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  • Making a Difference to the Way you work

    Making a Difference to the Way you work

    All laboratories need to do more with less. Gaining control and visibility of all your processes with the right tools, insight and expertise, ensure that you gain valuable intelligence, achieve compliance and improve outcomes and efficiency.

  • Building a Fluid Laboratory

    Building a Fluid Laboratory

    LigoLab’s comprehensive laboratory process management solutions are tailored to fit your needs, connecting your disparate processes to enable fluid workflows.

  • Selecting The Right Solution Partner

    Selecting The Right Solution Partner

    LigoLab solution and pricing model aligns with your organization, addessesing the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.

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LigoLab - Information Systems

LigoLab is a comprehensive and scalable Laboratory Information System (LIS) designed to accommodate a wide array of laboratories. LigoLab addresses the complete life-cycle of laboratory operations starting from remote ordering, dynamic workflow support, to in-office result reporting. Providing an intuitive, user friendly interface, LigoLab is composed highly integrated modules for outreach support, document imaging, specimen security and tracking, business support, digital pathology, integrated diagnostic reporting, anatomic and clinical pathology workflow, and billing. LigoLab is the clear choice for discriminating, modern laboratories seeking efficiency, reliability, improved patient care, overhead reduction and maximal generation of revenue.

About Us

Who We Are

LigoLab is a clinical laboratory information solutions vendor. LigoLab delivers a clear expression of solutions and knowledge to its customers.



Our solutions, specifically designed for clinical laboratories, offer a wide range of tools.



You can rely on LigoLab for all your medical laboratory software needs - from basic to business-critical.



Your investment in our software products deserves nothing less than dedicated support provided by our professional support personnel. LigoLab LIS support page links to ticket submission page for all software products currently supported by LigoLab.