Questions All Pathology Labs Should Ask When Evaluating LIS Software and Support

Questions All Pathology Labs Should Ask When Evaluating LIS Software and Support

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Is your lab information management system holding your pathology business back, preventing the efficiency and productivity you desire? 

Are you saddled with an inflexible LIS system that also lacks features, making it harder and harder to remain current and relevant in a dynamic and ever-changing industry?

Have you come to realize that an upgrade is needed to protect the business from external threats, yet you’re still fearful of the disruption and pain normally associated with a laboratory information system implementation?

Tired of the relationship you have with your current pathology lab software vendor, a vendor that’s only interested in charging additional fees for even the smallest of changes to a lab report or laboratory workflow configuration?

Well, you’re not alone. These are all common feelings that lab managers experience when trying to get by with legacy LIS systems that are rigid, dated, and ultimately costing them in terms of money and opportunity.

Now, let me cheer you up a bit. You, and other lab managers like you, no longer need to settle for second best. That’s because highly adaptable and configurable LIS systems like LigoLab Operating Platform are changing the way labs do business. 

I invite you to continue reading as we touch upon the frequently asked questions that we receive as potential new clients learn more about our pathology lab reporting software through both interactive software demonstrations and LigoLab resources like case studies, white papers, and surveys. 

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LIS Software Vendors and What They Offer to Pathology Lab Customers

At LigoLab, we strive to provide unmatched customer service. It’s built into our company’s DNA. We’re interested in long-term and mutually profitable relationships with our clients, and this is an outlier that sets us apart from other LIS vendors. Our team works tirelessly to unlock the full potential of your laboratory because we view every interaction with a partner as an investment into the laboratory and our company. This is more than a marketing statement, it’s a financial reality as we share the financial risk of a successful implementation with your pathology laboratory and we’re vested in your laboratory’s continual growth through an aligned risk-reward licensing model. Put simply, this model is designed to help your laboratory efficiently scale and we’re very motivated for that to happen because we have skin in the game. 

If upgrading your laboratory information system (LIS) is a current priority, you’re in luck and your timing is superb. I invite you to compare the information about our LIS system laid out below against what you’ve heard and seen from other LIS vendors to help you make the right choice for your pathology lab.

Comparing LIS Software Vendor Services

Let’s start with vendor services. As you evaluate competing LIS systems and their approaches to LIS implementations, make sure the LIS systems you’re considering are able to guide you and your staff from one stage to another with an effective and clearly-stated plan for implementation, go-live, and beyond. This is an important area to explore because without committed vendor support, you’ll ultimately fail to reach your laboratory goals in terms of efficient operations and increased profitability. I can assure you that with LigoLab Operating Platform, the answer to all of the questions listed below is a resounding “yes.” 

LIS systems

Vendor Services FAQs

  • Does the vendor offer an online and/or on-site demonstration?
  • Does the vendor provide a detailed project plan that includes the project team, timeline, deliverables, and risk and issue management procedures?
  • Does the vendor explain their overall project approach, deliverables, time constraints, and any other criteria for the project?
  • Does the vendor provide reliable cost estimates and pricing schedules, including all products and services in the scope of work?
  • Does the vendor detail the amount of time and staff that the lab will have to provide for the implementation process?
  • Can the vendor explain the maintenance and support offered during and after implementation, including times and methods of availability, issue escalation, and management? 

For a LigoLab implementation, the client would be assigned a dedicated LigoLab Implementation Specialist to guide them through every step of the process. This individual would be available during normal business hours via phone and email, and outside of normal business hours when necessary. This specialist would be the main contact for the client during implementation and he or she would escalate issues to management as they arise. After a successful implementation, the client would continue to meet with the implementation specialist regularly to make sure any and all significant issues are resolved. After this, the client would be transferred out of LigoLab implmentation and into LigoLab support. The support team would then be available 24/7 including off hours to provide any needed support via email and phone. 

For a closer look at LigoLab’s approach to implementation and support, click here

  • Does the vendor provide a support schedule for the implementation process, including optional support levels, their function, and availability?
  • Does the vendor provide support during the "go-live" period between system validation/operational deployment and final acceptance/beginning of maintenance and support agreements?

During go-live the LigoLab Implementation Specialist would provide his or her full attention to the implementation project, providing guidance and assistance as needed.

  • Does the vendor provide a gap analysis after initial system installation, identifying the deliverables or tasks remaining?
  • Does the vendor provide a table linking each deliverable to the corresponding user requirement specification it fulfills?
  • Does the vendor use a consistent training methodology for educating new users?
  • Does the vendor supply LIS-specific training program curricula?

LigoLab offers new clients both a dedicated platform for video training and an extensive user manual that’s built into the platform. 

  • Does the vendor provide user, administrator, developer, installation, and reference manuals?
  • Does the vendor provide design, installation, operation, and performance qualification documentation?
  • Does the vendor provide a source code for the system?

With LigoLab, the source code would be placed with a third-party escrow service.

  • Does the vendor provide an optional comprehensive set of test codes suitable for use by the purchaser? 
LIS software

The Best LIS Software also comes with the Best LIS Software Support

In summary, vendor support is as vital as the software itself when it comes to the lab’s long-term success, so asking these key questions upfront will certainly help you get a sense of the support your lab would receive after signing the LIS software license agreement. 

If you have more questions after reviewing the FAQs and you’d like to speak with a software specialist about LigoLab Operating Platform, please don’t hesitate to fill out our form and set up an introductory call.

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