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LigoLab’s Direct-to-Consumer Web Portal Supports School Surveillance Testing

Lab Pathology Software Features - 2021 Buyers' Guide and Checklist

LigoLab Adds LIS Functionality and Other Enhancements to TestDirectly, its Direct-to-Consumer Platform

LigoLab’s RCM Module Features an Automated A/R Payer Projection Tool

Atlas Genomics Detects UK Coronavirus Variant with PCR Test, Result Confirmed with RNA Sequencing

LigoLab Gives Labs a Convenient and User-Friendly Way to Incentivize Patients and Accelerate Payments

LigoLab’s TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal Helps Labs Prevent Lost Revenue

Avunjian Earns Top Honor for the LigoLab and TestDirectly Response to COVID-19

Process Thousands of HRSA Patients in Minutes with LigoLab

LigoLab’s LIS & RCM Operating Platform Supports Pooled Testing

TestDirectly Eliminates the Paper Requisitions That Cause Accessioning Headaches

LigoLab’s Fully Integrated Platform Features No-Touch Auto-Billing

TestDirectly Simplifies Workflows and Improves Turnaround Times

LigoLab Offers a Pricing Model That Aligns with Laboratory Goals and an Implementation Plan That Minimizes Lab Disruption

LigoLab’s Collection Model Combines LIS & RCM Workflows to Maximize Clean Claims and Laboratory Payments

TestDirectly links Laboratories, Physicians, Employers, and Government Agencies for Efficient COVID-19 Collection, Testing, and Reporting

Florida Turns to TestDirectly and Northwest Laboratory to Protect its Seniors from COVID-19

A dedicated and laboratory-specific LIS is the clear winner for modern labs

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