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Manage Your Lab and Grow Your Business with the Right Laboratory Information System Partner

Welcome to the next step in the LIS evolution. The LigoLab LISRCM Operating Platform™ is a comprehensive, 360-degree platform with all the features that your laboratory needs for today and tomorrow.

The LigoLab platform goes above and beyond a traditional LIS and provides a complete laboratory information system solution to help you grow your business, increase your revenue, reduce and eliminate errors, streamline your operations, and meet the increasing demands and requests of your clients.

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A Complete Digital Makeover for Your Lab

Laboratory Administrators, Pathologists, IT Directors, and other valued Specialists deserve a modern, intuitive, complete, and scalable LIS that can be easily customized to fit your testing lab's unique needs, and without external support. Our robust platform and knowledgeable team support your operation 24/7, so you can manage confidently as automation and integration drive performance and growth.

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Your Business is Going Places, and We'll Help You Get it There

The LigoLab platform is the only one that scales with you – a powerful and highly automated Laboratory Information System and a Revenue Cycle Management solution that maximizes operational efficiency and greatly simplifies the day-to-day work of all your laboratory staff, improves cash collection, and increases financial accuracy while providing full transparency into the business.

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You will gain control, valuable intelligence, and visibility of all your processes, improve efficiency and outcomes, and achieve compliance using LigoLab’s tools, insight, and expertise.

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Simplify Workflows

  • Streamline and automate your lab processes​​
  • Maximize interoperability
  • Eliminate human error and lost specimens
  • Support regulatory compliance

Increase Margins

  • Drive business growth
  • Improve your turnaround time​
  • Increase net collections and profit
  • Reduce your labor costs
grow your lab

Scale Together

  • A complete and flexible platform
  • Built and loved by laboratorians
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Secure access from anywhere, anytime

Improve Processes and Flow in Critical Areas of Your Lab:

Simplified Order Entry

  • Helps prevent errors and loss of orders — and improve physician satisfaction — with reflex testing across departments
  • Automatic generation and printing of unique barcodes for every specimen and document
  • The platform automatically detects and prevents duplicate patient profile matches

Live Validation at Order Creation

  • Patient eligibility checking
    and insurance discovery at order entry cuts down denials and prevents loss of revenue
  • Patient Whitepages address lookup and USPS  validation to ensure correct address for patient invoicing
  • Set up client specific validation rules on any order entry field to insure compliance and interoperability

Eliminate Handwriting and Lost Specimens

  • Reduce errors and improve turnaround times by tracking every single specimen with a unique ID, with awareness of the next steps in the workflow, and with the parent/child (derivatives) relationships to other specimens
  • For AP workflow, track from point of origination, accessioning, grossing workbench, processor, the embedder, microtome, staining, case assembly, resulting, transcription, reporting, chain-of-custody, archival, and disposal
  • The platform supports 1D and 2D barcodes, and RFID tagging

Fewer Clicks and Faster Result Entry

  • Rich text diagnostic result entry is intuitive and designed to cut down as many steps/clicks as possible for lab techs and pathologists
  • Macros automatically fill in the content to the final diagnosis field, auto populate a linked micro diagnosis, grade the case, and place CPT and ICD-10 codes
  • Voice dictation/transcriptionist support is available for pathologists electing to dictate

Customize Workflows and Track and Resolve Processing Issues

  • Unique tag assignment and processing engine provides flexible design and real-time queues that require resolution procedures
  • Tag assignment can be manual, automatic, or rule-based (to support reflex requirements (per client/per physician) and specific to user, facility, procedure, and test
  • Track QA issues using tags to enable issue assignment and resolution management throughout the platform

Robust Audit Trail

  • Audit every record associated with all entities in the system (orders, cases, reports, clients, tests, etc.)
  • The platform tracks changes by timestamp, user, and the type of transaction that modifies the entity, tracks old value (what was changed) and new value (what it was changed to) for each modified data element
  • The platform keeps term-based versions of data to support changes that should stay applicable to historical cases (e.g. AOE questions, reference ranges, etc.)

Data at Your Fingertips

  • All data is stored in a structured format, eliminating the need for separate data mining, reporting, and visualization tools
  • User-friendly data mining tools offer a library of standardized report formats, plus users can create configurable, detailed, and ad hoc data queries to keep their lab at peak performance and inspection ready
  • Automated tools allow for real-time monitoring of the lab’s testing workflows, productivity, and financial health

Reports: The Product of the Lab

  • All report templating, building, and delivery is handled in one system with pixel-level accuracy and uniformity
  • Increase your lab's marketability by providing well organized, powerful, and integrated reports
  • Deliver reports to clients by the frequency and channel of their preference: provider portal, outreach software, EHR, fax, secure email, in-house printing, IVR, SMS, and via remote print server

Maximum Connectivity

  • Built-in interface engine enables high interoperability with virtually any service provider, EHR, PIMS, CRM, ERP, instrument, or vendor out there while eliminating redundancy and minimizing errors
  • The platform supports industry-standard formats (FHIR, HL7, ASTM, X12) as well as a variety of transport protocols (MLLP, Web Service, S/FTP)
  • Flexibility to convert to and accept any external format without limitations

Explore the Solutions Suite

Complete Laboratory Operating Platform

Intuitive, Comprehensive, Flexible
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Anatomic Pathology

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  • Surgical
  • Non-Gyn Cytology
  • Gynecological Cyto
  • Autopsy
  • Consultative Reporting
  • Grossing Touchscreen
  • Electronic Histology
  • Synoptic Reporting

Supporting Engines

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  • Workflow Designer
  • Interface Engine
  • Reporting and Distribution
  • Rule and Automation
  • Voice Dictation and Control

Revenue Management

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  • Clean Claim Policy
  • Auto Coding (CPT/ICD)
  • Eligibility and Pre-authorization
  • Payment Gateway
  • Automated Statements
  • PAMA Support

Clinical Laboratory

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  • Hematology
  • Biochemistry
  • Serology
  • Molecular
  • Microbiology
  • Toxicology
  • Genomic
  • Quality Control

Supporting Modules

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  • Outreach
  • Document Imaging
  • Specimen Handling
  • Sendout Tracking
  • Digital Pathology
  • Customer Relationship Mgmt
  • Business Intelligence

What Types of Labs Rely on LigoLab?

The complete and agile LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform is designed to meet the diverse needs of testing labs that specialize in Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Laboratory, Molecular Diagnostics, and Microbiology.

Clinical Laboratory Solutions

End-to-end functionality, including bi-directional connectivity with instruments, batch processing, efficient routing, automated handling, tracking with a comprehensive audit trail, auto-release, and quality control validation. 

The Clinical Laboratory module is highly configurable and utilizes a powerful rule and automation engine to automate complex processes, significantly reducing human intervention for fast and reliable results.

RCM Solutions
  • No data silos
  • Automate complex processes
  • Fully customizable
  • Reduce costs and improve TAT

Anatomic Laboratory Solutions

The AP workflow features quick order entry, document scanning, barcoded specimens with unique IDs, customizable labels, a comprehensive audit trail that tracks all system activities, a user-friendly grossing touch screen, electronic histology workflow, real-time tags and workflow actions that assist with quality assurance and quality control, case assignment and load-balancing, fast result entry and sign-out, a hierarchical macro system, auto CPT/ICD10 coding, and support for voice transcription.  

The Anatomic Pathology module is also supported by highly integrated supporting modules for customer service, document scanning, report delivery, business intelligence, outreach support, and send-out tracking.

RCM Solutions
  • No data silos
  • Automate complex processes
  • Fully customizable
  • Reduce costs and improve TAT

Molecular Laboratory Solutions

Module features such as customized result entry data panels and sub-queues all fully support FISH, Cytogenetic, Flow Cytometry, and EGFR testing, and enable the laboratory to quickly onboard any type of esoteric test.

This module is also supported by the reporting module that enables users to customize and create an integrated report (summary report) to display all molecular testing results.

RCM Solutions
  • No data silos
  • Automate complex processes
  • Fully customizable
  • Reduce costs and improve TAT

Microbiology Laboratory Solutions

Comprehensive functionality that includes bi-directional interfaces with instruments, case workup, plate management, tracking, and auto-release of preliminary blood culture results.

The module also includes robust comment-linking functions based both on sensitivity data and on blood culture data.

  • No data silos
  • Automate complex processes
  • Fully customizable
  • Reduce costs and improve TAT

A Laboratory Information System that Benefits All Lab Departments

Everyone in your lab will benefit from deploying the LigoLab Operating Platform due to powerful features, increased automation, simplified workflows, greatly reduced errors, enhanced process management, remote access, intelligent case distribution and more. Our team has worked and designed the system for every role in the laboratory.


Gain key business insights, higher customer satisfaction, robust specimen tracking, and an increase in margins through full integration of all workflows and departments. Highly configurable patient report templates and distribution, electronic histology, automatic CPT and ICD coding, and quick result entry lead directly to faster turnaround times and higher throughput.

lab managers ceo
Lab Managers and CEOs

Enjoy maximum operational and financial efficiency, transparency, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. You get all the features, modules, rules and automations, reports and benefits of a modern, complete and highly flexible operating platform. Nothing to buy later, no extras to pay for. Premium support based in the U.S. is also included.

it directors
IT Directors

Upgrading your lab’s operating platform is a big deal. Our implementation and support team works closely with you throughout the entire process for the smoothest rollout possible with a 100% implementation success rate. Eliminate multiple system management and gain a strategic partner that takes full responsibility for all of your information system needs and provides you with tools for full flexibility and self-service control in an all-in-one platform.

lab techs
Lab Techs

The platform streamlines workflows, and thanks to specimen tracking and barcodes, samples are tracked in real-time and the chance for human error is minimized. With minimal settings using the latest technology based on biological variation, the system allows lab techs to auto-assign QC rules to a single level and provide instant updates of essential information to the tech screen. 

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Customer Testimonials

photo  Ron Sconyers
Ron Sconyers
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photo Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
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photo Mo Juen
Mo Juen
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photo Juan Mangini
Juan Mangini
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photo Paulette Lewis
Paulette Lewis
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photo David Gardiner
David Gardiner
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photo Joseph Guido
Joseph Guido
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David Gardiner

CEO, owner and Chief Medical Officer of Animal Reference Pathology, Salt lake City, Utah

A veterinary reference lab that serves multi-species testing for veterinarians all across the country. Dr Gardiner discusses his LIS evaluation and selection process and why system flexibility and unique pricing structure convinced him to choose LigoLab. He describes the system implementation and the operational benefits and efficiencies achieved including specimen tracking, image capture and report flexibility. Finally, Dr. Gardiner explains how LigoLab has “future-proofed” his laboratory.

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photo David Gardiner

Joseph Guido

Director of Information Technology (I.T.) for Summit Pathology, Loveland, Colorado

Joseph discusses LigoLab from the perspective of information technology. In particular, he stresses the open communications with both LigoLab developers and its top management in accommodating the laboratory’s needs. From a technological standpoint, Joseph is impressed with the power of the tool set offered and that the LigoLab system is a complete LIS requiring no additional middleware to perform all its functions. From a lab operational perspective, the power and scope of specimen tracking receives a special mention.

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photo Joseph Guido
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Learn How LigoLab Helps Labs Grow and Thrive

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