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Our laboratory operating platform fuels growth and transforms laboratories into information-driven and future-ready operations

LigoLab Information System is the leading provider of an innovative software solution that meets the diverse needs of Molecular, Clinical, and Anatomic Pathology laboratories nationwide. The LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform expertly supports, transforms, and streamlines all laboratory financial, administrative, and technical operations.

Suren Avunjian

Founder and CEO

From the first day of starting this venture, LigoLab’s mission has always been to provide the most complete, transformative, and intuitive LIS & RCM
Laboratory Operating Platform.

From Startup to Industry Leader

Ligo is a Latin word that means “to unite or to connect,” and that’s what the founders of LigoLab set out to do when they became business partners in 2006. From the very beginning, the goal was to build laboratory information systems that united all modules, roles, departments, and workflows on to one powerful all-in-one solution. Read More

A transactional pricing model strategically aligns our company with yours, limiting risk and capital outlay. LigoLab’s proven LIS & RCM implementation process includes dry runs, parallel entry, and processing, guaranteeing a successful roll-out and smooth transition to the new system across the organization.

All of our Software is Developed and Supported 100% from our Headquarters in Los Angeles

  • We are a private and profitable company and free to pursue our own path without having to answer to investors - we report to our staff and our customers only
  • We offer a unique aligned pricing model that’s tied to a laboratory’s volume and we don’t ask for large and prohibitive upfront licensing fees
  • Our shared-risk cost structure allows laboratories to scale quickly and open up new streams of revenue
  • We leverage powerful automated processes and streamlined workflows on one common database to produce consistent and accurate laboratory data without the need for synchronization and integration of multiple systems and vendors
  • Our platform is an end-to-end solution that empowers future-ready laboratories to achieve the highest level of efficiency, automation, and cost-savings while increasing throughput
  • LigoLab is the definitive choice for laboratories seeking modernization, process improvement, error reduction, and increased revenue

Selecting the Right Partner for Your Business

The LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform is comprehensive, flexible,
and scalable. It’s designed to accommodate a wide array of laboratories, enhancing their operations and finances.

LigoLab features an intuitive, user-friendly interface, and is composed of highly integrated modules for outreach support, document imaging, specimen security and tracking, customer service, send-out tracking, business intelligence and analytics, digital pathology, integrated diagnostic reporting, anatomic, clinical, and molecular workflow, and billing/RCM. The LigoLab operating platform is designed to support multi-facility environments and can track and secure specimens from the point of origination in remote ordering clinics and throughout their life-cycles, addressing all processes.

Our Mission

"We help lab grow and thrive." That's our mission statement and that's what we set out to do for labs like yours every day. We will be your strategic business partner for sustainable success.

Our Commitment

We align with your organizational goals to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment. We deeply care about your journey and your outcomes.

Who We Serve

We serve pathology groups and clinical and reference laboratories that want to improve processes, reduce errors, increase margins, and scale their operations.

What makes the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform the definitive choice for modern labs? Request a demo to see for yourself and liberate your lab!

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Meet our LigoLab Team

LigoLab's talented and growing team is committed to uniting and connecting your laboratory with our all-in-one laboratory software solution.

Suren Avunjian

Co-Founder and CEO

Edward Kharatian

Co-Founder and Medical Director

Anthony Oganesian

Сo-Founder and CTO


Billing Specialist


Development Team


Director of Marketing


Customer Success


Billing Consultant


Development Team


Manager of Customer Success


Billing Specialist


Chief Operating Officer


Development Team


Communications & PR


Support Team


Implementations Director


Interface Team


Development Team


Support Engineer


Development Team


Interface Team

Partnership Pricing on Laboratory Equipment,
Software, and Services

LigoLab proudly offers its laboratory customers special discounted pricing from trusted vendors and leading manufacturers.

Selecting a New LIS is a Very
Important Task

Request a demo or contact us to learn about the unique features and benefits of the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform today.

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