See How LigoLab’s Laboratory Operating Platform Rates in the CAP Today LIS Product Guide

See How LigoLab’s Laboratory Operating Platform Rates in the CAP Today LIS Product Guide

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The November issue of Cap Today includes its annual LIS Product Guide, a must-have for lab leaders who are ready for a system upgrade and want to get a high-level view of what’s currently available on the market. 

The LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform is listed among its competitors in this issue, and while we know there are a lot of high-quality systems out there, we feel like the comprehensive and infinitely configurable construct of our platform sets it apart from the others.

In the end, of course, laboratory decision-makers will be the judge of that, and we look forward to engaging with prospective customers and showcasing our software with a demonstration tailored to address their laboratory challenges. 

Are you the champion and in charge of your lab’s effort to learn what else is out there? If yes, we invite you to compare our platform against the others to see which system would be the best fit for your lab.

Not ready for a formal demonstration but interested in learning more? Then continue reading as we list five reasons why you should consider LigoLab when your lab is ready to move forward with a laboratory information system upgrade.

Reason # 5:

LigoLab is a Java application that works with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and its deployment can be on a local server or could-based. LigoLab consults with its lab clients during implementation to determine which option would be best for them.

Reason # 4:

 The LigoLab platform is constantly adding features and functionality, and the company offers quarterly software updates to its client base. LigoLab DOES NOT, however, instruct its clients to install updates at specified times. Rather, partner labs can opt-in or out of these quarterly updates and move forward with an upgrade when they are ready to bring on the new features. All users can easily reference the latest platform updates by clicking the “version features” button that exists within the application.

Reason # 3:

 The platform includes a proprietary interface engine, plus flexible rule and automation engines. The interface engine supports all standard interchange protocols (including FHIR,  HL7, X12, XML, Flat File, Restful APIs, ASTM, and more), the rule engine allows for users to build simple to complex rules and actions based on any logical conditions, and the automation engine daisy chains these rules together to create decision support trees. 

Reason # 2:

LigoLab aligns its pricing to license its software with its laboratory partners. This means no large investment in upfront capital expenditures, no limit on seats or modules, no hidden fees, and unlimited 24/7 support. 

Reason #1:

 The LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform is the only system in the marketplace that is truly integrated and solely developed by one company. Unlike legacy systems that have over time acquired modules via mergers and acquisitions, modules for anatomic pathology, clinical laboratory, molecular diagnostics, revenue cycle management, and direct-to-consumer all share a single integrated and silo-free software infrastructure.

This one source of truth maximizes interoperability and efficiency while reducing claim denials, manual processes, and turnaround times. Supported by this platform, lab leaders can break through growth barriers and better serve their patients while going after more business opportunities and ultimately becoming more profitable. 

About LigoLab

LigoLab is a leading provider of innovative end-to-end healthcare software for pathology laboratories, servicing 150+ facilities nationwide. As a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution, the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform™ includes modules for anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, molecular diagnostics, revenue cycle management, and direct-to-consumer, all on one powerful and integrated platform that supports every role, every department, and every case. LigoLab empowers laboratories to better serve patients, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, scale their operations, become more compliant, and more profitable.

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