Healthcare Disruptors & Transition Strategies for Success

Addressing Independent Laboratory Workforce Challenges, Embracing Automation, & Navigating Financial Complexities for a Prosperous Future
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Join us for a transformative journey into the heart of the most pressing challenges faced by today’s independent clinical laboratories and pathology groups, and the strategies to overcome them. Led by industry expert Stan Schofield, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge to navigate workforce challenges, leverage automation, and manage financial complexities within the laboratory industry.

Stan will shed light on the pressing issue of rising labor and material costs and their impact on laboratory  margins. He'll also unveil proven strategies for retaining clients and enhancing quality in an increasingly competitive environment.


  • Workforce dynamics: Explore the pressing challenges of workforce availability, stability, and competition in the industry.
  • Embracing automation: Discover how automation is revolutionizing laboratory operations and service delivery.
  • Financial complexities: Delve into the intricacies of insurance and government payors, and their impact on the financial landscape.
  • The rise of mergers and acquisitions: Understand how financial pressures are driving consolidation in the industry.
  • Harnessing informatics: Learn about the transformative role of assisted intelligence and informatics in shaping the future of the lab.
  • Crisis management: Discuss crisis management strategies in preparation for the next pandemic and current workforce challenges.
  • Quality improvement strategies: Learn about strategies for improving quality, including daily operations huddles, forming best practice teams, leadership development, and participation in operational excellence programs.


  • Understanding disruptive themes: Gain a deep understanding of the disruptive forces within the industry from an industry expert.
  • In-depth analysis of the laboratory landscape: Get a comprehensive view of the current state of independent clinical and pathology laboratories and understand the unique challenges they face.
  • Strategies for success: Learn about the strategies for success in the face of these disruptions, including the role of mergers and acquisitions, the transformative power of informatics, and effective crisis management techniques.
  • The power of imagination, execution, and leadership: Discover the three key elements to success in the industry and learn how to embrace these elements and run a better and more efficient business. 

Lab Industry Expert

Stan Schofield is the Founder and Managing Principal of The Compass Group, a confederation of 32 regional laboratory corporations within the largest and most prestigious healthcare systems in America, where he heads new product and technology evaluation and contracting activities.

Stan served as President of NorDx, a regional laboratory corporation within the Maine Health System. He also served as Senior Vice President and Senior Member of the Health System Executive Management Team. He was the President of the Clinical Laboratory Management Association and is active in the College of American Pathologists, where he has served as a member of the compliance, fiscal management, patient safety and quality assurance committees. 

Mr. Schofield’s expertise is in the operation of complex laboratory organizations.


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