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How Our Lab Partner Embraced Innovation and Won a Statewide Testing Contract

LigoLab Offers a Pricing Model That Aligns with Laboratory Goals and an Implementation Plan That Minimizes Lab Disruption

LigoLab Presentation - Learn About Our Company

What Problem Can LigoLab Help Your Laboratory Solve?

LigoLab’s Collection Model Combines LIS & RCM Workflows to Maximize Clean Claims and Laboratory Payments

Operational Excellence - It’s Possible With the Right Laboratory Operating Platform

Healthcare CFOs Say They’ll Continue to Spend on Technology and Automation Despite the Pandemic

The Connected Laboratory: A New Approach To Laboratory Billing

The four most important things to consider when modernizing a laboratory

Ligolab’s unique pricing model and fully integrated LIS + RCM platform empowers laboratories to grow and thrive

LigoLab gives forward-thinking laboratories the tools to successfully navigate these challenging times

LigoLab Presentation

Is your laboratory ready for Direct Primary Care?

How to modernize your lab and make money doing it

How much is your outdated RCM costing your lab?

Future-ready laboratories understand that Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) begins at order entry

Automate administrative tasks and optimize your LIS & RCM with LigoLab

A message from LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian:

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