This Week’s Executive War College Master Class Highlights the Northwest Laboratory and TestDirectly Collaboration

This Week’s Executive War College Master Class Highlights the Northwest Laboratory and TestDirectly Collaboration

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Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s Executive War College is delivering educational and networking opportunities through a virtual platform. The annual conference on laboratory and pathology management opened on August 4, and it continues this week with a Master Class featuring Jennifer Bull, COO at Northwest Laboratory, and Suren Avunjian, CEO at LigoLab Information System. 

On Thursday, September 3 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PST, Bull and Avunjian will discuss how Northwest Laboratory, LigoLab, and the TestDirectly direct-to-consumer web portal helped the Florida Department of Health screen the state’s 500,000 long term care residents (LTC) and staff for COVID-19. 

On Thursday, Bull and Avunjian will provide insight into how the partnership quickly came together in May, and how NWL was able to streamline workflows, boost testing capacity and deliver fast and accurate test results, enabling public health officials to protect Florida’s senior population by quickly identifying asymptomatic patients in the state’s 4,000 LTC facilities across 67 counties. 

Bull and Avunjian will discuss what they learned from their partnership with the state of Florida and detail what’s needed for other labs to support this type of high-volume COVID-19 testing. 

To find out more about the Florida-NWL-LigoLab partnership and how NWL used the TestDirectly web portal to scale its operations, visit these links: 

Florida Turns to TestDirectly and Northwest Laboratory to Protect its Seniors from COVID-19

Learn How Northwest Laboratory Went From Accepting a Statewide Contract to Releasing 100,000 COVID-19 Test Results in Just Two Weeks

Interested in registering for this year’s Virtual Executive War College? Check out this link for more information:

2020 Executive War College - How to Register

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