Is Your RCM Software Vendor Putting Your Lab’s Needs First?

Is Your RCM Software Vendor Putting Your Lab’s Needs First?

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One of the most exciting things about updating or replacing a legacy laboratory billing solution is the promise of a more efficient, more profitable lab operation. With the digital transformation of all things healthcare-related kicking innovation into overdrive, now is the perfect time for molecular, clinical, and anatomic pathology laboratories to consider an upgrade because there are stark differences between legacy RCM systems and next-generation technology like LigoLab’s intelligent laboratory billing solution.

For example, traditional RCM systems are built for downstream billing. This includes payment processing, claim review, adjustments, denials, and collection management. In contrast, next-generation RCM systems like the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform ™ focus on the end-to-end alignment of a lab’s entire operations. This alignment creates a myriad of benefits that legacy systems just can’t match, including:

  • Reducing the time between the date of service and the payment for providing that service
  • Bridging clinical and financial data across workflows
  • Increasing automation, particularly billing automation
  • Producing real-time analytics and insights to guide decision-making
  • Facilitating a better customer experience

So Why Don’t More Labs Make the Change?

Despite all of the upsides, some labs are still apprehensive about upgrading their technology. The reasons vary, but most are related to risk. 

“A lot of the lab managers we talk to feel trapped in their current laboratory RCM solution,” said Farzad Abdi, LigoLab’s Billing Manager. “They know that an upgrade is needed but they feel the process associated with implementing a new system is fraught with risk, both financial and operational. Downtime, errors, and poor service are their primary concerns.”

Unfortunately, things like downtime and poor customer service are a reality that currently plagues the industry, and the horror stories that come from new customers regarding their old systems are almost unimaginable. 

“One of our customers recently shared their experience with us regarding a former provider and we were shocked with what they had to say,” added Abdi. “Not only did it take the previous software vendor two years to implement the new system, that same vendor also provided horrible customer service. Urgent service requests often lingered for months.”  

Poor Service Should Not Be the Norm

After investing thousands of dollars, hundreds of man-hours and countless sleepless nights implementing a new laboratory RCM solution, the last thing a lab manager wants to deal with is problems. The software vendor relationship with the customer is meant to be a partnership, not a nightmare. It’s almost as if the only thing some vendors care about is the money. 

For the team at LigoLab, it’s all about putting the customer’s needs first.  

“We are often in disbelief whenever we talk to lab managers about their prior experiences,” said LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian. “The lack of customer service and follow-through that sometimes exists within the industry is unacceptable. We are doing everything we can to change the dynamic, and we are putting the customer above all else.” 

To make this promise a reality, LigoLab provides each new customer with the following guarantees:

  • Fast, error-free setup
  • Training that mirrors the lab’s real environment
  • Guided, ongoing training – onsite when needed
  • A dedicated company representative to answer questions or process service requests
  • Free consultation on best practices and advice on payment and reimbursement structures that net more revenue
  • Advice on which billing codes to use for services 

Fast, Error-Free Setup is Possible

When it comes to a fast, error-free setup, the greatest perceived risk of transitioning to a new laboratory RCM solution is a delay in collecting payments - or payments that are missed altogether. With other systems, there are three primary reasons for this:

  • Payments are delayed because of downtime
  • Major computing errors occur during the implementation
  • Existing accounts are not addressed or carried over to the new system

LigoLab addresses all of these pitfalls by not only having best-in-class technology but also developing an advanced plan that helps ensure continuity, even as the transition to the new RCM solution is taking place.  

“As complicated as it may seem, we have perfected how our intelligent billing solution gets implemented,” added Abdi. “Our priority is ensuring that our customers have very little downtime during the process and that no billing cycles are missed. Oftentimes, switching to LigoLab’s RCM solution can be completed in weeks rather than months.” 

Customer Service is Our Top Priority 

Although implementation happens fast, LigoLab ensures that customers don’t get left behind after the initial setup period.

“For clients that need fast implementation, adjusting to the new system can lag beyond the time for go-live,” stated Avunjian. “That’s why we continue our training program well beyond the initial setup. We also do follow-up training as needed, whether it’s two months or two years beyond deployment.” 

For those issues that no amount of training can fix, LigoLab offers clients a dedicated company representative. 

“Forget about service tickets that get stuck in the queue, we are there whenever our clients need us – 24/7,” added Abdi.  

Implementing a new laboratory RCM solution is not an easy endeavor, but with the right partner, it doesn’t have to be painful. With good planning, an experienced project management team, and best-in-class software and service, upgrading to a future-ready RCM can be done in a phase-by-phase approach that mitigates risk and allows the lab to maintain its daily business while moving into the new platform. 

We believe that every customer has its own unique needs and rather than forcing a “cookie-cutter” approach to software implementation, we evaluate business processes and make recommendations for users to best utilize our platform,” concluded Avunjian. “Our dedicated team goes the extra mile for our customers.”

LigoLab’s Laboratory Billing Solution

LigoLab RCM is deeply integrated with LigoLab LIS, and this empowers laboratories to start RCM at order creation with no data silos and no synchronization, providing a real advantage that reduces denials and audit risk and increases net collections. Additionally, LigoLab RCM supports the billing process with real-time verification, eligibility, and scrubbing components, automated ICD and CPT coding, and automated client billing. All RCM processes are seamlessly integrated within LigoLab’s live queue-facilitated workflow, giving users full transparency and end-to-end operational efficiency.

To learn more, visit and request a software demonstration to see what a truly integrated LIS & RCM platform can do for your lab’s operational efficiency, revenue, and profit.

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