LigoLab Customer Review: Paulette Lewis Talks About Specimen Tracking and Replacing Manual Processes with Automation

LigoLab Customer Review: Paulette Lewis Talks About Specimen Tracking and Replacing Manual Processes with Automation

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My name is Paulette Lewis and I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana. My operation is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I work for Gastroenterology Associates, LLC. We are a pathology laboratory service that's in-house, inside of a clinic, an endoscopy clinic where we have about 17 doctors, four techs, two pathologists, and a histology coordinator, which is myself.

We came on board with LigoLab in 2012 through an affiliation with another lab. We went full in-house pathology in 2015, where now we utilize all aspects and modules of the LigoLab platform, from ordering to anatomic pathology, operations, reporting and administration. 

I would recommend LigoLab to other facilities and hospitals and clinics because they have a really great support system.

The best part about LigoLab is that it tracks the specimens for you, so if you feel like something wasn't grossed, it's easy to go into your grossing queue, to see what happened to the specimen. Was it even grossed in? You can also track your slides, you can track your accounts, you can track validations, and QC. LigoLab has a lot to offer and it takes away a lot of the manual processes that you used to do and replaces them with automation.

I think LigoLab is  very well worth the investment. It's valuable to the lab, to the pathologists, and very valuable to the clinicians and the oncologist, because they want results right away. Everybody wants results right away and LigoLab provides that. Once the pathologist has released a report, we get it. I think that's very valuable for us and for the patients and for the clinicians. 

Another challenge for us was statistical challenges, and data challenges. I couldn’t say that everything was totally accurate because we had to tally up numbers. We had to do manual counts. We had no system to refer back to data for. LigoLab provides that for us now, so it's no longer a challenge

Implementing the solution, I think one of the biggest challenges was that you had so many people to train on the implementation, and for everybody to see the implementation as well, so training was a big part of that. We overcame that by basically going back to fundamentals, the basic aspects of LigoLab and the goal of why we even have LigoLab. 

With IT support and being able to reach out to LigoLab application specialists soon after we contracted helped to really guide us along the way. 

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