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LIS Software Solutions for High-Volume Medical Labs

The LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform™ is an agile and comprehensive LIS software system that embodies all of the features and functionality a modern medical laboratory needs to conduct high-volume diagnostic testing with maximum efficiency and heightened marketability of laboratory services.

The Clinical Lab module is one of five powerful pillars that make up the LigoLab platform, providing a complete and fully integrated one vendor solution for lab operators so they can focus on what they do best and scale their operations more efficiently.

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Reduce Manual Processes, Organize Clinical Lab Workflows, and Reduce Turnaround Times

LigoLab doesn’t just offer its customers a laboratory information system, it goes far beyond that with its complete laboratory software solution. The LigoLab platform is equipped with the technology and sophisticated tools that labs need to meet present-day challenges head-on and become more profitable as they drive future growth through efficiency and automation.

End-to-end data integrity
LigoLab connects every laboratory department on one united software infrastructure, ensuring end-to-end data integrity and process continuity.
configurable platform
LigoLab is infinitely configurable, enabling users to build custom rules and organized workflows that automate complex processes, eliminate errors, and improve turnaround times.
streamlined laboratory
When leveraging LigoLab’s rule and automation engines, the need for human intervention and the associated cost is reduced, and efficient specimen tracking and streamlined laboratory operations are ensured.

Improve Laboratory Efficiency

Learn how LigoLab LIS can improve your workflow efficiency, regulatory compliance, and overall ROI.
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Medical Laboratory Software
  • Standardized report structure based on industry trends
  • Custom template format for client satisfaction
  • Integrated reports for time-saving efficiency
  • Cumulative reports for patient safety and continuity
Access LigoLab From Anywhere at Anytime
Maximize Interoperability With LigoLab’s Interface Engine


Quality Assurance

LigoLab features both an open architecture and a proprietary Interface Engine. The engine features maximum interoperability, enabling LigoLab LIS to connect to a majority of analyzers, EMRs, and third-party plug-ins with ease. This includes LIS/RCM internal networking as well as connections to external bodies, such as billing services, the Tumor Registry, and state reporting agencies.
The engine supports all standard interchange protocols, including FHIR,  HL7, X12, XML, Flat File, Restful APIs, ASTM, and more.

LigoLab’s Quality Control (QC) module and Quality Assurance (QA) compliance infrastructure ensure accurate testing, precise report distribution, and closely monitored operations.
LigoLab supports various QC methodologies, such as Westgard Rules, biological variation methods, Lean Six Sigma, etc. The QC module allows live monitoring of control data and alerts users to abnormal readings to prevent instrument malfunction and erroneous test release.

The Quality Assurance infrastructure monitors every step of the workflow and ensures reliable and coherent operations throughout the entire testing process.

Increase the Value of Your Laboratory Services to both Providers and Patients

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High-Volume Pooled Testing Support

LigoLab’s Clinical Lab software gives medical labs a flexible solution for end-to-end interoperability including plate mapping for pooled testing. From order inception to resulting, it supports high-volume screening of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.
  • Batch scanning of paper requisitions into electronic orders using OCR and AI
  • Specimen scanning individually or in batches for plate mapping
  • Real-time visual representation of plates, wells, and racks
  • Bidirectional interfacing with instruments for error-free automation
  • Rule-based result autoverification
High-Volume Pooled Testing Support
Access LigoLab From Anywhere at Anytime
Access LigoLab From Anywhere at Anytime

Cost Management

Cost management is critically important for clinical laboratories due to increasingly regulated reimbursement policies that contribute to profit erosion. LigoLab’s real-time monitoring and reporting tools enable users to easily generate important performance analytic reports that provide valuable insight for informed business decisions.

  • Achieve visibility into all lab operations and staff productivity
  • Monitor and query payer reimbursement metrics in real-time
  • Analyze revenue based on key performance indicators
  • Manage costs based on payment/expense ratio

Direct Remote Access for Clients

LigoLab Connect® is a LIS software application that enables client and laboratory remote interaction. Users can receive and search for reports, pull cumulative charts, fax out of the system, and gain access to any patient-related scanned document.

LigoLab Connect allows the client to begin the patient demographics verification process with eligibility checks, address validations, and insurance discovery, all from the remote site.

  • Free and easy to install with unlimited licensing for downloads
  • No other third-party outreach software is needed
  • Can be laboratory branded with company logos

Optimize Workflows and Scale Your Business

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

LigoLab is constantly evolving, with new features and enhancements added to the medical laboratory software platform every day. Through domain expertise, best practices, and customer feedback analysis, LigoLab boosts its lab partners by giving them a platform that automates workflows, increases productivity, and positions them to scale their businesses quickly.

  • An agile platform that automates processes
  • High-visibility and real-time workflow queues
  • Flexible rule engine for optimal automation
  • Multi-layered workflow control

Compliance without flexible LIS software solutions is quite challenging and labor-intensive. LigoLab offers a variety of specialized tools that reduce audit risk and revenue loss. Users can effectively operate within the guidelines of CAP, CLIA, HIPAA, and other regulatory agencies to mitigate compliance concerns and avoid penalties.

  • Creates compliance-conscious workflows and reports
  • Features ad hoc data query capabilities
  • Supports all established regulatory protocols
  • Implements compliance verification at every stage

Most Comprehensive LIS

Let us show you how LigoLab’s LIS maximizes process automation delivering unparalleled improvement and workflow efficiency.

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A Safe and Protected Software Platform

LigoLab offers advanced security and privacy features that protect laboratory and patient data.

Automatic log-off for user inactivity

An audit trail that logs every activity

User permission and visibility control

The LigoLab Difference:

Putting the Customer First

A commitment to partnership with its customers is at the core of what LigoLab represents as a company. Since 2006, the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform has served as a cost-effective alternative to legacy LIS systems, providing medical laboratories with a comprehensive and flexible system that maximizes operational efficiency by replacing manual steps - and the potential for human error - with rules and automation and that can be quickly configured as an environment changes.
By connecting and integrating every department and lab process on one united software infrastructure with a common database, the LigoLab platform removes barriers to growth and drives market differentiation for its clients, putting them in a position to do what they do best as they expand services, increase profit margins, and scale their businesses.

  • Manage all departments and operations on one united system with no data silos and no headaches
  • Maximize interoperability, remove workflow bottlenecks, and improve turnaround times
  • Reduce labor costs and increase net collections
  • Stand out with client-specific reports (saved preferences for template design and report distribution)
  • Quickly add more users, interfaces, and services to acquire new business

Learn How LigoLab Helps Labs Grow and Thrive

To experience the benefits of a modern, user-friendly and reliable LIS & RCM Operating Platform, contact us or request a demo today.

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