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ECPC's Success Story: Tripling Productivity & Boosting Net Collections by 35% with LigoLab Informatics Platform

ECPC's Success Story: Tripling Productivity & Boosting Net Collections by 35% with LigoLab Informatics Platform

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How ECPC's Laboratory Information System Partnership Led to an Enhancement of Lab Operations and Business Growth

Eastern Connecticut Pathology Consultants (ECPC) is a leading provider of pathology services, laboratory management, and advanced diagnostic testing for hospitals, physicians, and patients across southern New England. 

While ECPC had been operating successfully without a practice-owned laboratory information system (LIS) for years, the company identified the need to implement one in order to enhance lab operations and scale its business. 

ECPC had three main objectives that it wanted to achieve by acquiring a modern lab information system:

1. Streamlining Operations

An efficient LIS would help ECPC to streamline its workflows, reduce errors, and increase the overall efficiency of its laboratory processes. This would enable the company to continue delivering high-quality services to its clients while improving productivity.

2. Facilitating Business Growth

By implementing a new LIS, ECPC aimed to accommodate rapid business growth and easily onboard new clients. The LIS system would need to be scalable and adaptable to support the company's plans to quickly expand its service offerings and client base.

3. Maintaining High Standards of Service Quality

ECPC prides itself on providing exceptional service to its clients. Therefore, it was essential for the company to find pathology lab software that would support its growth without compromising the level of quality service that its clients have come to expect.

In December 2019, ECPC embarked on the search for a LIS solution that would address these objectives and help propel the company to new heights.

Kristen Conley, ECPC’s Chief Information Officer 

LigoLab Information Systems: A Comprehensive & Adaptable LIS Partner

While pursuing a LIS vendor that could support their business growth and streamline operations, ECPC discovered LigoLab Information Systems - a company that offered a comprehensive, interoperable, and scalable LIS solution tailored to their specific requirements.

“Each lab has unique workflows and needs, so finding a comprehensive laboratory system that could be easily customized was a top priority. The system also had to be able to grow with us and evolve as the needs of our lab partners changed over time.”

-Kristen Conley, ECPC’s Chief Information Officer 

In-Depth Vendor Vetting & Selection Process

Kristen Conley, ECPC's Chief Information Officer, spearheaded an extensive vendor evaluation process, assessing various LIS providers based on their ability to meet ECPC's unique requirements. The selection process prioritized:

  • Customization options for unique lab workflows
  • Interoperability with existing systems
  • Scalability to support business growth
  • Quality of technical support and customer service

After a thorough evaluation, ECPC chose LigoLab Information Systems as their LIS partner due to their robust and adaptable solution.

LIS Solution

A Comprehensive LIS Solution for ECPC's Diverse Needs

LigoLab emerged as the best LIS software match for ECPC, offering a versatile informatics platform with a range of advanced features designed to optimize laboratory operations and support business expansion.

“One thing that makes the LigoLab platform such a good product for us is that it's very agile. The system is extremely responsive and easy to work within, and if assistance is needed, the support team at LigoLab is always there to help. It truly is a great partnership.” 

-Kristen Conley, ECPC’s Chief Information Officer

Customizable Workflows & Reporting

LigoLab enables ECPC to tailor the LIS system to the specific needs of each of its lab clients, ensuring that unique workflows and reporting requirements are met. This level of customization allows ECPC to offer a higher standard of service to its clients.

Seamless Integration & Interoperability

LigoLab can easily integrate with existing systems, reducing disruptions and enhancing overall efficiency. The LIS system's interoperability ensures seamless communication between various software and hardware components in ECPC's operations.

Scalability for Business Growth

LigoLab is designed to support ECPC's ambitious growth plans by offering a scalable LIS solution that can easily accommodate new clients, expand service offerings, and adapt to changing industry demands.

Responsive Support & Collaboration

LigoLab's dedication to customer success extends beyond its software solution. The company's responsive technical support and commitment to working collaboratively with ECPC have fostered a strong partnership that further enhances the value of its LIS platform.

Successful Implementations & Expansion: The Power of LigoLab LIS in Driving Business Growth

ECPC has experienced considerable growth and expansion, fueled by LigoLab’s modern, robust, and adaptable LIS system. 

Expansion into UMass Memorial Health Harrington Hospital: Building Strong Healthcare Partnerships

In the spring of 2020, ECPC expanded its operations into UMass Memorial Health Harrington Hospital. This new partnership aligned with ECPC's goal of working with a broader range of healthcare providers. 

During the expansion, the customizability and interoperability offered by the LIS were vital in ensuring smooth integration with the hospital's existing systems, streamlining operations, and ultimately delivering exceptional quality of service.

Onboarding New Independent Laboratory Clients: Rapid Adaptation & Scalability

The flexibility and responsiveness of LigoLab’s LIS empowered ECPC to successfully onboard two new independent laboratory clients within just 60 days. The rapid implementation highlights the platform's ability to adapt to new business needs and support ECPC's growth trajectory.

Tackling Unique Client Requirements: Versatility in Action

The onboarding process for the two new clients presented unique challenges. One required a simple, non-automated implementation, while the other demanded more intricate workflows and multiple interfaces. 

Despite these differences, LigoLab’s LIS solution allowed ECPC to cater to both clients' unique requirements, efficiently managing the onboarding process and delivering tailored solutions.

Best LIS Software

Launching a Specialty Division for Dermatological Practices: Expanding Service Offerings

Harnessing LigoLab's technology, ECPC launched a specialty division dedicated to supporting new dermatological practices. 

This expansion not only increased the company's service offerings but also broadened its client base, further driving growth and solidifying its position in the market.

“Soon after we introduced our expanded dermatological division, we were inundated with new implementations. We were able to have all the builds set up and multiple interfaces created in a short period with LigoLab’s LIS. All of our dermatological clients have successfully launched in less than 60 days.” 

-Kristen Conley, ECPC’s Chief Information Officer

Accelerated Implementation for Dermatological Clients: Speed & Efficiency

LigoLab's pathology lab management solution enabled ECPC to rapidly set up multiple interfaces and builds for its dermatological clients, demonstrating the platform's adaptability and scalability. 

This efficiency allowed them to launch their services for these clients in less than 60 days, ensuring a swift and smooth integration into their existing pathology lab workflow.

Measurable Results & Benefits: Quantifying the Impact of LigoLab Partnership

ECPC's partnership with LigoLab has yielded significant measurable results and benefits, reflecting the company's efficacy in driving growth and optimizing operations. 

These improvements have strengthened ECPC's position in the market and enabled the thriving pathology group to scale its services and offerings.

“Before our first LigoLab implementation, we were at the mercy of legacy systems that were extremely limiting and rigid. Because of this, our growth potential was restricted. But with LigoLab, our growth potential is almost limitless.” 

-Kristen Conley, ECPC’s Chief Information Officer

Key Growth Metrics: A Snapshot of ECPC's Success

Since partnering with LigoLab, ECPC has experienced remarkable progress in several crucial areas:

  • Net collections: A 35% average increase across all specialties, showcasing improved revenue generation.
  • Test volume: A 31% overall increase, indicating higher demand for ECPC's services.
  • Turnaround times: Efficient test result delivery within two working days for 98% of cases, maintaining high-quality service standards.
  • Staff numbers: The addition of six pathologists (increasing the total to 17) to support the growing demand for their services.
  • Client count: Nearly tripling since 2020, demonstrating the lab's ability to attract and onboard new clients with its new LIS system.
  • Service offerings: Expansion into dermatological practices, diversifying ECPC's scope of services.

Additional Benefits: Enhancing Operations & Reducing Risks

According to Rebecca DiIorio, Executive Director at ECPC, LigoLab excels where other LISs fail because the system can be quickly customized to fit any situation. 

Beyond the growth metrics, ECPC's partnership with LigoLab has resulted in numerous operational benefits:

  • Reduced errors and compliance risk: Streamlined processes and improved LIS system reliability to ensure accuracy and adherence to industry regulations.
  • Integrated and customizable reports: LigoLab's informatics platform allows ECPC to tailor reports to match client preferences and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Increased interoperability: Seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and lab instruments, improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Streamlined workflows: Automation and the utilization of configurable rules to simplify lab workflows, increasing productivity and reducing manual intervention.

These benefits have contributed to ECPC consistently outperforming industry standards across most metrics, reinforcing the value of its partnership with LigoLab.

Rebecca DiIorio, Executive Director at ECPC

Unlocking Scalability & Growth Potential: Embracing the Future with LigoLab

ECPC's collaboration with LigoLab has empowered the practice to unlock its growth potential and overcome the limitations of legacy systems. By leveraging the LigoLab platform, ECPC can now scale and grow its practice more effectively.

DiIorio attributes much of the pathology group’s success to LigoLab’s rapid customization capabilities and understanding of what a modern lab needs to thrive. 

“LigoLab understands the dynamics that modern labs face. The team works hand-in-hand with us to provide the solutions that create market differentiation, giving us the functionality and support needed to expand services and acquire new business.”

-Rebecca DiIorio, Executive Director at ECPC

The LigoLab team collaborates closely with ECPC, delivering tailored solutions that create market differentiation and provide the functionality and support necessary to expand services and secure new business opportunities.

Moving Forward: Embracing Future Opportunities with Confidence

The flourishing partnership between ECPC and LigoLab Information Systems has brought about remarkable benefits, enabling ECPC to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

By selecting a flexible, customizable, and scalable LIS system, ECPC has positioned itself for sustained success and the capacity to adapt to the dynamic healthcare industry.

Key Takeaways: The Impact of the ECPC-LigoLab Alliance

  • Increased productivity: Features and capabilities within LigoLab Informatics Platform have enhanced the efficiency of ECPC's operations.
  • Expanded service offerings: ECPC has successfully diversified its services, extending its reach into new markets such as dermatological practices.
  • Impressive growth metrics: The partnership has driven significant improvements across crucial growth indicators, demonstrating its tangible impact on ECPC's success.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, ECPC's strategic alliance with LigoLab positions the company to tackle new challenges and seize emerging opportunities. 

“With LigoLab as a partner, we are now consistently outperforming the industry standard across most metrics. Our ability to scale and grow our practice has greatly improved.”  

-Rebecca DiIorio, Executive Director at ECPC

Michael Kalinowski
Michael Handles Marketing and Communications for LigoLab

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