LigoLab: Comprehensive and Flexible SaaS Solutions for Your Laboratory

LigoLab: Comprehensive and Flexible SaaS Solutions for Your Laboratory

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Frustrated by the finger-pointing that comes with multiple software vendors, systems, middleware, and interfaces?

Then you’re ready for the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform.

Achieve Sustainable Success with LigoLab’s Future-Ready LIS

With LigoLab LIS, users enjoy a future-ready and scalable platform that maximizes interoperability and efficiency: 

  • Infinitely configurable 
  • Eliminates human error and lost specimens
  • Fully customizable reports with multiple delivery options
  • Robust and searchable audit trail
  • Remote access for orders and results 

LigoLab Company Overview: LigoLab - Who We Are and What We Do

LigoLab Laboratory Information System (LIS) - The Cornerstone of an End-to-End Laboratory Operating Platform

Manage Complex Processes and Streamline Operations with LigoLab's Clinical Laboratory Solutions 

How ECPC is Leveraging LigoLab LIS to Streamline Pathology Workflows and Expand Laboratory Operations 

LigoLab Reviews - What Do Our Customers Think?

LigoLab’s Approach to Implementation and Support

LigoLab FAQs

Reduce Denials and Audit Risk with a Fully Integrated RCM

LigoLab RCM empowers labs to start the billing cycle at order creation, a real advantage that reduces denials and audit risk and increases revenue and profitability: 

  • Upfront demographic and insurance verification
  • Claim validation and error correction
  • Automated ICD and CPT coding and client billing
  • Real-time data processing workflow queues for heightened visibility
  • Detailed statistical reports to monitor trends and KPIs

LigoLab RCM Overview: LigoLab - Unlock Your Revenue Potential

Leveraging LIS & RCM Integration to Improve the Laboratory Billing Process

A New Approach to the Laboratory Billing Process

LigoLab Offers Labs an Automated and Real-Time Software Solution for Prior Authorization Requirements

LigoLab’s RCM Module Features an Automated A/R Payer Projection Tool

LigoLab Gives Labs a Convenient and User-Friendly Way to Incentivize Patients and Accelerate Payments

LigoLab’s Fully Integrated Platform Features No-Touch Auto-Billing

Connect with Patients, Simplify Workflows, and Improve Turnaround Times

TestDirectly makes it easier for medical laboratories and first care facilities to engage directly with patients and provide safe, fast, and accurate test results:

  • Replaces paper forms and manual processes with an electronic workflow
  • Patient and family self-registration and scheduling
  • Supports all forms of organizational testing including school surveillance/pooled testing 
  • Automated report delivery via email, SMS, portal, or interface
  • Boosts testing capacity and improves turnaround times

TestDirectly Overview: Drive-Through and Collection Facility Workflow

Why Choose TestDirectly?

Direct-to-Consumer Testing that’s Convenient, Safe, Fast, and Accurate 

TestDirectly: The All-in-One Software Solution for School Surveillance Testing

LigoLab Adds LIS Functionality and Other Enhancements to TestDirectly, its Direct-to-Consumer Platform

TestDirectly Employer/Organization Testing Workflow

TestDirectly School District Testing Workflow

At LigoLab We Help Labs Grow and Thrive

LigoLab is a leading provider of innovative end-to-end software. Find out how 100+ lab facilities across the country are leveraging the platform’s AP, CP, MDx, RCM, and Direct-to-Consumer modules to significantly grow their business. 

To learn more, visit

To schedule a software demonstration tailored to address the unique needs of your laboratory or collection facility, Click Here.

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