The Essential Tier: Your Foundation for Laboratory Efficiency & Growth

A Laboratory information system (LIS) solution designed to meet the basic needs of medical laboratories.

Laboratory Information System Benefits

Key Features of the Essential Tier

Order Entry

Automate and streamline the initial phase of the laboratory testing process with our comprehensive Order Entry module. This module facilitates the efficient and accurate entry of test orders into the LIS system, thereby reducing manual effort, minimizing errors, and enhancing overall laboratory efficiency.


Gain total visibility and control over specimens within the laboratory setting with our robust Label Generation feature. This features assigns a unique ID for each specimen or label generated for documents, allowing lab personnel to effectively monitor and manage every sample and document from order entry to result delivery.


Standardize the process of specimen grossing in anatomic pathology laboratories with our Basic Gross Entry Capture module. This module provides grossing technologists with a straightforward and intuitive interface to record critical information about the specimens they are processing.


Our Histology module offers comprehensive features to support, streamline, and automate laboratory processes from grossing to case sign-out. This includes real-time monitoring of each step and the identification of which processor was used for each block.


Accommodate the specific lab workflow and needs associated with both gynecologic (GYN) and non-gynecologic (Non-GYN) cytology with our Cytology module. For GYN cytology, the LIS  software is designed to manage and track all aspects of the workflow, from specimen receipt to final diagnosis. For Non-GYN cytology, the LIS system caters to the diverse array of specimen types and reporting needs inherent to this discipline, ensuring comprehensive documentation and accountability at each step.


Handle the complexities and unique requirements of molecular diagnostic testing with our Molecular module. This includes processes like DNA/RNA extraction, PCR setup, sequencing, and interpretation. The lab information system is designed to send preliminary reports as soon as a part of the testing process has been completed, and it also supports integrating data from numerous sources, including various instruments and lab software, enhancing lab interoperability.


Support a broad spectrum of directory services and laboratory tests with our robust and versatile Clinical module. It can handle a multitude of assays, from routine clinical tests to more complex molecular and genetic assays, and it also includes several key features that allow for seamless ordering and the facilitation of the entire testing workflow.

Result Entry

Facilitate the accurate entry of test results and streamline the path from data capture to report generation with our Result Entry module. This module is designed to support multiple departments with a user-friendly interface that increases productivity and minimizes human error.


Synthesize all pertinent case information into a comprehensive and understandable format for final sign-out and distribution with our Reporting module. This module is a highly versatile and customizable tool that combines all the various components of a case, including clinical information, specimen data, test results, interpretations, and images, into a single, organized report.


Our regular support is a key part of your foundational partnership with LigoLab, addressing a broad spectrum of service needs, including assistance with LIS software operation, resolution of minor issues, software updates, and addressing everyday inquiries. The regular support team is available during standard business hours Monday through Friday, and we provide 24/7 support for critical issues.

LIS Software that Helps Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Labs Grow and Thrive

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