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It's Efficient
  • Easy-to-use and highly customizable system that supports your operations
  • Functionality tailored to your clients’ needs
  • Ability to quickly retrieve and analyze data
It's Intuitive
  • Specimen tracking throughout the entire testing process
  • Decision-support rules for evaluating test results and for triggering proper billing
  • Interoperability among laboratory instruments and other software used in the lab, hospital, or clients’ facilities
It's Comprehensive
  • Streamlined management using real-time data and analytics to address concerns before they become problems
  • Our transactional pricing model delivers value and scalability through shared-risk
  • End-to-end data integrity allows for the capture of key patient information at order entry and leads to more clean claims and faster payments

The LigoLab LIS & RCM: Order and Efficiency in the Laboratory

With the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform, you will gain efficiency, data integrity, usability and compliance with regulations, as well as interoperability among instruments and other software used in your lab. LigoLab reduces complexity and brings order to the information in your lab, positioning you strategically and supporting your growth.

  • Handle your workload without stress using smart models and automation
  • Let the LIS intelligently and fairly balance and distribute your cases
  • Maximize your productivity by eliminating data silos and middleware
  • Click less and do more with an intuitive interface designed for pathologists
  • Reduce errors by automating complex processes
  • Eliminate lost and mislabeled specimens with specimen labeling
  • Deliver more value to your clients with personalization and saved preferences
  • Upgrade to a modern, powerful LIS without a steep learning curve
  • U.S.-based support for any questions before, during, and after deployment


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Is Your LIS Holding Your Lab Back?

An outdated or home-grown LIS is not an asset, it is a liability. Excessive manual labor, burdensome user interfaces, paper-driven workflows and multiple information systems don’t work well with one another. Manually labeled specimens and other limitations result in wasted time and money, and impact your daily work and your lab’s success.

Find out how the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform separates itself from the competition. Request a demo and liberate your lab!


Customized Reporting of Test Results

Create unique and aesthetically pleasing reports that reflect your test results in the best way possible.

  • Robust and intuitive process for creating report templates​
  • Support for clients who want to manage components of custom templates
  • Add attachments, including images, to any reports
  • Use client-specific templates for professional, elegant, and technical reports
  • Case summary reporting across lab departments​
  • Variety of supported formats, including PDF, XML, and HL7​
  • Reports can be printed and delivered automatically via fax, remote and local printing, email, etc.

New Levels of Control, Visibility,
and Efficiency

LigoLab’s functionality enhances the productivity and efficiency of pathology and clinical labs.

The Live Queue represents your job for today, making it easy to see at any moment how many cases you have left and helping you to zero in on your work, one case at a time. Unnecessary information is filtered out so you can focus on your tasks.

Health Risk Assessment Models augment regular lab reports with features that allow for monitoring. They also attract the physician's attention to tests that recently changed significantly. Many more powerful models are also provided that consider additional factors and data about patients to assess known obvious risks.

Logs and Lab Reports provide details related to turnaround time, lab operations, and other key metrics. This data becomes easily accessible with LigoLab. You don't have to become a database expert to get the information from work that’s already finished. This not only helps with audits, it also helps to improve your lab’s business.

The Audit Trail records all user and system-based actions and events. This information includes before and after change of value comparisons with timestamps and user names for each event.

Data Integrity is achieved through meticulous patient sample identification, specimen tracking, and management. Integrity of the patient's identity is critical to avoid wasted time, significant rework, callbacks, and wasted money. Consistent data also directly impacts patients who may have to come in again to give another sample.

Global Search provides the ability to search by patient demographics, client information, many different variants of dates, case status, test information, and more. The software also has more specialized search capabilities for many different entities within the system.

Unite Your Lab

LigoLab's agile solution is designed for full integration, transparency and control of all workflows and departments.

Transform Your Lab

LigoLab goes beyond the core workflow and provides all the supporting modules a laboratory needs to thrive and grow.

Modernize Your Lab

LigoLab supports medium-to-large operations across multiple facilities. It's intuitive, accessible from anywhere at anytime and scalable - it will grow along with you.

Functions and Specifications

  • Ability to manage clients, physicians, surgical centers and users
  • Client portal system to view and download pathology reports
  • Ability to receive and process inbound HL7 pathology orders
  • Ability to process and send outbound HL7 pathology results
  • Ability to capture and store slide photos
  • Ability to release TC cases and send via HL7 interface to
    client-performed PC entities
  • Digital pathology through imaging system integration
  • Dynamic case distribution (e.g. rules engine to automate credentialed pathologist availability, type of specimen, insurance type, etc.)
  • View/ access historical reports/ cases for patient
  • Reflex HPV tests
  • Conformance to CAP required reports for screening and review
  • Report severity differences
  • 10% review on Negative Paps. QA reports of outcome
  • Micro notes and specimen comments
  • Multi-level site description
  • ICD-10 based on body location

LigoLab has many more additional features to modernize and support your lab. Please request a demo to learn more.

Supported Case Types

  • Anatomic Pathology (Surgical, Non-gyn, Tech Only, Autopsy)
  • GYN Cytology
  • Ancillary Molecular Testing (HPV, CT/NG, etc.)
  • Esoteric Molecular (FISH, Flow Cytometry, BRAF, etc.)
  • Hematology Integrated (Bone Marrow w/ FISH and Flow Cytometry, Cytogenetics, etc.)
  • Clinical (Chemistry, Endocrinology, Hematology, Urinalysis, etc.)
  • Pain Management / Toxicology
  • Microbiology

LigoLab gives you the power to leverage its
all-in-one platform that supports AP, CP and MDx case types.

Hear what our Customers are Saying about LigoLab

Ron Sconyers
Robert Stewart
Mo Juen
Juan Mangini
Paulette Lewis
David Gardiner
Joseph Guido

David Gardiner

CEO, owner and Chief Medical Officer of Animal Reference Pathology, Salt lake City, Utah

A veterinary reference lab that serves multi-species testing for veterinarians all across the country. Dr Gardiner discusses his LIS evaluation and selection process and why system flexibility and unique pricing structure convinced him to choose LigoLab. He describes the system implementation and the operational benefits and efficiencies achieved including specimen tracking, image capture and report flexibility. Finally, Dr. Gardiner explains how LigoLab has “future-proofed” his laboratory.

Watch video

Joseph Guido

Director of Information Technology (I.T.) for Summit Pathology, Loveland, Colorado

Joseph discusses LigoLab from the perspective of information technology. In particular, he stresses the open communications with both LigoLab developers and its top management in accommodating the laboratory’s needs. From a technological standpoint, Joseph is impressed with the power of the tool set offered and that the LigoLab system is a complete LIS requiring no additional middleware to perform all its functions. From a lab operational perspective, the power and scope of specimen tracking receives a special mention.

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