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Bellingham Lab Reaches COVID-19 Testing Milestone

Process Thousands of HRSA Patients in Minutes with LigoLab

Unite Your LIS & RCM and Truly Revolutionize Your Business

How Our Lab Partner Embraced Innovation and Won a Statewide Testing Contract

LigoLab Offers a Pricing Model That Aligns with Laboratory Goals and an Implementation Plan That Minimizes Lab Disruption

LigoLab Presentation - Learn About Our Company

What Problem Can LigoLab Help Your Laboratory Solve?

LigoLab’s Collection Model Combines LIS & RCM Workflows to Maximize Clean Claims and Laboratory Payments

Operational Excellence - It’s Possible With the Right Laboratory Operating Platform

Healthcare CFOs Say They’ll Continue to Spend on Technology and Automation Despite the Pandemic

The Connected Laboratory: A New Approach To Laboratory Billing

The four most important things to consider when modernizing a laboratory

Ligolab’s unique pricing model and fully integrated LIS + RCM platform empowers laboratories to grow and thrive

LigoLab gives forward-thinking laboratories the tools to successfully navigate these challenging times

LigoLab Presentation

Is your laboratory ready for Direct Primary Care?

How to modernize your lab and make money doing it

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