Combating an Increase in Denials, Rising Labor Costs, and Eroding Margins with Automated Lab RCM Solutions

Automated RCM Solutions That Improve Clean Claim Pass-Through Rates, Workflow Efficiency, Margin Returns, & Overall Net Collections
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Join us for this informative and timely webinar featuring a topic discussion surrounding the importance of addressing laboratory billing barriers present within the diagnostic market, the solutions available, and the best practices to achieve improved results. The webinar will review the challenges most laboratory executives encounter while offering real-life solutions that will help them reverse these challenging trends, increase net collections, and future-proof their operations by delivering highly profitable and scalable long-term growth.


Topics discussed will range from the current laboratory testing landscape to embracing automation as a strategy geared toward maintaining successful fiscal growth within the diagnostic market. Overall, the webinar will present an opportunity to better understand the difficulties associated with Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and provide practical, technology-based solutions.

This is an opportunity to gain insight from a transparent textual and visual analysis of the topics presented. During the webinar, you will experience an interactive learning environment by receiving clear, concise answers to potential questions arising throughout the presentation.


  • An understanding of the increasing challenges associated with the diagnostic industry.
  • An in-depth economic analysis of the current laboratory landscape.
  • The numerous practical benefits that are associated with implementing advanced automation in the billing department.
  • Valuable lessons detailing best practices to implement scalable, automated, and future-proof solutions that provide turn-key workflow functionality and deliver ongoing growth with increased revenue and incremental profit.


Suren Avunjian

As a Co-Founder and CEO, Suren Avunjian oversees all business growth, operations, and leads a team of best-in-class personnel at LigoLab Information System™. Avunijan is the creative force behind LigoLab’s strategic vision to build the most comprehensive and infinitely configurable laboratory operating platform available. Founded in 2006, Los Angeles-based LigoLab™ is both privately owned and profitable, and it only answers to its customers.

Before his co-founding of LigoLab™, Avunjian served as the CTO for Healthline Clinical Laboratories. While there, he played a leading role in helping Healthline become the largest privately held laboratory in California. He did this by managing the implementation of cutting-edge technologies that enabled the laboratory to scale up its testing volume by 20 times in just seven years.

Aram Avakyan

Aram Avakyan, Pharm.D., is a Health Informatics Technologist at LigoLab Information Systems™. He graduated from the University of California Irvine in 2015 with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a B.A. in Economics. While completing his undergraduate degrees, Avakyan gained an interest in the world of healthcare and business management. He founded, established, and sold Primary Care Hospice Inc. in 2015. Later he received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Keck Graduate Institute of Health Sciences in 2021. Throughout his time as a Pharmacist Intern, he worked in several hospital systems including  Kaiser Permanente, Sharp, and Riverside University Hospital. Avakyan has received extensive experience working with major platforms such as Cerner, EPIC, and RxNet. His main goal is to continue to push for automation in all healthcare segments.


Suren Avunjian

LigoLab Co-Founder and CEO

Aram Avakyan







1:00 pm
10:00 am

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LIS Product Specialist

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