Online Lab Management System

Online Lab Management System

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There is no doubt that laboratories handle extreme quantities of data due to the many kinds of samples tested during their lab operations. With the different patient samples that are assessed daily, there are also numerous kinds of data that need to be inputed and stored in a lab sample management system. 

To properly store patients’ information (demographics, insurance, testing history, etc.), there is a need for an efficient and reliable system that meets the needs of all molecular, clinical, and anatomic pathology laboratories

Online lab management system

Laboratory Information Management System 

What laboratories need are laboratory information systems that will help them efficiently store large amounts of data and manage test samples and results. This will ensure lab productivity in their operations and data integrity from order intake to the delivery of the lab report. Such a system helps optimize laboratory workflow management, crucial record keeping, and in many cases, inventory management. The use of a laboratory information management system ensures that there is accuracy in the data and efficiency that speeds up laborious tasks and the turnaround time needed to complete the cycle from accessioning to report delivery. 

Laboratory information management system software (LIMS or LIS) assists professionals in the medical field with just about everything. It offers a comprehensive solution for eliminating and preventing errors, streamlining operations, and meeting clients' growing demands and requests.

Online Computer Lab Management System 

In this age of technological advancements, there are more efficient and comprehensive lab data management systems than in the past. An online lab record management system is now typically used for more convenient access to results and records, billing and claim status, online payments, and more.

By using lab software online, it is possible to set up an online patient portal or client portal and cater to an online report management system of a diagnostic lab. In clinical pathology laboratories, customer service can be improved with provision of this user-friendly way for patients and clients to view medical reports that were once kept on paper and confined to folders. It is also possible to offer convenience for patients to pay their bills faster through the patient online portal option. 

Lab management software

Lab Management Software Brings Specific Benefits for Each Field

Whether you are a pathologist, lab tech, lab manager, or tech support, clinical lab management software is here to make your life easier. Here are some of the benefits each field stands to gain:


Pathologists will get to experience an enhanced and streamlined workflow (less clicks and faster sign-outs), and higher customer and patient satisfaction. A modern and feature-rich lab data management system leads to highly configurable patient report templates and multiple forms of distribution, plus it supports macros and automates CPT and ICD-10 coding.

Lab Managers and CEOs 

Lab managers and CEOs get the maximum operational and financial efficiency, transparency, and interoperability, plus a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This is because of the modern features, modules, automation, and rules provided by lab manager software. This lab software can help synchronize and validate the analytical instruments, and standardize medical data outputs, which contributes to the lab quality management system.

IT Directors 

Medical lab management systems, when built as enterprise-level solutions, eliminate the need for multiple systems and instead, give you a trusted and strategic partner that handles all of the lab’s information system needs. At the same time, it also provides tools for full flexibility and self-service control of configurations. This agile all-in-one lab manager software reduces the technical issues and the headaches that can arise when working with multiple data management systems and vendors. 

Lab Techs 

A lab sample management system provides direct benefits by streamlining the lab’s testing workflows. Specimen tracking and barcoding are both simplified and enhanced, which minimizes the risk of human error and the chance of lost or mislabeled samples. This sort of system also enables the samples to be tracked in real-time.

Laboratory information systems

Online Laboratory Management System: How Does it Work? 

Online laboratory software supports several different laboratory functions. From order entry, front-end validation, specimen tracking, and interoperability, we provide more detail below. 

Order Entry 

Order entry using a laboratory management system is enhanced by the receiving of remote orders and interfaces with various EMR/EHR systems. This means that a typical laboratory bottleneck, the one that occurs when orders are manually entered into the LIS, is now (thanks to this level of interoperability) a thing of the past as orders automatically populate within the LIS

Front-End Validation 

For front-end validation (a very important aspect if a lab is to get paid for its service), lab data management systems that allow for patient insurance eligibility checking as well as insurance discovery enjoy a distinct advantage over others. Modern systems also offer a patient white page address lookup and USPS validation to ensure the correct address for patient invoicing.

Specimen Tracking 

A lab sample management system is ideal for superior specimen tracking. Every specimen has a unique ID and is tracked in context of the next steps in the workflow, as well as with the parent or child relationships to other specimens. For the AP workflow, this involves tracking from point of origin, accessioning, case assembly, and resulting. 


When it comes to producing lab reports, the lab software handles all the report templating, building, and delivery. It provides well-organized, powerful, integrated reports, which can be delivered to clients through a multitude of channels and based on their preferences. Delivery options include: provider portal, outreach software, EHR, fax, secure email, in-house printing, APIs, IVR, SMS, PDRF drops, or remote print server. 

Lab software online

The Bottom Line on Web-Based Laboratory Information Systems

A lab management system definitely takes a lab business to new heights by benefiting not only lab management but also the patients and clients it serves. There are many laboratory information management system vendors out there, but it is important that you as a lab leader choose the one that has the features and functionality needed for today, but also has the scalability and vendor support needed for future growth. Checking out lab management software reviews is something you shouldn’t neglect when choosing the right operating platform for your laboratory

If you want your lab to thrive and grow, it’s better to go with the most trusted one. LigoLab’s Laboratory Information System, known as the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform, is a great example of what type of enterprise-level software is available for those savvy lab managers that know an LIS upgrade is needed if the lab is to achieve its operational and financial goals.  

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