LigoLab Informatics Platform: Uniquely Designed to Deliver Maximum Value

LigoLab Informatics Platform is uniquely designed with a tiered pricing structure that caters to all medical laboratory types, sizes, and complexities. That’s because every laboratory has specific needs, workflows, and growth plans, and a one-size-fits-all laboratory information system (LIS) software solution more often than not falls short of delivering the maximum value.

Laboratory Information System Benefits

Tiers Overview

Ligolab’s pricing structure allows laboratories to select the LIS system tier that aligns best with their current operations while still offering the flexibility to scale up to the next tier as their needs evolve and their business grows. The tiers are designed to progressively address higher complexity and functionality levels, offering a tailored fit for each laboratory's specific needs.


An intuitive medical LIS for small-to-midsize labs

  1. - Ordering
  2. - Labeling
  3. - Grossing
  4. - Histology
  5. - Cytology
  6. - Molecular
  7. - Clinical
  8. - Result Entry
  9. - Reporting

A comprehensive lab information system platform

Essential Plus:
  1. - Grossing Touchscreen
  2. - Document Scanning
  3. - Specimen Handling
  4. - Synoptic Reports
  5. - Digital Pathology
  6. - Quality Control
  7. - Statistical Reports
  8. - Activity Audit Log
  9. - Client Portal
  10. - Faxing

Includes robust tools for mid-to-large-sized laboratories

Professional Plus:
  1. - Multi-Facility Support
  2. - Send Out Tracking
  3. - CRM / Flagging
  4. - Workflow Engine
  5. - Rule Engine
  6. - Dynamic Reports
  7. - Dashboards
  8. - Inventory & Supplies
  9. - Priority Support

A powerful LIS platform for advanced control and flexibility

Advanced Plus:
  1. - Auto Case Assignment
  2. - Data Warehouse
  3. - Automation Engine
  4. - Patient Portal
  5. - Eligibility / Discovery
  6. - Interface Engine
  7. - Auto Coding
  8. - Single Sign On (SSO)
  9. - Priority Support
  10. - Dedicated Client Manager

Why Choose the Essential Tier?

The Essential Tier is perfectly tailored for small pathology, molecular, and reference laboratory workflow. With this tier, laboratories gain all the necessary tools to manage their operations efficiently while also creating a foundation for future growth. This is an ideal choice for laboratories looking for a straightforward LIS system that compares favorably with other simple LIS systems in the market.

Why Choose the Professional Tier?

The Professional Tier aligns with the more robust laboratory information systems on the market. It caters to laboratories in need of advanced features and tools to support more sophisticated lab workflow, integration, and operational intelligence.

Why Choose the Advanced Tier?

The Advanced Tier is where LigoLab significantly differentiates itself from the other laboratory information system vendors. The Advanced Tier is ideally suited for larger, high-volume laboratories that seek top-tier efficiency, automation, and data-driven decision-making.

Why Choose the Enterprise Tier?

The Enterprise Tier includes all the features and modules that come with the Advanced Tier (plus all the other tiers), along with additional comprehensive enterprise-wide capabilities. This tier offers total integration across multiple departments or sites, broad scalability, and highly customizable lab workflow.

LIS Software that Helps Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Labs Grow and Thrive

To experience the benefits of a modern, user-friendly and reliable all-in-one LIS & RCM Informatics Platform, contact us today.

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