LIS Benefits for
Lab Managers 
and CEOs

LigoLab is a Comprehensive, Highly Automated
Laboratory Information System with
an Integrated Billing Solution

Gain a technological edge and tactical advantage with the LigoLab Operating Platform, a platform with LIS and lab RCM modules that share the same software infrastructure. Compete more effectively, and to go after new opportunities with this one source of truth for lab operations and finances.

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Remove Bottlenecks

Increase productivity in all departments without adding operating costs.

  • Gain workflow visibility and control
  • Increase productivity and automation
  • Drastically reduce or eliminate human error
  • Improve results per unit of staff effort
  • Increase capacity and workload without increasing staff
  • Improve turnaround time
  • Future-proof your laboratory
  • Avoid lost specimen and processing errors
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Gain Visibility

Track customer requests and cases, reduce and eliminate errors, avoid lost specimens with easy labeling and barcoding, and tap into the data that's currently locked in your legacy LIS.

  • Aligned pricing model requires no upfront capital investment
  • Win new business and compete better using extra features
  • Collaborate and partner with other organizations
  • Use co-branding and sublicense LigoLab to your clients as a new revenue source
  • Request custom features uniquely designed for your lab's requirements
Simplify Processes

Our client laboratories experience gains and improvements soon after Go-live. You too can experience:

  • Significant practice growth
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Optimized lab workflow
  • Added departments thanks to the
    end-to-end efficiency that the platform provides
  • The elimination of errors and safety issues
  • Instantly actionable real-time knowledge of all departments
  • Full visibility and control over all laboratory processes
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Legacy LIS Systems Facilitate Production - LigoLab Operating Platform Facilitates Growth

Maximize your clinical lab’s operational efficiency, improve cash collection, increase financial accuracy, and gain across the board transparency.

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Increase Efficiency and Productivity

LigoLab performs the majority of information-related lab functions faster, better, and less expensively than human staff. For pathology practices, an integration with Dragon Voice Recognition enables hands-free case sign-out based on verbal commands.
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Comprehensive and Complete Platform

All features, modules, reports, and upgrades are included - nothing extra to buy and no hidden costs. You get all of the benefits that come with a modern, highly flexible, and complete pathology software that covers all departments, now and into the future.
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Reduce Your Costs

Significantly lower your labor costs and drive down the cost-per-test. Data integrity through patient sample identification, specimen tracking, and lab management modules eliminates rework, callbacks, and wasted time and money.
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Support from Day One

Selecting and upgrading your legacy LIS system is a big deal. Our support team is based in the U.S. and works with you closely throughout the entire process for a smooth and non-disruptive transition. In all of our years of business we can proudly say that we have a 100% go-live success rate.
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Improve Turnaround Time

Configured rules and the automation engine streamline lab workflow and eliminate human error. Rules are easily configured in-house as your needs change.
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Integration and Independence

LigoLab Operating Platform is an all-in-one LIS software that includes an interface engine. This means less reliance on middleware, greater connectivity, and fewer systems to support.
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One United System with LIS and RCM Solutions for Your Growing Business

LigoLab Operating Platform manages the flow of information between health care providers, patients, and laboratories, and is optimized not only for laboratory operations but also personalized clinical care.

New Lab Management Features

  • Generate and transmit the necessary forms and notifications for reimbursement of tests
  • Track cost of laboratory operation, including consumable, labor, amortization, and other fixed costs
  • Generate online and printed regulatory forms associated with laboratory testing, billing, compliance, and accreditation
  • Produce periodic reports of laboratory productivity and management efficiency
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LIS Technology to Reduce Lab Costs

LigoLab’s automation and functionality help reduce costs in many ways:

  • Increases the number of efficiently performed tasks and lowers labor costs, which results in a lower cost-per-test
  • Serves as a guide for optimized/optimal laboratory workflow in your lab which results in greater work efficiency, higher quality, and lower costs
  • Replaces skilled human labor, effectively addressing the impending medical technologist shortage and the difficulties in recruiting skilled lab personnel
  • Supports automated analyzers that are the backbone of the high-volume clinical labs like biochemistry and hematology to further reduce costs

Quality Control and Compliance at Every Stage

  • Ensure quality throughout all the aspects of the laboratory operation
  • Track a sample from start to finish and every step of the way, and know where your blocks and specimen are, if they have been cut, stained, or grossed
  • Barcode everything, print cassettes and labels
  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of laboratory results by maximizing error detection and minimizing false rejections of test runs
  • Scan all your requisitions so when you pull up a case you have the scans, demographics, and requisitions readily available
  • Augment regular lab reports with Health Risk Assessment models
  • Process remote orders, so clients can order their tests online
  • Easily connect to all of your sites and scan, embed, stain, and perform other functions remotely
  • Support accreditation requirements, including CAP, and Clinical Laboratory
  • Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 15189:2003 standards
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Petros Martirosian

Implementations Director
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We understand and share the importance of patient care, and this is evident in the lab information system software that we design, our customer service, and our research and development. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve and simplify the laboratory's day-to-day workflow so that the focus remains on the one thing that really does matter: the patient.
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Replacing Homegrown LIS Systems is What We Do

Many of our clients upgraded to the LigoLab Operating Platform from homegrown LIS systems that had hard-coded features, outdated processes and workflows, and were limited to small volume and singular linear operations. LigoLab is a customizable, modern, and easy to use LIS software alternative to homegrown solutions.

The All-in-One LIS Software for Growing Labs

Traditional lab information systems are sold by the number of seats or modules. Traditional LIS software vendors sell you a product and are mostly hands-off. To add a new genetic test, traditionally you would need to buy a genetic module, and programmers would need to get involved.

LigoLab Operating Platform includes unlimited seats and is complete from the start. It comes with all the modules, features, and support you will need now and into the future. A new genetic test can be built quickly and easily.

Instead of getting a full biopsy, you can accomplish the same with a scan and/or a molecular test if you incorporate them into your practice. LigoLab supports that and covers all disciplines and departments for diagnostics, making it less disruptive to the patient while enabling your lab to compete better.

LigoLab is your effective LIS partner and helps you expand, supporting and fostering your growth.

  • LigoLab covers all disciplines and departments
  • New tests can be added easily
  • Your lab can compete better due to all the modules and features included with the platform
  • Automation and workflow optimization reduce your costs
  • Maximum data integrity and patient safety improve patient care
  • Your practice can increase its workload without expanding staff

Best in Class Software Support - There When You Need It

Support options include 1-800-LIGOLAB or

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Supported and Guided from Day One

  • A superior level of customer service and technical support from the early stages
  • The entire rollout and product cycle is covered — initiation and preinstallation, deployment, go-live, and beyond
  • The support team works with you closely for a smooth, non-disruptive rollout with a 100% success rate
  • LigoLab customer service is responsive and highly trained to meet your needs
  • You get a dedicated support person who knows your workflow
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The LIS Never Sleeps, and Neither Do We

  • 24/7 hotline with 100% response
  • 80% of tickets are resolved in 24 hours
  • Access to all tiers of support, including the top-level of support
  • Speak with a dedicated development support team member as needed
  • Receive timely program modifications and upgrades in response to changing industry needs, regulatory requirements, and advancing technology
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Reliable and Responsible

  • Industry-leading LIS reliability with 99.9% system uptime
  • Responsible and reliable update rollouts -
    no disruptive or “surprise” updates, ever
  • Automatic monitoring of system activities
    and proactive problem intervention
  • Deep domain expertise and dependable, responsive service
  • All staff and support personnel are located in Los Angeles, California, USA

Customers Testimonials

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Testimonial Mix
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photo Juan Mangini
Juan Mangini
MLD Pathology
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photo Paulette Lewis
Paulette Lewis
Gastroenerolgy Associates
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photo David Gardiner
David Gardner
Animal Reference Pathology
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photo Mo Juen
Mo Jeun
Metropolitan Pathologists
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photo Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
MLD Pathology
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photo  Ron Sconyers
Ron Sconyers
Metropolitan Pathologists
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David Gardiner

CEO, owner and Chief Medical Officer of Animal Reference Pathology, Salt lake City, Utah

A veterinary reference lab that serves multi-species testing for veterinarians all across the country. Dr Gardiner discusses his LIS evaluation and selection process and why system flexibility and unique pricing structure convinced him to choose LigoLab. He describes the system implementation and the operational benefits and efficiencies achieved including specimen tracking, image capture and report flexibility. Finally, Dr. Gardiner explains how LigoLab has “future-proofed” his laboratory.

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Watch video
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LigoLab offers your lab special discount pricing through our business partnerships
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