A rising tide lifts all boats - LigoLab’s approach to upgrades

A rising tide lifts all boats - LigoLab’s approach to upgrades

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You run a successful laboratory but you realize change is needed if your lab is going to be able to handle the constant pressures associated with the healthcare climate of today. 

The demand for more advanced, flexible, and inter-connected systems, the force of consolidation, an ever increasing workforce shortage, a trending reduction in fees from payers, and the expectation of faster turnaround times for clients and patients, to name a few.

You know a change is needed, but it’s going to be a big investment and you wonder if this change will be a long-term solution. You definitely don’t want to be back in this situation looking for another solution only a few years down the road. Labs cannot afford to make the wrong decision.

No need to worry.  Let LigoLab serve as your strategic partner as we align our interest with you for the long run.

For the past 14 years LigoLab has been perfecting its robust platform, the LigoLab AP/LIS + RCM, and partnering with leading laboratories nationwide. The platform is comprised of an intuitive and highly configurable solution that supports and streamlines the complete life-cycle of a specimen, from order entry to remittance, for pathology and clinical labs throughout the United States.

Modern laboratories have harnessed the power of the LigoLab AP/LIS + RCM platform to become more productive and efficient while scaling their businesses, and they manage confidently thanks to LigoLab’s approach to upgrades.

All upgrades are included in LigoLab’s aligned licensing model, and features that originate from other client requests are offered to all LigoLab partners, at no additional cost. What’s good for one is offered to all in this community-grown approach that allows our partner labs to adjust their operations as they thrive and grow.

This policy sets LigoLab apart from the competition and it benefits savvy lab operators that know their LIS + RCM solution needs to grow and adapt as their business does.

Here is how it works.

The LigoLab platform is constantly being upgraded, and new features are added daily. Because of this, LigoLab has a controlled testing and upgrade process in place. 

  • Administrators of their systems have full control of the schedule and frequency of the upgrades.
  • Test, training and production/live environments are utilized for every implementation. 

The test environment - receives daily updates automatically; this typically includes an average of five features a day. Before an upgrade is released, it first goes through a rigorous and automated regression testing phase against a client’s configuration and setup that takes over 10 hours.

The training environment - only receives updates when the customer is ready to validate a specific version to be moved into production.

The production/live environment - only receives updates on request from the client after testing has passed in the test environment. Upgrades to the production environment are scheduled at the convenience of the customer. The LigoLab team is available on weekends to assist with the upgrade. 

  • Software upgrades and upgrade services are included in the licensing fee. Features originating from other client requests to the application are also included as part of the licensing fee. 
  • LigoLab dedicates a support team to be fully available to address any issues that might arise within minutes.
  • All hotfixes are performed at no cost. 
  • New feature development requests that require immediate delivery are subject to a billable quote. Feature suggestions and enhancements that can be developed at LigoLab’s timeline are collected and addressed at no additional cost.

“Ligo” means “to unite” in Latin and that’s what LigoLab does with it’s all-in-one LIS + RCM platform that’s constantly deploying new features for the benefit of its clients. 

Nobody knows your business better than you do, and unlike other legacy LIS + RCM systems on the market, the LigoLab solution allows you to control and adapt your business on your timeline. You control when and how your uniquely configured LigoLab solution evolves and you determine when it’s time to utilize software upgrades and upgrade services at no extra cost. 

When you’re ready for an upgrade, we’re ready to assist because we at LigoLab take great pride in being your strategic partner. We align our interests with you for the long run.

Find out more at or request a demo at

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LigoLab LLC is a thriving business in Los Angeles that specializes in software licensing for pathology and clinical laboratories, no matter the size.  LigoLab competes with the giants of the laboratory industry thanks to its unique pricing model and its all-in-one Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform, the LigoLab AP/LIS + RCM

To request a LigoLab AP/LIS + RCM demonstration, contact Suren Avunjian at (818) 395-4659 or

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