LigoLab Adds LIS Functionality and Other Enhancements to TestDirectly, its Direct-to-Consumer Platform

LigoLab Adds LIS Functionality and Other Enhancements to TestDirectly, its Direct-to-Consumer Platform

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LOS ANGELES, CA – March 10, 2021 -- LigoLab, developers of enterprise software for medical laboratories and first care facilities, today announced that its direct-to-consumer platform, TestDirectly, is now equipped with Laboratory Information System (LIS) functionality that makes it a lightweight point-of-care option for low-volume testing facilities.

“TestDirectly supports instrument interfaces and manual resulting of tests, report generation and delivery, and reporting to health agencies,” said LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian. “TestDirectly is an adaptable patient engagement tool with the flexibility to expand and grow with these smaller organizations as they scale their diagnostic services.”

For larger facilities processing thousands of samples a day, TestDirectly integrates with all LIS and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) systems to boost testing capacity and improve turnaround times. It does this by replacing paper forms and manual order entry with an electronic workflow that covers the complete life-cycle of a case and a specimen, including patient and family self-registration and scheduling, capacity management, specimen collection, billing, specimen tracking and processing, automated report delivery, and reporting to public health departments and agencies in every state. 

In addition to the new LIS functionality that caters to smaller facilities, other recent enhancements to the platform include the ability to link multiple family members to one account, and the on-demand download of travel documents for air travel. 

“TestDirectly has evolved to meet the needs of our customers,” said Avunjian, who noted that hundreds of thousands of patients are processed every single day on the platform, one that supports every potential workflow for direct-to-consumer and direct-to-organizational testing. 

To date, the TestDirectly network, made up of laboratories, specimen collection centers, urgent care facilities, and outpatient clinics located throughout the U.S., has collected, processed, and reported nearly seven million COVID-19 tests. Organizations ranging from long-term care facilities and employers to state and county health departments rely on TestDirectly for safe, fast, and easy testing.  

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About TestDirectly

TestDirectly is a flexible web-based patient engagement portal that provides turn-key testing solutions for medical laboratories and first care facilities (specimen collection centers, urgent care centers, outpatient clinics, etc.). TestDirectly eliminates bottlenecks with an automated software solution that replaces paper forms and manual order entry. This adaptable tool integrates with all LIS and RCM (billing) systems and supports the collection and processing of specimens, the creation and delivery of reports, and the management of both payment and compliance, all while also delivering a better patient experience.

About LigoLab

LigoLab is a leading provider of innovative end-to-end healthcare software for laboratories, servicing 100+ facilities nationwide. As a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution, the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform™ includes modules for AP, CP, MDx, RCM, and Direct-to-Consumer, all on one integrated platform that supports the entire lifecycle of all cases, enabling laboratories to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, scale their operations, and become more profitable. The RCM module is deeply integrated with the LIS and automates ICD and CPT coding. Billing processes start at order inception with verification, eligibility, and scrubbing components that increase clean claim submissions and revenue, and decrease claim denials and compliance risk.  

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