LigoLab Reviews - What Do Our Customers Think?

LigoLab Reviews - What Do Our Customers Think?

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At LigoLab, our customers are also our best references, and it’s been that way since our company first established its business roots in 2006. 

LigoLab’s future-ready software is a game-changer that’s also supported by our company’s deep commitment to the success of our customers. This is demonstrated through our mutually beneficial partnerships that are geared toward sustained growth. Put simply, our success is also our customers’ success as we help them grow and thrive. Interested in learning more? Then check out these customer testimonials. 

Video Testimonials

MLD Pathology credits the efficiencies and automation within the LigoLab platform for transforming and modernizing the business – “LigoLab has transformed the way we operate in a way that allows our pathologists to produce reports in a very timely and efficient manner. Because of LigoLab, our pathologists are able to sign out a lot more cases than they would otherwise be able to do” – Juan Mangini, Director of Business Development at MLD Pathology (Houston, TX) –

Platform flexibility and a unique pricing structure are two reasons why Animal Reference Pathology Chose the LigoLab – “LigoLab’s system was an adaptable, long-term solution for us. We were coming out of a larger lab and we didn’t have huge capital set aside for a major LIS investment. LigoLab’s structure for their fees was much more amenable, allowing us to get a top-notch solution in place with not a lot of lead time – David Gardiner, Chief Medical and Chief Executive Officer at Animal Reference Pathology (Salt Lake City, UT) –

Case Studies

Learn how Atlas Genomics is using LigoLab & TestDirectly to support its detection of more transmissible & more deadly coronavirus variants. – “It’s streamlined our processes and made us more efficient.” – Dr. Michael H.Kalnoski, Medical Director, Atlas Genomics (Seattle, WA) – Read Case Study

Learn what makes the Whatcom County Health Department’s drive-through COVID-19 testing site different from all the others.  – “There’s no wait time. The most anyone might wait is 10 minutes and that’s usually when the first patients of the day show up early thinking that there will be a long wait.” – Lynn Pittsinger, Supervisor, Whatcom County Health Department (Bellingham, WA) – Read Case Study  

Find out how LigoLab customer Reditus Laboratories successfully added a scalable molecular diagnostic testing program that hospitals, long-term care facilities, and government agencies continue to rely on for fast and accurate test results. – “The State of Illinois relies heavily on us for drive-through testing; they’ve been extremely impressed with TestDirectly.” – Dr. Aaron Rossi, CEO, Reditus Laboratories (Pekin, IL) – Read Case Study

Northwest Laboratory leveraged the efficiencies created by the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform to earn a statewide COVID-19 testing contact with the Florida Department of Health – “We would not have been able to accomplish what we have with any other LIS vendor. Knowing that you have a partner that you can rely on is huge when you have a commitment as large as the one we have with Florida. Besides the workflow in the lab and the efficiencies that the partnership has brought, we continue to work daily with the LigoLab team to identify any part of the process that can become more efficient and more quality-driven.” – Jennifer Bull, Chief Operations Officer, Northwest Laboratory (Bellingham, WA) – Read Case Study

The DuPage County Health Department has experienced simplified data entry, shorter wait times, and much faster turnaround times for test results since introducing TestDirectly (LigoLab’s Direct-to-Consumer Portal) at its collection center – “TestDirectly has enabled us to test and serve many more people daily and most importantly, get people their results quickly and easily.” – Christopher Hoff, Director of Community Health Resources for DuPage County Health Department (Wheaton, IL) – Read Case Study

Software Reviews

“Outstanding Anatomic Pathology solution with great flexibility” - The system is highly customizable; there is “almost” nothing you can’t do. We are able to produce beautiful reports that are easy to read; this is a huge physician satisfier! The support team is very well versed and able to devise creative solutions to challenging issues; they are a pleasure to work with. – Kristen Conley, Director of IT and Business Development, Eastern Connecticut Pathology Consultants (Waterbury, CT) – Read this and other LigoLab reviews at Capterra

“User-friendly system with a great support team” - LigoLab makes training new employees easy. The system fits into our workflow very well and allows detailed tracking to pinpoint errors when they do occur. The support staff is very helpful when a problem arises, or if I have questions about features or customizations.- Jacie Rayburn, Lab Supervisor, Pathology Group of Louisiana (Baton Rouge, LA)Read this and other LigoLab reviews at Capterra

“Great customization” - “LigoLab is very user-friendly and allows for so much customization. It is easy to change as we grow and bring in more testing.” – Abigail Dunphey, Director of Operations, Precision Pathology (San Antonio, TX) – Read this and other LigoLab reviews at Capterra

“Long-time user, couldn’t be happier!” - “For effective LIS software, the most important thing is to have a clean user interface that is simple and intuitive to navigate, and LigoLab is excellent in that regard. Training new users on how to navigate the system is simple, workflows are intuitive to follow, and the system is laid out in such a way that relevant components to a given workflow are easily accessible and viewable.” – Shamim Ahmed, Systems Analyst, Pacific Rim Pathology (San Diego, CA) – Read this and other LigoLab reviews at Capterra

LigoLab’s Key Areas of Service

Innovative and Adaptable Platform - The LigoLab platform is comprehensive and extremely flexible. It has unlimited configurability that can be tailored to support any laboratory’s needs.

Aligned Pricing Model - Unlike traditional, legacy vendors, LigoLab doesn’t ask for large and capital-draining upfront licensing fees. Instead, the company shares risk with its customers, investing in long-term relationships through a transactional pricing model that growing labs can leverage to scale their businesses.

Expertise and Support  - With LigoLab, users gain hands-on training as they are guided through the implementation process, plus deep expertise, continuous improvement, and best practices in the laboratory domain, and responsive 24/7 customer service and support.

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