May 2023 Newsletter: Turning an Economic Downturn into an Opportunity

How to Turn an Economic Downturn into an Opportunity for Your Clinical or Pathology Laboratory 

 Let's face it, these are uncertain times fraught with challenges at every turn, and even though laboratory medicine is an essential healthcare service, it's not immune to economic pressures like inflation, continued supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages. 

So how can lab managers and CEOs continue to run successful and profitable operations despite the present economic conditions?

They can start by looking for clues from other businesses outside of the healthcare industry. By doing so, they'll quickly realize that innovation and automation are the keys to success, no matter the business. 

We invite you to continue reading to see examples of business innovation that will allow your clinical laboratory or pathology group to continue to grow despite these turbulent times.


Understanding the Importance of Real-Time Analytics in a Modern Laboratory

We all know that pathology groups and clinical laboratories collect a mountain of data daily. From patient demographics to test results and everything in between, data is collected as specimens are accessioned and processed, and lab reports are generated and distributed.

Having the data is one thing, but having easy real-time access to it in the form of dashboard widgets and putting the data to work for your laboratory is something entirely different.

Real-time data analytics has gained importance with the rise of modern and full-featured LIS systems, and labs across all testing disciplines are using the insights gained from this internal data to make more informed decisions and improve lab operations.


On-Demand Webinar Now Available: Emerging Technologies of the Future Lab

Clinical laboratories and pathology groups are truly the health system’s “workhorses,” serving a critical role even as the industry deals with serious issues like reimbursement cuts, increasing supply costs, and a wide-ranging shortage of qualified personnel.

So how can today’s clinical and pathology labs successfully prepare for what the future holds? They can do so by adopting technology and innovative new tools as they become available.

Watch our on-demand webinar as industry experts discuss the current state of laboratory technology and how innovation and emerging technologies will shape the lab of the future.


Don't Build a Laboratory Monster: Use LigoLab's All-in-One LIS & RCM Informatics Platform

For all of you that are fed up with the barriers and headaches that come with using multiple software systems to get the job done in your pathology or clinical laboratories, LigoLab offers a silo-free alternative.

LigoLab Informatics Platform goes well beyond the traditional lab information system (LIS) by offering users a "single source of truth" for all laboratory data. Included in this enterprise-level software solution are fully integrated modules for:

Anatomic Pathology

Clinical Pathology

Molecular Diagnostics

Revenue Cycle Management


The platform also features powerful supporting modules and engines that enable users to build custom rules and organized workflows within the primary modules, resulting in automation that improves productivity and lab report customization that supports all client preferences.

Ready to say goodbye to inefficient LIS software and modernize your pathology or clinical lab? Then request a 15-minute intro call with one of our talented product specialists.


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