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LigoLab Gives Labs a Convenient and User-Friendly Way to Incentivize Patients and Accelerate Payments

LigoLab FAQS

Process Thousands of HRSA Patients in Minutes with LigoLab

LigoLab’s LIS & RCM Operating Platform Supports Pooled Testing

A LigoLab Presentation: How to Increase Total Revenue Without Adding Operating Costs

LigoLab’s Fully Integrated Platform Features No-Touch Auto-Billing

What Problem Can LigoLab Help Your Laboratory Solve?

With TestDirectly Wait Times Are Shorter and Results Are Easier to Access at the DuPage County Test Site

Healthcare CFOs Say They’ll Continue to Spend on Technology and Automation Despite the Pandemic

Learn How Northwest Laboratory Went From Accepting a Statewide Contract to Releasing 100,000 COVID-19 Test Results in Just Two Weeks

Laboratory Management: Find Out How Experts in the Field are Utilizing Best Practices to Thrive

USCAP 2020 - Recapping a Great Event

The LigoLab partnership with Summit Pathology – A success story

The genesis of LigoLab:  What started as a shared vision between two enterprising friends has become the definitive choice for modern laboratories nationwide

Rip off the bandage:  LigoLab gives you the power to make sense of the data and maximize revenue with it’s billing solution

Optimize your laboratory billing department with the LigoLab AP/LIS + RCM platform

LigoLab Information System Launches Interface and Workflow Support for High-Volume COVID-19 Testing in Clinical Laboratories Nationwide

LigoLab gives forward-thinking laboratories the tools to successfully navigate these challenging times

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