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Process Thousands of HRSA Patients in Minutes with LigoLab

Unite Your LIS & RCM and Truly Revolutionize Your Business

Northwest Laboratory Leads the Way with its 24-Hour Commitment for COVID-19 Test Results

A LigoLab Presentation: How to Increase Total Revenue Without Adding Operating Costs

How Our Lab Partner Embraced Innovation and Won a Statewide Testing Contract

LigoLab Offers a Pricing Model That Aligns with Laboratory Goals and an Implementation Plan That Minimizes Lab Disruption

LigoLab Presentation - Learn About Our Company

Operational Excellence - It’s Possible With the Right Laboratory Operating Platform

How to Align Your Laboratory With Businesses as They Return to Work

Healthcare CFOs Say They’ll Continue to Spend on Technology and Automation Despite the Pandemic

USCAP 2020 - Recapping a Great Event

The genesis of LigoLab:  What started as a shared vision between two enterprising friends has become the definitive choice for modern laboratories nationwide

Scale your business and improve an important business metric by partnering with LigoLab for your LIS solution

LigoLab Presentation

A message from LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian:

A developing situation: Tony Oganesian reflects on how far LigoLab has come since beginning as a start-up business in 2006

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