The Best LIS Systems are Comprehensive and Laboratory-Specific

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October 6, 2021

For anatomic pathology groups and clinical laboratories to successfully navigate in today’s challenging times, lab operators need to deploy laboratory LIS systems that are highly functional, flexible, and configurable. The systems need to constantly evolve to meet the needs of clients, keeping pace with the change that comes with new technologies and new discoveries. To do this they need a high degree of control plus the support and best practices guidance that comes from LIS software vendors that understand the complexities inherent within the lab.

So which LIS model is the best for long-term success? 

Let’s examine the options.

basic parts of laboratory information system

A few years ago, the College of American Pathologists (CAP) commissioned reputable pathologists from across the country for a study to compare two laboratory information system models to see which one was most advantageous. 

The doctors who participated in the study researched and compared a dedicated laboratory information system (an end-to-end platform) versus a system that incorporates laboratory modules as part of an enterprise electronic health record platform. 

The doctors were not compensated for their work or their findings.

The authors of the study concluded that the best LIS systems are the ones with end-to-end software solutions. The study identified oversight structure, laboratory-specific configuration, functionality, and direct access to the lab information vendor as clear advantages for the dedicated model.

The study served as an important counter-balance for hospitals and healthcare systems that were putting pressure on laboratories nationwide to replace their laboratory-specific LIS system with one from the same vendor as their current EHR. These healthcare institutions, faced with shrinking budgets and consolidation, were motivated by perceived advantages like potential savings on cost, maintenance, and simplified deployment. Additionally, the study noted that many of these same institutions were making the decision with little or no input from the pathologists who would be tasked with using these enterprise EHR solutions in their respective labs.  

Laboratories and the pathologists that they employ have typically been the overlooked and underappreciated servicers of the healthcare industry, greatly involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients but rarely seen or heard. Fortunately, that mentality is changing, and that’s a necessary change if they are to take advantage of favorable trends like an aging population (aging population = more tests) and increasing demand for genetic testing and personalized medicine. 

RCM Software

At LigoLab, we’ve been helping labs grow and thrive for the past 15 years with our agile and nimble approach to LIS healthcare solutions. Our LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform was designed and developed by pathologists and laboratorians to promote efficiencies and streamline workflows while keeping lab operators in control with a solution that can be tailor-made to fit their lab’s unique needs. 

The LigoLab platform is backed up by the deep domain experience acquired through years of working closely with our client labs, and we offer responsive and unlimited 24/7 customer service and support. 

LigoLab also offers a unique volume-based transactional pricing model with no prohibitive and large upfront licensing fees. It’s a shared-risk model that allows labs to scale quickly, and because it’s shared risk, we react much differently than legacy LIS vendors when labs come to us with opportunities for expansion, growth, or partnerships. 

As a comprehensive all-in-one solution, the LigoLab platform goes beyond the core workflow and provides all the supporting modules a laboratory needs, including the financial ones. The LigoLab platform drives business growth, reduces labor costs, and increases revenue while also optimizing client services and patient care.

RCM Workflow


Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Stand-alone Laboratory Information Systems Versus Laboratory Modules Incorporated in the Electronic Health Record

Medical Laboratory Observer. It’s time to redefine the LIS

RCM Solutions

LigoLab is a thriving LIS software vendor based in Los Angeles that specializes in licensing and development for pathology laboratories, no matter the size.  LigoLab competes with the giants of the laboratory industry thanks to its unique pricing model and all-in-one Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) operating platform. 

For more information visit  To request a LigoLab LIS & RCM software demonstration, contact Suren Avunjian at (818) 395-4659 or

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