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Clinical laboratories and pathology groups are truly the health system’s “workhorses,” serving a critical role even as the industry deals with serious issues like reimbursement cuts, increasing supply costs, and a wide-ranging shortage of qualified personnel.

So how can today’s clinical and pathology lab successfully prepare for what the future holds?

It can do so by adopting technology and innovative new tools as they become available.

Watch our on-demand webinar as industry experts discuss the current state of laboratory technology and how innovation and emerging technologies will shape the lab of the future. 


Beat Pathologist Burnout & Combat Staffing Shortages

Pathologist burnout and staffing shortages are two major issues all clinical labs are faced with today. This, unfortunately, is unsurprising as they collectively deal with all-time high caseloads, rising costs, and shrinking budgets.

At LigoLab, we believe advanced technology and automation are the keys to addressing both of these issues.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how several automated LIS solutions can help minimize the repetitive and redundant steps that lead to stress and a lack of job satisfaction.


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