LigoLab Career Opportunities

LigoLab Information System develops and licenses enterprise software for medical laboratories. We are an exciting and rapidly growing software company that employs a wide range of technologies in our innovative and future-ready solutions for LIS, RCM, and Direct-to-Consumer.

We are passionate about developing software that removes growth barriers and helps our customers increase efficiency in all aspects of their operations, and we offer exciting opportunities for people like YOU to join our team and share our vision.

With your help, we can continue to revolutionize the industry by enabling clinical and pathology laboratories to better serve their patients, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, scale their operations, become more compliant, and more profitable.

About LigoLab

LigoLab is a leading provider of innovative end-to-end healthcare software for pathology laboratories, servicing 150+ facilities nationwide with nearly 20 years of market expertise and best practices experience.

As a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution, the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform™ includes modules for anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, molecular diagnostics, revenue cycle management, and direct-to-consumer, all on one powerful and integrated platform that supports every role, every department, and every case.