Benefits for IT

Gain a technological edge and tactical advantage

Information Technology is about innovation, ease of use, and support, and so is the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform. The comprehensive and flexible platform automates manual labor, reduces errors, and helps you gain an edge on the competition. Our system is user-friendly and easy to support, with a full set of administration and monitoring tools, and advanced security built in.

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You are in Control

Full LIS administration and customization at your finger tips

administration and customization
Unlimited Configurability

We understand that no two labs are alike so we configure to your unique needs

  • Designed for a wide array of labs
  • Flexible and grows with you
  • Easy administrative control

We Support You

We are here 24/7 for any questions, issues, or troubleshooting from the earliest stages, to rollout, to ongoing maintenance and support

We are here 24/7 support
Proven Implementation

We guarantee a 100% successful rollout, with a reliable process in place for maintenance and updates

  • Deep domain expertise
  • Responsive and unlimited support
  • Entire team is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA

All 65 Modules Included

Modern, proven technology to take your lab to the next level

modern, proven technology
Fewer Systems to Manage

With our all-in-one platform, there is much less to worry about and your practice enjoys a much smoother operation

  • Multi-facility support
  • High patient data security
  • Fully integrated billing solution

LigoLab gives your lab full 360° coverage — all modules and engines are included, meaning more features, fewer upgrades, and no system surprises.

We Invest Heavily in R&D, and a Significant Part of that goes into Enhancements to our Platform

The LigoLab Operating Platform is built on a solid foundation of tools and frameworks that have been developed in-house since 2006 and are continuously improved every day.

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  • Designed from the ground-up to handle large scaled laboratories processing specimens at multiple sites
  • Support for TC/PC splits and reverse relationships and intra- and inter-laboratory sendouts
  • The distributed platform scales as the number of users grows and we don't nickel and dime you on number of seats or number of modules
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  • Tight integration and reliable interfaces with many different types of systems
  • Less reliance on middleware
  • Greater connectivity and fewer systems to support
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  • Use Dragon for voice recognition to transcribe reports and give commands to run macros
  • Search by patient demographics, client information, case status, test information
  • Implement best practices instead of work-arounds
  • Replace the “sticky note” method with the powerful Rules Engine and support unique one-off requests from your providers

Safe and Sound

With advanced security and safety measures at its core, your LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform is protected and patient data is fully encrypted. All activities are logged and monitored via the Admin console.

logo LigoLab
  • Controlled internal and external access
  • Confidentiality of health records
  • Establish workgroups and permissions
  • Robust and searchable audit trail
  • Two factor authentication
  • Data integrity controls and quick recovery

Designed with Users in Mind

and Flexible

  • The intuitive interface means an easier rollout, less training, and fewer support issues
  • Greater usability reduces user errors and workarounds, and improves patient safety and the quality of care
  • The audit trail records all user and system-based actions and events for easy troubleshooting
  • The LIS workflow is flexible and easily configured to match changing lab operations

Better Tools, Better Outcomes

Give Your Practice the Platform it Needs

LIS functionality is only one factor in the efficiency and effectiveness of
LIS operations. You – the members of the IT department, are the other. When you have the right platform supporting all your needs, the future looks bright.

  • The LigoLab Operating Platform is a fully integrated end-to-end solution that efficiently manages clinical, operational, and financial information, eliminating redundant data entry and manual lookups
  • LigoLab's open architecture allows for deployments to customer-managed data centers as well as to cloud-based hosting, and supports integrations with any third party systems and instruments
  • Backend administration offers full control of user access by menu items, facilities, case types, tests, and many other settings
  • Capture detailed client and physician preferences to configure workflows through rules and automations, change report presentation templates and customize delivery channels
  • LigoLab’s proven implementation process guarantees a successful rollout of the LIS, involves dry-runs, parallel entry and processing, and a smooth transition to the new system across the organization
Upgrade to the Future of LIS

More Powerful, Flexible, and Dependable than Home-grown Systems

Every module available on day one
Every module available on day one

Many practices quickly outgrow their systems, and instead of supporting their growth, the LIS becomes a limiting factor. That's not the case with LigoLab because our all-in-one platform covers all lab operations.

  • Fully scalable and robust
  • Modules for all diagnostic disciplines
  • Fully integrated RCM
  • Leverage system for new lines of revenue (sub-licensing, TC/PC splitting)
Improve Turnaround Time
Improve Turnaround Time

Most LIS require excessive manual labor, don’t scale well, and lack flexibility and reliability. For your practice to reach its full potential, it needs to run on a robust and integrated platform.

  • Real-time specimen tracking
  • Unique IDs and customizable labels
  • Efficient and accurate processing
  • Many automation options
  • Tracks QA/QC and error rates
  • Easy to configure and manage
Supported from Day One
Supported from Day One

The LigoLab platform adapts to your workflow, helps to grow your practice, and comes with regular well-tested updates and upgrades. You are in control, and now you can support the biggest positive change. in your lab’s history.

  • Premium technical support
  • Hands-on training
  • Smooth coordinated rollout
  • Responsive 24/7 support
  • Regular upgrades at no extra cost

Time to Upgrade?

Consider how a feature-rich, customizable LIS & RCM Operating Platform will improve your practice. Learn more about LigoLab
and see what’s possible.

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Designed with Users in Mind

The Reports
Your Pathologists Have Been Asking for

  • Built-in reporting is more flexible and powerful than MS Word or Crystal Reports, meaning fewer systems to troubleshoot and work with
  • Full reporting support and help provided by LigoLab
  • Attach images and documents to any item such as reports, paperwork associated with physicians, agreements with clients and facilities, and test methodology documents

Create unique and visually pleasing reports that reflect your lab's test results in the best way possible:

  • Create report templates
  • Design client-specific templates
  • Customize templates for technical and professional reports
  • Generate reports in a variety of formats, including PDF, XML, and HL7

LigoLab's Intelligent Reporting

Our powerful reporting engine gives you the flexibility and control needed to service clients and standout in the marketplace.

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Download Report Samples

Fast and Dependable Technical Support Based in the U.S.

Support options include 1-800-LIGOLAB or

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As a Laboratory Manager, You're Supported from Day One

  • A superior level of customer service and technical support from the early stages
  • The entire rollout and product cycle is covered — initiation and preinstallation, deployment, go-live, and beyond
  • The support team works with you closely for a smooth, non-disruptive rollout with a 100% success rate
  • LigoLab customer service is responsive and highly trained to meet your needs
  • You get a dedicated support person who knows your workflow
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Your LIS Never Sleeps, so Customer Service and Support are Available 24/7

  • 24/7 hotline with 100% response
  • 80% of tickets are resolved in 24 hours
  • Access to all tiers of support, including the top-level of support
  • Speak with a dedicated development support team member as needed
  • Receive timely program modifications and upgrades in response to changing industry needs, regulatory requirements, and advancing technology
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You can Rely on Us

  • Industry-leading LIS reliability with 99.9% system uptime
  • Responsible and reliable update rollouts -
    no disruptive or “surprise” updates, ever
  • Automatic monitoring of system activities
    and proactive problem intervention
  • Deep domain expertise and dependable, responsive service
  • All staff and support personnel are located in Los Angeles, California, USA

Customer Testimonials

photo  Ron Sconyers
Ron Sconyers
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photo Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
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photo Mo Juen
Mo Juen
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photo Juan Mangini
Juan Mangini
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photo Paulette Lewis
Paulette Lewis
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photo David Gardiner
David Gardiner
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photo Joseph Guido
Joseph Guido
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David Gardiner

CEO, owner and Chief Medical Officer of Animal Reference Pathology, Salt lake City, Utah

A veterinary reference lab that serves multi-species testing for veterinarians all across the country. Dr Gardiner discusses his LIS evaluation and selection process and why system flexibility and unique pricing structure convinced him to choose LigoLab. He describes the system implementation and the operational benefits and efficiencies achieved including specimen tracking, image capture and report flexibility. Finally, Dr. Gardiner explains how LigoLab has “future-proofed” his laboratory.

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photo David Gardiner

Joseph Guido

Director of Information Technology (I.T.) for Summit Pathology, Loveland, Colorado

Joseph discusses LigoLab from the perspective of information technology. In particular, he stresses the open communications with both LigoLab developers and its top management in accommodating the laboratory’s needs. From a technological standpoint, Joseph is impressed with the power of the tool set offered and that the LigoLab system is a complete LIS requiring no additional middleware to perform all its functions. From a lab operational perspective, the power and scope of specimen tracking receives a special mention.

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photo Joseph Guido
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Partnership Pricing on Laboratory Equipment,
Software, and Services

LigoLab offers your lab special discount pricing through our business partnerships
with many leading vendors and manufacturers.

Selecting a New LIS is a Very
Important Task

Request a demo or contact us to learn about our unique features and the benefits of the LigoLab Operating Platform today.

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