Unifying Technical and Financial Operations to Minimize Denials and Prevent Revenue Leakage

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It’s no secret that laboratory billing is as challenging as it gets, with clinical labs and pathology practices constantly under the gun to make ends meet despite shrinking reimbursements, rising labor costs, complicated relationships with payers, and increased regulatory pressures. 

Like many other independent lab businesses, Avero Diagnostics, a national physician-operated laboratory operation specializing in women’s health, anatomic and clinical pathology, molecular pathology, and clinical diagnostics, was experiencing frequent denials and constant revenue leakage resulting from standalone laboratory software solutions for laboratory information system (LIS) workflow and laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM). 

To overcome a restrictive and unsustainable situation, Avero broke away from the traditional lab billing model and embraced the power of LIS & RCM workflow integration

Sign up for LigoLab’s June webinar and learn how Avero Diagnostics has leveraged an advanced all-in-one laboratory billing solution to improve staff productivity and cash flow.


Webinar Details

📅 Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024

⏰ Time: 1 p.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific


Webinar Overview

You're invited to join Tina Quevedo (Senior Director of the Business Office, Avero Diagnostics) and Aram Avakyan (RCM Specialist, LigoLab) as they host our June 12 webinar and discuss the importance of starting the lab RCM cycle as the test order comes into the lab, and how the integration of interdependent LIS & RCM workflows supported by transparency and automation creates an environment for accurate and timely lab billing that results in optimized revenue capture. 

What Will Be Covered

  • Tina will discuss the major issues that Avero was experiencing with a well-known but underperforming legacy RCM software solution when she returned to the lab business after a two-year absence.
  • She’ll also reflect on how her 30 years of experience in the medical billing space and her familiarity with countless RCM software solutions helped her quickly size up the problems with the old system and recommend a clear path forward for lab leadership. 
  • Additionally, Tina will recall what it took to get 47,000 stuck encounters out of the old system and into the new integrated LIS & RCM platform.
  • She’ll also describe the implementation experience from her point of view, touch on how long it took before Avero started to see tangible and sustained results after the switch and give her thoughts on system usability and LigoLab’s support team. 
  • Aram will highlight the importance of having access to real-time insurance eligibility verification, a synchronized third-party connection with a clearinghouse, and a real-time rejection queue (all three features are embedded within the LigoLab platform).
  • He’ll also discuss the positive impact integrated and front-end lab billing has on three key RCM cycle metrics, and how rules and automation have made Tina's department much more efficient and productive.

Webinar Hosts

Tina Quevedo

Senior Director of the Business Office 
Avero Diagnostics

Aram Avakyan

RCM Specialist 


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1:00 pm
10:00 am

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