.

Project Preparation
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Domain Analysis

The goal here is to achieve a common understanding of how the laboratory intends to run its operation within the LigoLab platform. The result of this is the laboratory Blueprint, a detailed document that represents the laboratory’s business process requirements.

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The implementation of all the business process requirements based on the Blueprint begins. The LIS system configuration plan is provided to the laboratory in two packages: Baseline (major scope) and Final Configuration (remaining scope).

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Final Preparation

During final preparation (including testing, end-user training, LIS system management, and cutover activities) the test environment is copied over to the training environment in preparation for go-live. This phase also serves to resolve all critical open issues. Upon successful completion of all open issues, the laboratory is ready to run its business within the now live LIS system.

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Go-live and Support

Here, we move the laboratory from a project-oriented, pre-production training environment to a live production environment.

Go-live and Support
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A Team Approach to the Implementation of Laboratory Information System Software

Since 2006, we've successfully implemented labs of all disciplines onto our dynamic LIS software platform. Over that time we've continued to refine our approach with new and more efficient ways to ensure a smooth transition.

During the implementation project we schedule daily or weekly calls (depending on the customer's availability) where we discuss upcoming tasks, share status updates on existing items, and review the quality and functionality of items delivered.

The implementation of an average-sized laboratory is estimated at three to five months. Please keep in mind that our estimated timeline is heavily affected by multiple factors such as the results from domain analysis, client resource availability, timely completion of tasks assigned, planned inspections (CAP or other), and third-party involvement (such as interface companies and previous LIS system and lab billing vendor’s for data export and interface builds, etc.).

Issue Tracking and Timeline Management

Key Milestones and Deliverables

LigoLab leaves no stone unturned and painstakingly goes through every detail with the client as both work together toward the common goal of a successful laboratory information system implementation.

Here are the Key Milestones that we Follow:
Domain Analysis
Two weeks from kickoff call
LigoLab and Client  
Interface Setup
Four weeks per-interface (simultaneous setup)
LigoLab and third-party interface company
Server Purchase/Configuration
Two weeks from kickoff call (If using LigoLab cloud server, can be spun up in a matter of days)
Ligolab or Client (depends on the server chosen)
Hardware Purchase/Configuration
Three weeks from kickoff call
Purchasing and initial setup done by Client, LIS configuration done by LigoLab
Historical Data Import
Three months from kickoff call
Previous LIS provides export, LigoLab performs the import.
Report Template Configuration
Two weeks from kickoff call (validation and revision timelines may vary based on need)
Examples provided by Client, configurations performed by LigoLab
QA/Management Report Configuration
Three weeks from server completion/deployment
Examples provided by Client, configurations performed by LigoLab
Cytology Setup
Two weeks from server completion/deployment
Trained by LigoLab, performed by Client
Surgical Setup
Four weeks from server completion/deployment
Trained by LigoLab, performed by Client
Clinical Setup
Four weeks from server completion/deployment
Trained by LigoLab, performed by Client
Send-Out Setup
One week from server completion/deployment
Trained by LigoLab, performed by Client
Billing/CRM Setup
Two months from completion of Cytology, Surgical and Clinical departments
Workflow Training
One week per department (simultaneous based on availability)
Trained by LigoLab
Testing and Validation
Two weeks after training completion
Three days with our implementation staff on site
Image Project Tools and Templates
LigoLab's Project Tools and LIS System Templates

The templates used in the implementation project include a preexisting “vanilla” environment that has the required moving parts to get started. This includes a database of lab tests, clinical configurations, surgical stains, part types, operations, gross and final macros, etc. In addition to this environment, we utilize a project plan and a ticket management notification system that updates the client with any necessary communication. All of these tools are rolled into the cost of LIS system implementation.

Image Knowledge Transfer and Transition
Knowledge Transfer and Transitioning to New Pathology Software

We provide our clients with training sessions via daily/weekly calls during implementation and also give them access to our LigoLab Online Guide, which can be accessed directly from the LIS software application. The guide offers both a reference manual that describes the functionality of all screens and a laboratory workflow guide that takes a more workflow-oriented approach to the training. In addition to this, customers have access to vast online training tutorial videos and are encouraged to reach out to LigoLab Support via email or phone when they have any additional questions.

Data Migration to LigoLab's Pathology Lab Software

LigoLab assumes full responsibility for data migration from legacy LIS systems to the LigoLab platform.

  • A dedicated LigoLab team member will be responsible for the success of the data migration.
  • Jointly with the client and, if needed, a resource from the legacy LIS vendor, we will identify data export capabilities of the legacy LIS system and tailor our migration strategy to the available export format.
  • Jointly with the client, LigoLab will define and document how all key elements of the legacy export will be imported into the LigoLab platform.
    • Accession numbering for merging from multiple legacy LIS systems.
    • Client/physician identification for merging from multiple legacy LIS systems.
    • Test/order/panel codes will be identified and mapped to corresponding configurations in LigoLab or to designated and agreed upon codes for legacy data.
  • The client will perform a representative sample extract from the legacy LIS system and LigoLab will perform a sample import for the client to review.
  • LigoLab will make every effort to ensure the full representation of all historical cases after the import. Depending on the availability of discrete data in the legacy LIS system export, representation can be full or limited to imported PDF reports.
  • Upon obtaining client approval for the presentation of historical cases in LigoLab, final steps for importing the bulk of the legacy data will be scheduled.
Image Data Migration

Laboratory Information System Risk Management

LigoLab never pushes a one-size-fits-all lab information system strategy. Our approach is built on applying standard building blocks of our platform to create a configuration that best fits the medical laboratory and that can grow and evolve as organizations scale-up. The flexibility, best practices, and our refined approach to requirements and gap analysis are key risk-mitigating factors.

We believe in clear communication with our stakeholders, and in a staggered, sequential implementation schedule that leverages the mutual resources of the customer and LigoLab. 

Additionally, we realize that organizations evolve, and so does the LigoLab platform. LigoLab’s latest version of the platform is always available in the test environment. This provides administrators and users with the ability to try out new features and schedule LIS software upgrades as needed. We also offer more training in the forms of webinars and user group conferences to help labs implement best practices into workflows as new features are developed.

Image Risk Management
Image Project Scope Revisions

Change Control and Project Scope Revisions to Laboratory Workflow Management

As a strategic partner, LigoLab understands that circumstances can change during project implementation on a large scale, or on a more granular level. We pride ourselves on researching, brainstorming, and collaborating to discover the most efficient solutions and quickly adapt to change as it happens.

In our experience, we’ve come across many solutions proposed by our customers that we’ve adopted and shared as best practices. We also understand that for our clients, change can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. For situations where workflow design modification is necessary, we present our best practices and also consider what the client is offering. We are aligned with our client labs and remain flexible throughout.

Partnership Pricing on Laboratory Equipment,
Software, and Services

LigoLab offers special discount pricing to customers through our business partnerships with many leading and trusted vendors and manufacturers.

Selecting the Right LIS for Your Lab is a Mission Critical Decision

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