A Scalable Solution for Molecular LIS Testing Labs

A Scalable Solution for Molecular LIS Testing Labs

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As the molecular laboratory ecosystem evolves, so too must the laboratory information systems (LIS meaning in medical terminology) that support them. 

Traditional lab pathology software solutions are now obsolete, and modern LIS systems like LigoLab Informatics Platform with fully integrated lab information system and lab billing modules are designed to help labs navigate the ever-changing lab environment with agility and ease.

The Changing Landscape of Molecular Lab Testing Software 

Molecular lab testing software is experiencing significant changes in various aspects, including:

  • Clinical laboratory workflow
  • Service delivery
  • Reporting structures
  • Lab instrumentation
  • Reimbursement procedures
  • Third-party interoperability

These changes are driving the need for the best LIS that can adapt and support the evolving needs of molecular testing labs.

The Growing Role of Molecular Lab Testing Software in Healthcare Delivery

Molecular lab testing software is increasingly playing a more prominent role in overall LIS healthcare delivery. The molecular LIS has transitioned from being the workhorse hidden in hospital basements to a vital, visible component of the overall healthcare package. As a result, molecular labs now require an LIS system that offers more than just basic order capture and result delivery to keep pace. 

Key features of advanced LIS medical platforms for molecular testing labs include:

  • Flexibility within and beyond the lab's network
  • Specimen lifecycle traceability and sample tracking and support
  • Scalability and efficiency

“Molecular testing labs play a vital role in today’s precision-focused medical world. Rapid advances in biochemical genetics and molecular genetics are driving precision medicine forward, which is a big reason why we are seeing increased demands on our molecular lab partners. 

We understand their unique needs and have created a pathology lab report software platform that is not only agile, but that also helps these labs scale their operations efficiently.”

- Suren Avunjian, LigoLab CEO

LigoLab Informatics Platform

LigoLab Informatics Platform: Medical LIS Agility & Scalability for Molecular Testing Labs

LigoLab has developed a lab pathology software platform that is not only agile but also helps molecular testing labs scale their operations efficiently. The platform's ability to keep up with unprecedented demand and continue scaling during the COVID-19 pandemic more than demonstrated its power and adaptability.

“The fastest growing laboratories in the U.S. during the pandemic were LigoLab clients. All of our molecular lab partners scaled their volumes exponentially, and some witnessed explosive growth, with volumes going up by 6,000 percent.”

- Suren Avunjian, LigoLab CEO

Precision Medicine: Driving Growth & Opportunities for Molecular LIS Testing Labs

As precision medicine continues to advance, molecular LIS testing labs are taking on increasingly significant roles within the healthcare ecosystem. 

With the help of advanced technology platforms and innovative laboratory information system companies like LigoLab, these pathology labs can adapt to manage complex diagnostic tests, support the broader diagnostics and treatment team, and leverage emerging digital technologies to offer innovative services and open up new revenue sources.

“When we say that molecular LIS testing labs are coming out of the basement, this is what we mean. Today’s labs go well beyond traditional collection and reporting. They are now often part of the broader diagnostics and treatment team.”

- Suren Avunjian, LigoLab CEO

Molecular LIS Testing Labs: Interpreting Data-Rich Biospecimens

Molecular LIS testing labs are becoming vital interpreters of data-rich biospecimens, helping clinicians better understand clinical pathways and treatment options:

  • Drug selection
  • Specialized therapeutics

As diagnostic tests become more complicated, molecular labs are essential for helping other healthcare providers comprehend the relevance of specific results.

While some molecular lab managers may be resistant to expanding their roles within the healthcare ecosystem, forward-thinking lab managers recognize the value that clinical labs hold for advancing medicine. They are turning to laboratory information system platforms like LigoLab’s loaded suite of applications for molecular testing operations support.

LigoLab's Future-Ready Informatics Platform: Unlocking New Revenue Sources

LigoLab's platform enables opportunistic lab operators to take advantage of emerging digital technologies and the rapid growth of patient consumerism. One way labs can do this is by offering direct-to-consumer lab testing like diagnostic testing and preventative screenings to patients from the comfort of their homes:

  • Online test kit ordering
  • Shipping to the patient's home
  • Processing specimens
  • Automated delivery of test results
  • Scheduling videoconferencing consultations if needed

“TestDirectly is a direct-to-consumer lab testing module that supports any kind of direct-to-consumer test and serves as a marketplace for enhanced and specialized laboratory services. The platform enables laboratories to become direct-to-consumer labs as they gain visibility and grow their brands while aligning with consumers and providing them with a streamlined and unified experience.”

- Suren Avunjian, LigoLab CEO

LIS & RCM Informatics Platform

Avero Diagnostocs and LigoLab: A Lab Information System Success Story

LigoLab's flexible and comprehensive informatics platform has helped numerous labs, including Avero Diagnostics (formerly known as Northwest Laboratory and Northwest Pathology) achieve remarkable growth and efficiency in their operations.

Avero Diagnostics: Sustained Growth & Efficiency with LigoLab

Avero Diagnostics has been providing pathology services for northwest Washington for over 25 years. Their partnership with LigoLab began eight years ago, and four years ago, they switched to LigoLab's RCM cycle solution:

  • Fully integrated LIS & RCM modules
  • Eliminated data silos
  • The laboratory billing cycle (laboraotry billing process) begins at order inception

Results: Just months into the partnership, Avero experienced significant gains:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved accuracy
  • 35 percent  increase in net collections (sustainably maintained)

Learn More: Leveraging LIS & RCM Integration to Improve the Laboratory Billing Process

Ensuring Agility in a Changing World: LigoLab’s LIS System Software 

The traditional LIS system software no longer cuts it in today’s clinical testing lab environment. 

Molecular LIS labs need a lab information system that can connect across all corners of the diagnostic landscape, and that includes: 

  • Instrumentation
  • Lab management analytics
  • Robust decision support
  • Effective quality controls
  • Third-party interoperability with EHRs and other laboratory software systems
  • Decision population health tools 

A LIS system that doesn’t have this sort of flexibility is unlikely to expand a lab’s ability to network in the healthcare community or enhance its diagnostic offerings as new options develop.

“When molecular testing laboratories shop for lab information systems and interact with LIS vendors, they should carefully consider whether or not the LIS model can provide reliable interoperability and interface with an ever-changing array of healthcare partners and other mission-critical technologies. 

It’s not only about what LIS systems can do today, but it’s also about how future-ready they are. LigoLab was built for clinical laboratory management both today and tomorrow.”

-  Suren Avunjian, LigoLab CEO

Key Features of LigoLab’s Laboratory Information Management System 

LigoLab Informatics Platform is a powerful and all-inclusive LIS software solution that includes all the modules a modern molecular testing laboratory needs to conduct specialized diagnostic testing with maximum efficiency. 

This includes:

Unified Lab Management

The LigoLab platform unifies all lab functions within a single software infrastructure and pathology lab management system, ensuring end-to-end data integrity and seamless operations.

Specimen Management & Patient Safety

An error-free lab sample management system is essential for flawless laboratory operations. LigoLab assigns a specimen-unique identifier as soon as an order is placed, ensuring an error-free sample tracking workflow.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

LigoLab's QC module and QA compliance infrastructure enable accurate testing, precise report distribution, and closely monitored operations. The platform supports various QC methodologies, such as:

  • Westgard Rules
  • Biological variation methods
  • Lean Six Sigma

Cost Management

Cost management is critical for clinical laboratories due to increasing regulations in reimbursement policies. LigoLab's pathology management software offers real-time monitoring and reporting tools that enable users to generate performance analytic reports, providing valuable insights for informed business decisions.


LigoLab features an open architecture platform with a built-in interface engine. The interface engine provides maximum interoperability, enabling the pathology lab software to seamlessly connect to a majority of analyzers, EHRs, and third-party plug-ins with ease. This includes LISm system and lab RCM internal networking as well as connections to external bodies, such as billing services, the Tumor Registry, state reporting agencies, and more.

The interface engine supports all standard interchange protocols, including: 

  • FHIR 
  • HL7
  • XML
  • X12
  • CSV
  • PDF
  • Flat File
  • ASTM
  • Restful API

Optimized Workflows & Business Scaling

LigoLab constantly evolves, adding new features and enhancements to its medical LIS platform on a daily basis. Through domain expertise, best LIS practices, and customer feedback analysis, LigoLab boosts lab partners by providing a lab workflow management platform that automates processes, increases productivity, and positions them to scale their businesses quickly.

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Compliance without a flexible LIS software platform is challenging and labor-intensive. LigoLab offers specialized tools that reduce audit risk and revenue loss, helping users operate within the guidelines of various regulatory agencies, including:

  • CAP
  • CLIA

Support for Consumerism

With LigoLab, clinical laboratories can test directly with patients while expanding laboratory services. 

The TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer patient and provider engagement portal makes this possible by replacing paper forms and manual processes with a simplified digital workflow that starts with patient self-registration and eliminates the potential for human errors, order entry bottlenecks, reporting delays, and patient and provider frustration. 

The cloud-based portal is the key that unlocks direct-to-consumer lab testing capacity and improves turnaround times, all while enhancing the patient experience. 

TestDirectly supports all forms of DTC testing (like sexually transmitted infections, urinary tract infections, allergy testing, genetic screening, etc.) and all specimen collection workflows (including drive-through, walk-up, concierge, organizational, travel, pooled, and at-home). 

To learn more about LigoLab’s scalable laboratory information system solution and our LIS company, we invite you to request-a-demo or a quick consult with one of our talented LIS system specialists. 

Michael Kalinowski
Michael Handles Marketing and Communications for LigoLab

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