LigoLab Project Management and the Stages of Implementation

LigoLab Project Management and the Stages of Implementation

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At LigoLab, we've been perfecting the Stages of Implementation since 2006. We take Project Management and implementation very seriously because you're not just another customer to us. Instead, you're a strategic partner that we've aligned our interests with for the long term.

Here is a summary of what to expect as you upgrade your system to the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform.

Following agreement execution, LigoLab’s implementation team will schedule a kick-off call to discuss and review timelines, dependencies, and milestones for the project in its entirety. Following the kick-off call, you will receive access to a test environment where the initial configurations will take place. Right after the implementation of the test environment, the implementation team can conduct an on-site domain analysis where the current and future workflows are identified, as well as a gap analysis of the legacy systems supporting the laboratory. An implementation project plan will then be prepared and shared with all participants. 

A dedicated implementation manager working with the laboratory management team will take all the findings and configure the platform accordingly. System configuration by laboratory management (with our assistance) may take two to six months, with the timeline based on laboratory size, complexity, personnel, and organizational readiness. During the configuration period, we identify one to three clients (to cover a wide variety of specimens and tests) and begin parallel processing of these cases through the system. These cases are used for testing, training, and validation of the system.  

During configuration and training our interfacing and data import teams analyze all current interfaces and their conversion processes. They also prepare scripts to import previous patient history into the new platform. Once the final build milestone is achieved, a dedicated effort to training all laboratory staff takes place at the customer’s preference, remotely, on-site, or at our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

For a successful implementation, once a go-live date is identified and scheduled, LigoLab reserves a dedicated team of implementation support staff members for the project. This dedicated team performs one implementation at a time, assuring that the overall implementation will be a 100% success.

LigoLab staff members can be on-site before going live for final personnel training sessions per department and role. Typically, one week before go-live, we parallel enter all cases through both systems and cut over from the previous systems to LigoLab over a weekend. During the weekend, the historical data is imported, all parallel and test patient data are deleted, the test environment is cloned to production, and then the system is ready to go-live. LigoLab staff can also be on-site for another week after implementation if needed to assist users and reinforce the training of laboratory staff. 

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