Is Your Clinical Laboratory Ready to Support The Biden Administration’s COVID Testing Plan?

Is Your Clinical Laboratory Ready to Support The Biden Administration’s COVID Testing Plan?

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Clinical Laboratories across the country may soon benefit from an expansion of the nation’s coronavirus testing efforts as part of President Joe Biden’s proposed “American Rescue Plan,” a $1.9 trillion emergency legislative package designed to address the mounting damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If approved by Congress, $50 billion would go toward the expansion of U.S. testing efforts, and another $30 billion would support efforts by the federal Disaster Relief Fund to ramp up the production of testing supplies and protective gear.

In his January 14 announcement, President Biden noted that “testing is a critical strategy for controlling the spread of COVID-19, and the U.S. is still not using it effectively.” 

The President called for a massive expansion of testing, with the proposed funds going toward the purchase of rapid tests, the expansion of testing capacity, and the support of regular testing protocols for schools and local government agencies. In his remarks, the President said expanded testing would enable schools to safely reopen and also provide more protection for Americans in high-risk settings like prisons and long-term care facilities. 

For reaction to the Biden announcement and what it could mean for clinical labs going forward, we invite you to read an excellent story from Modern Healthcare’s Adam Bonisawski - Lab Stakeholders welcome Biden moves on COVID-19 testing, suggest additional steps.

In his piece, Bonislawski wrote that the President’s plan calls for an investment in new testing technologies and the doubling of drive-through testing sites.

In the months since the pandemic began, several of our loyal laboratory customers have embraced the need to invest in software technology to reduce errors, boost capacity, and improve turnaround times, all to meet the unprecedented demand for their services and deliver better patient care. 

There is hope around the corner in the form of a vaccine, but the rollout will take several months, a fact that is once again putting the focus on the need for more frequent testing if we are to reopen schools and have employees return to work feeling comfortable and safe. 

Is your clinical laboratory ready to support the Biden COVID testing plan? 

Does your laboratory have a responsive software partner that can deliver laboratory system upgrades like a direct-to-consumer portal that supports a streamlined electronic workflow that connects directly with patients, replaces paper forms, eliminates manual order entry, and covers specimen collection, laboratory processing, and test result reporting? 

Can your current Laboratory Information System support the automatic delivery of state reporting through established electronic connections with public health departments in every state?

Does the current LIS have the connectivity and flexibility needed to support high-volume testing with pooled samples

Can you leverage your current laboratory Revenue Cycle Management solution to identify and process uninsured COVID-19 patients and automate large portions of the billing cycle to handle the escalated number of COVID-19 claims?

To learn more about LigoLab’s software solutions and how they can help your lab better serve the public doing the pandemic and beyond, we invite you to schedule a LigoLab software demonstration by calling 818-395-4659 or by visiting

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