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Does your lab report and distribution plan set you apart or hold you back?

Does your lab report and distribution plan set you apart or hold you back?

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What do Lab Leaders want and how can we as vendors in the laboratory industry help deliver what they need to give them an edge over the competition?

That's a question we ask ourselves every day as we strive to better serve our customers and support patient care.

We value customer feedback and we periodically check-in to gauge specific areas of the laboratory workflow to get a sense of where improvements would be most helpful.

We recently surveyed laboratory decision-makers from all across the country and asked them to rate their current lab report and distribution plans.

To see a sumary of the results, click on the link or the image below: Survey Results

If you’re a lab operator and would like to participate in a future study, reach me directly at We’d enjoy hearing from you and getting your perspective, too.

TestDirectly links Patients, Laboratories, Collection Centers, Physicians, Employers, and Government Agencies for Efficient COVID-19 Collection, Testing, and Reporting:

Is your laboratory currently processing COVID-19 tests or does it have plans to do so in the near future?

LigoLab Information System has developed a web portal called TestDirectly that connects patients, physicians, employers, government agencies, and collection centers with laboratories for efficient and effective testing. The portal supports contactless workflows for drive-through and on-site/dispatched collections, and it also relieves labs from having to manually enter orders and from having to follow-up with any cases.

Learn more here by scheduling a TestDirectly software demonstration or by visiting

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