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Learn How Your Clinical Lab Can
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By enhancing opportunities with effective patient outreach, clinical labs can capitalize on a growing trend in healthcare.

TestDirectly is a web-based application that can be deployed quickly to interface with any laboratory information system (LIS) and any testing instrument. The portal supports client customization and all specimen collection workflows (drive-through, walk-up, concierge, organizational, travel, pooled, at-home).
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Christopher Hoff

Director of Community Health Resources for DuPage County, Illinois

TestDirectly has enabled us to test and serve many more people daily and most importantly, get people their results quickly and easily.

TestDirectly Simplifies Collection and Processing Workflows and Delivers the Test Result Directly to the Patient

By deploying TestDirectly, clinical and pathology laboratories can easily connect with patients, physicians, employers, school and university systems, industries, and governmental agencies for fast, safe, and easy DTC testing (streamlined and error free collection, processing, and reporting).

The TestDirectly DTC Portal is a reliable way for patients to directly connect with laboratories for all of their testing needs (COVID-19, sexually transmitted infections, urinary tract infections, allergies, genetic screenings, etc.)

TestDirectly Simplifies COVID-19
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You Handle the Testing and Let Us Manage the Rest

TestDirectly is a scalable laboratory software solution that deploys quickly and interfaces with any laboratory information system (LIS) and instrumentation for direct-to-consumer testing. The portal supports and streamlines the complete life-cycle for every specimen and every case.

  • Boosts testing capacity and improves turnaround times
  • Creates end-to-end efficiencies in laboratories and collection facilities
  • Increases testing accessibility and opens new streams of revenue
  • Automates patient support and relieves customer service staff
  • Empowers patients to self-register and schedule their own collection appointments
  • Automatically sends results back to the patient and/or provider using email and/or SMS
  • Supports drive-through, on-site, and at-home sample collections
  • Supports organizational testing
  • Prevents lost revenue with patient demographics and insurance collected upfront
  • Drastically reduces data entry errors and lost results
  • Supports the download of on-demand travel documents
  • Users can upload a CSV of demographics and batch order collection/testing events
  • Replaces paper requisitions and reduces manual labor with an electronic workflow
  • Features specimen barcoding and tracking support
  • Collects an electronic copy of the patient’s insurance card and ID
  • Enables live insurance eligibility checking
  • Integrates with all LIS and RCM (billing) systems
  • Removes the risk of exposure for staff members, patients, and providers
  • Saves the laboratory time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual order entry and case follow-up
  • Provides real-time results and analytics for public health, employers, etc.
  • Add multiple family members to one linked account

TestDirectly is a scalable solution for your laboratory.

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No Friction, No Overhead, No Delays, Just Safe, Fast, and Easy Consumer Testing

The TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal gives laboratories a simple yet innovative tool that removes friction and errors by replacing paper requisitions and manual labor with a streamlined electronic workflow that’s contactless and paperless.

TestDirectly supports all collection and testing workflows, and frees laboratories from any follow-up because reports are automatically delivered from the LIS software to patients through the portal, and patients are notified when their results are ready.

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With LigoLab and TestDirectly, you’re covered, both inside and outside the laboratory.

image Easy Testing

Scale Your Laboratory Operations with TestDirectly

Learn how Northwest Laboratory was able to leverage the efficiencies created by LigoLab and TestDirectly into a statewide testing contract with the Florida Department of Health.

Avero Diagnostics (formerly Northwest Laboratory) is a fast-growing all-purpose laboratory that’s partnered with LigoLab since 2015. In May of 2020, the laboratory became the first to integrate TestDirectly into its testing operations.

With TestDirectly, the lab gained the tool it needed to partner with the Florida Department of Health and screen that state's 500,000 long term care residents and employees for COVID-19.

Northwest Laboratory
How Our Lab Partner Embraced Innovation and Won a Statewide Testing Contract.
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We are very grateful for the attention that TestDirectly and LigoLab have given us in support of our Florida initiative. It’s been amazing for us and we look forward to continuing that relationship. I hope others will take advantage of the opportunities that LigoLab has given Florida.
Person Dayle D. Mooney
Dayle D. Mooney
Community Preparedness,
Florida Health
We would not have been able to accomplish what we have with any other LIS vendor. Knowing that you have a partner that you can rely on is huge when you have a commitment as large as the one we have with Florida. Besides the workflow in the lab and the efficiencies that the partnership has brought, we continue to work daily with the LigoLab team to identify any part of the process that can become more efficient and more quality-driven.
Person Jennifer Bull
Jennifer Bull
Chief Operating Officer,
Avero Diagnostics

TestDirectly effectively removes the common barriers that all laboratories face, making them more efficient and less dependent on manual labor.

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Work Smarter and Serve More Clients and Patients With TestDirectly Testing Solutions

TestDirectly eliminates bottlenecks by replacing paper forms and manual processes with automation that supports test ordering, specimen collection and processing, the creation and delivery of reports, the management of payment and compliance, state registry reporting, and more. The portal delivers a better experience for all stakeholders and gives patients increased access and control over their healthcare. 

TestDirectly’s Organizational Testing Solutions
Person  Suren Avunjian

Suren Avunjian

CEO, LigoLab Information System

We are seeing a lot of activity in the educational space and other organizational testing. From one implementation to another, they are all very different, so being flexible and having the ability to provide these organizations with specific workflows and functionality that will most benefit them is the key. Being nimble and having an information system partner who can quickly turn issues into solutions is very important if laboratories are to get this type of business.

Learn how your laboratory can benefit from direct-to-consumer testing.

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