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LigoLab Informatics Platform is an end-to-end laboratory information system LIS that supports and streamlines the complete life-cycle of all laboratory and financial operations. The platform includes robust operational modules for Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics, Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management, and Direct-to-Consumer, all on one integrated software infrastructure that ensures data integrity from start to finish.

LigoLab’s Complete Laboratory Operating Platfo
Wrapped around these powerful operational and financial modules are several supporting modules and supporting engines that tie everything together. With them, users have all the tools needed to support a lab’s current and future needs, no matter the diagnostic discipline, because embedded elements can easily be turned on and added to their laboratory operations without additional servers, hardware, middleware, interfaces, or headaches. The full suite of applications is available to them on day one, positioning their laboratory to quickly scale and add new modules and new tests in an efficient and productive manner.
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LigoLab's LIS System Software Supporting Modules

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Specimen Handling

LigoLab’s powerful tracking and handling module supports lab personnel as they receive, label, and analyze samples, and then record the test results. Every specimen has a unique ID, every single step is tracked securely, and labs control how deeply they want to track and control the clinical workflow.

The LIS system is designed for just-in-time functionality. As an example, this means that when the specimen is scanned at the grossing bench, the system shoots out the cassette specifically connected to that specimen with a 2D barcode identifier, making it all but impossible to accidentally put a specimen into the wrong cassette. Everything is orderly and organized. Same for the microtome. When a cassette is scanned, it only prints the slides that are going to be needed for that cassette.

Everything is automated and integrated, allowing users to track both beginning and end times for processing, and when samples were embedded. The lab information system also assists with case assembly before sign-out. All the pathologist needs to do is scan the slide in front of him/her to open up the case, and then sign out after reviewing the case. The LIS software also helps with the archiving and disposal of specimens.

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The LigoLab outreach module is called LigoLab Web Connect. It enables remote orders and the retrieval of results, and it can also initiate the billing cycle on the front-end by triggering eligibility checks, address validations, and insurance discovery at remote order entry. Users can receive and search for reports, pull cumulative charts, fax out of the LIS system, and gain access to any scanned document associated with a case, leading to a big reduction in incoming customer service calls.

LigoLab Web Connect is a secure web-based application that can be branded with logos and serve as an extension of your business. With it, clients can manage reports, track specimens, generate labels, and more. Plus, it comes with an unlimited distribution license, removing the need for any third-party outreach software.

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Document Imaging

LigoLab makes the sharing of every document associated with a case both easy and timely with its document imaging module. In the Lab information system, all documents including requisitions, reports, EOBs, and statements are scanned and accessible in one convenient place. With scanned documents, paperwork is eliminated, clinical lab workflow becomes more efficient, and the archival of documents for compliance purposes becomes much more manageable. Also noteworthy, this supporting module can be accessed from the platform and remotely via the secure LigoLab Web Connect outreach application.

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Send-out Tracking

The send-out tracking module supports and tracks specimens that are sent to reference labs. The requisitions, manifests, labels, and forms associated with send-outs are accessed in the send-out queue. With this tracking module, users can configure unique turnaround times per client and track the urgency of a particular record with different colors. This visual indicator is located in the send-out receive queue, and it helps the send-out team identify which records are a priority and if there is a problem.

Once the send-out work has been completed and test results and samples have been returned, the user can add the reference report to the case before releasing it.

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The customer relationship management module (or CRM) is an automated tool that can be used internally by labs to help them organize and manage customer interactions and the data associated with customer accounts. It supports the customer service department, tracks quality assurance, service requests, and fulfillment, and all customer-related issues remain in a real-time queue until they are resolved.

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Digital Pathology

LigoLab has supported digital pathology workflow for several years by integrating with whole slide imaging solutions for image analysis. This supporting module gained in popularity during the COVID pandemic with pathologists working remotely.

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Direct-to-Consumer Portal

The direct-to-consumer lab testing portal is called TestDirectly. It connects labs directly with patients for safe and easy sample collecting, processing, and reporting. The portal seamlessly integrates with all laboratory information systems and eliminates paperwork and manual processes. Patients can self-register, select a collection facility and book an appointment from the comfort of their computer or mobile device. Once testing has been completed, the portal automatically sends test results to all stakeholders and alerts the patient that results are ready for review.

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Business Intelligence

The business intelligence module covers all reporting and compliance requirements, including CLIA and CAP reports. With this module, users can access and configure dashboards, charts, and tables that represent the lab’s performance at both a high level and on a more granular scale. They can transparently see accurate and real-time data from every department that can be shared easily across the organization to identify any issues before they become big problems.

LigoLab's Pathology Software Supporting Engines

Workflow Designer

workflow designer

Adding a step to an established clinical workflow is made easy with the workflow designer engine. During implementation, all of the common workflows are loaded into the LIS system, but users also have the option to add steps and uniquely configure a workflow to maximize results for their particular lab.

Interface Engine

interface engine

The interface engine has an agnostic and open design that allows the LIS system to connect to any instrument, EHR, or third-party service with ease. This includes billing services, the tumor registry, and state reporting agencies. The interface engine supports all file formats, including FHIR, HL7, XML, X12, CSV, PDF, Flat File, ASTM and Restful API.

Reporting & Distribution

Reporting & Distribution

The reporting and distribution engine puts the user in control, enabling the creation of fully customizable and uniform lab reports without external help, and then facilitating the delivery of these reports and all other documents (requisitions, invoices, letters to patients and providers, etc.) in 10 different ways to suit the customer’s preference. There is never a reason to leave the LIS system because all distribution is performed within the platform. The powerful reporting and distribution engine features rule-based formatting and uniform presentation for lab reports, and it supports the full richness of word (format, size, colors, highlights, etc.), plus images, diagrams, annotation, macros, conditional rules, dictation to text, and CAP cancer protocol templates. Co-branding and personalization with saved customer preferences adds value for users and customers, as does the pulling together of multiple results from multiple sources into one integrated report.

Rule & Automation

Rule & Automation

The rule engine enables users to build simple to complex rules and actions into the medical LIS based on any logical condition, and then the automation engine daisy chains these rules to build decision support trees. With these engines, users can configure a rule that fires when a certain set of conditions are met. A good example of this is the use of conditional fields in LigoLab report templates. Normally a complex combination of rules requires a custom script, but not with this LIS system. With LigoLab, users can configure their own conditional rules without involving a developer, saving time and money. 

Voice Dictation & Control

Voice Dictation & Control

The voice dictation and control engine enables voice transcription in the laboratory information system while minimizing unnecessary clicks on the keyboard. With this engine and the proper software, there is no longer a need to hire a transcriptionist or wait for a transcription. Users can check transcriptions in real-time as they come up on the screen, streamlining laboratory workflow and making it both cost-efficient and performance efficient while improving turnaround times. This engine is Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice-capable and supports all voice recognition software.

Looking for the Best Pathology Report Software?

LigoLab’s comprehensive and flexible pathology reporting software leverages efficiency, automation, and transparency to reduce human errors and processing delays, while boosting productivity, and ultimately profitability.

LigoLab Informatics Platform is powered by enterprise-level LIS pathology management software that’s internet-enabled, can be hosted on a local server or in the cloud, and can run on any operating system anywhere around the world minus the need for VPN connections.  

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In Latin, Ligo means “to unite or to connect,” and that’s what LigoLab flawlessly does for its 200+ laboratory clients nationwide, providing them with a modern LIS system that connects, merges, and integrates all laboratory operations and financial processes into one common database and operating system. This means no more silos, no more middleware, no more inconsistent data, and no more headaches.

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