How Modern Laboratories Produce and Distribute Reports

How Modern Laboratories Produce and Distribute Reports

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Laboratories across the country come in all shapes and sizes and in our experience, no two facilities are exactly alike. But no matter the size and no matter the discipline, one thing remains true. The product of the laboratory information system (LIS) is the laboratory report, and it remains fundamentally important to our industry. 

Without fail, we’re asked about our approach to laboratory reports every time we do a product demonstration of the LigoLab platform. The prospective clients want professional-looking reports that they can manage without external help and that can be distributed to their customers with ease. 

At LigoLab, we’ve prioritized lab reports from day one, and we’ve equipped our LIS with a super powerful reporting engine that puts the laboratory in control. With us, you get fully customizable reports that will stand out in the marketplace make doctors say “Wow!”.

Laboratories using our system enjoy uniform presentations and rule-based formatting that’s template-driven. Elements like full-color rich text, diagrams, and images are licensed and pre-loaded into the system, along with the ability to annotate. Even better, rules can be set-up inside the reports for client-specific templates as an added value for customers. 

CLICK HERE for a closer look at Surgical Report samples that have been produced by our system and imagine what’s possible in your own lab.

Everything you see on the sample reports (including the patient info header, diagnosis, comments, images, diagrams, history, microscopic findings, and gross description) has been customized for our clients, and then generated into a variety of formats, including PDF, XML, and HL7, for distribution. 

Speaking of which, LigoLab also excels with several quick and easy distribution options. With our distribution engine, you get a boatload of options, and every form of distribution is performed within the system. With us, you’ll never have to leave the LIS.

Distribution options with the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform

LigoLab Information System is the leading provider of an innovative laboratory information system software solution that meets the diverse needs of Molecular, Clinical, and Anatomic Pathology laboratories nationwide. Let the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform drive efficiency, performance, and growth in your laboratory.

Contact us here to schedule a demonstration and experience how a fully integrated LIS & RCM can unite and transform your lab’s financial, administrative, and technical operations.

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