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Increase collections and margins
Designed to enable sustainable growth
Future-proof your organization
Expand services and add revenue sources

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We align with your organization to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment
No upfront licensing fees
Mutually beneficial risk-reward agreements
Unique pricing model that shares risk and supports your laboratory goals
Our company goal is to drive peak business performance and success

Sustain and acquire new revenue

Our platform differentiates and helps grow your business
At no extra cost to you, sub-license the LigoLab capabilities to your existing and prospective clients
Expand services by quickly implementing esoteric testing and connectivity to EHRs
RCM revenue management with real-time address and eligibility verification, discovery and claims status
Integrated, interactive customer service module satisfies and retains clients

Increase productivity and visibility

Built to provide actionable insights into your financial, administrative and technical operations
Workflow automation rules drive consistent and efficient processes
Dynamic, multi-criteria search logic to deep dive into your business
Composite view of integrated clinical, financial and operational data
Report format, content and distribution fully under your control
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Unite, transform and modernize your lab

LigoLab is the leading provider of an innovative laboratory software platform that unites and transforms laboratories nationwide. The integrated and agile solution is designed to meet the diverse needs of Molecular, Clinical and Anatomic Pathology laboratories.

LigoLab supports and streamlines the complete life-cycle of laboratory and financial operations. It's intuitive and easy to learn, accessible from anywhere at anytime and scalable as you grow.

As a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution, LigoLab AP/LIS + RCM goes beyond the core workflow and provides all the supporting modules a laboratory needs. LigoLab also offers unique volume based pricing with no upfront licensing fees. It drives business growth, reduces labor costs and increases revenue.

LigoLab is the definitive choice for modern laboratories ready to thrive by gaining a competitive edge in productivity and efficiency. Meet your current and future unique needs with LigoLab.

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All-in-one LIS and RCM platform

Complete Laboratory Operating Platform

Intuitive, Comprehensive, Flexible

Anatomic Pathology

  • – Grossing Touchscreen
  • – LEAN Histology Workflow
  • – Synoptic Reporting
  • – Caseload Balancing
  • – Integrated Reporting


  • – Workflow Designer
  • – EHR & Third-Party Interfaces
  • – Reporting and Distribution
  • – Rule and Automation
  • – Voice Dictation and Control
  • – Multi-Site Security

Revenue Management

  • – Tailored to Pathology Operation
  • – Real-Time Address and Eligibility Verification
  • – Easy Configuration of Remittance Rules
  • – Claim Status Tracking at Each Step

Clinical and Molecular Dx

  • – Built-In Instrument Interfaces
  • – Custom Workflow Support
  • – Highly Automated QC
  • – Flexible Auto-Verification Rules
  • – Rack-Based Workflows

Supporting Engines

  • – Advanced Outreach
  • – Document Imaging
  • – Sendout Tracking
  • – Digital Pathology
  • – Machine Learning
  • – Business Intelligence
  • – Specimen Tracking & Security
  • – Customer-Relationship

Customer stories

Consistent voices of satisfaction and success

Ron Sconyers

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Metropolitan Pathologists, Denver, Colorado

Ron describes how they transitioned from a very limited "homegrown" LIS to LigoLab, the benefits they obtained and his satisfaction with the support and services provided by LigoLab.

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Robert Stewart

Director of Operations at MLD Pathology, Houston, Texas

Robert tells why he highly recommends LigoLab and describes MLD's LIS evaluation process, their selection criteria and why they chose LigoLab. Robert tells of his satisfaction with LigoLab's implementation and service/support teams and describes the features that have benefited the pathologists, histologists and the technical and administrative staff of MLD Pathology.

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Mo Jeun

Cytology Manager and Overseer of pre- and post-analytics processing for Metropolitan Pathologists, Denver, Colorado

He notes how LigoLab helps keep MetroPath up-to-date with changes in the industry and praises the LigoLab help/support desk for their professionalism by listening and understanding his issues. Particular emphasis is placed on the benefits of automation and rules settings for pre-and post analytics.

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Juan Mangini

Executive Director for MLD Pathology, Houston, Texas

He describes MLD’s usage, experience and impacts of using LigoLab over six years and how the system has helped make a positive transformation of laboratory operations. He notes the very good working relationships and the ease of working with LigoLab’s management and support teams. According to Mangini, among the many benefits realized from LigoLab, the most noteworthy was significant improvements in pathologist productivity.

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Paulette Lewis

Histology Coordinator for Gastroenterology Associates, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Her insights why LigoLab is a great investment value for the pathologists and staff of Gastroenterology Associates as well as for their physician clients and patients. Particularly noted was the use of LigoLab for specimen tracking and the ability to quickly produce reports for their clients. The system automation provided by LigoLab significantly reduced the time and cost of the manual processes formerly used.

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David Gardiner

CEO, owner and Chief Medical Officer of Animal Reference Pathology, Salt lake City, Utah

A veterinary reference lab that serves multi-species testing for veterinarians all across the country. Dr Gardiner discusses his LIS evaluation and selection process and why system flexibility and unique pricing structure convinced him to choose LigoLab. He describes the system implementation and the operational benefits and efficiencies achieved including specimen tracking, image capture and report flexibility. Finally, Dr. Gardiner explains how LigoLab has “future-proofed” his laboratory.

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Joseph Guido

Director of Information Technology (I.T.) for Summit Pathology, Loveland, Colorado

Joseph discusses LigoLab from the perspective of information technology. In particular, he stresses the open communications with both LigoLab developers and its top management in accommodating the laboratory’s needs. From a technological standpoint, Joseph is impressed with the power of the tool set offered and that the LigoLab system is a complete LIS requiring no additional middleware to perform all its functions. From a lab operational perspective, the power and scope of specimen tracking receives a special mention.

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An outdated, non-integrated Laboratory Information System (LIS) is not an asset, it is a liability. If anatomic pathology (AP), clinical pathology (CP), molecular diagnostics (MDx) and billing/revenue cycle management (RCM) systems exist as separate silos, even if interfaced, the full capabilities of an LIS cannot be obtained.

Intra-system interfaces are costly to maintain and bear the risk of losing synchronization, where different “siloed” modules may not be up-to-date with one another and have inconsistent data. In order to assure the consistent quality and integrity of laboratory data, a fully integrated platform that serves every department in the laboratory, is required. In an integrated platform all application modules share a common database and operating system. There is only one source for all laboratory data – one source for the “truth.”

All-in-one LIS and RCM platform

Customer Successes

Anatomic pathology laboratory information management software platform. It acts as a data warehouse for all pathology cases and includes reporting, image acquisition, direct digital interface with microscopes, label printing, electronic signoff, quality control, integration with prior cytology results, auto reflexing and more.

It is designed for use at independent pathology practices and for easy integration with an existing Hospital Management System.

See all operations benefits


Disrupt or be disrupted. Differentiate yourself and better serve your customers.
Achieve regulatory compliance and eliminate human error and lost specimens.
Go from reactive to proactive. Automate, control and gain visibility of your operation.
Future proof your operations. Generate new revenue streams and increase your margins.

Built for pathologists

The LigoLab platform acts as a data warehouse for all pathology cases and includes reporting, image acquisition, direct digital interface with microscopes, label printing, electronic sign-out, quality control, integration with prior cytology results, auto reflexing and more. It is designed for use at independent pathology practices and for easy integration with an existing hospital management system.

Patient safety is built into every step
Less clicks with a simple, intuitive interface for pathologists
Capture images and insert diagrams into any report with a single click
Flexible and intelligent case balancing and distribution engine
More benefits for Pathologists

I.T. management
made easier

You are in control of information technology at your lab, whether in the cloud or on site. Although your I.T. staff will perform the tasks necessary to install, implement, update and maintain your system, the LigoLab team will always be with you, 24x7, to help as necessary, and our I.T. tool set will make life simpler and easier for I.T. management. Your team will, with active participation from LigoLab's support staff, perform the implementation, configure the LigoLab system to meet your specific needs, and install updates and enhancements to assure that your entire lab will fully reap the benefits of a modern, unified LIS.

Advanced engines for third party software integration, logging and reporting
Full control over the entire LIS at your fingertips
Built in VPN and SSL encryption provide maximum security and data integrity
Three tier, around the clock, priority, U.S.-based support
Responsive customer care team

Unlimited email and phone support is included at no extra cost. We are with you from planning through implementation and go live, follow-up and maintenance to guarantee successful deployment for your lab.

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