November 2020 LigoLab Newsletter: The Recent CMS Announcement and What it Means for Your Laboratory

The Recent CMS Announcement and What it Means for Your Laboratory

Soon, U.S. laboratories that fail to process coronavirus diagnostic tests within two calendar days of collection will be penalized with smaller reimbursement payments from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Starting on January 1, 2021, the base payment rate for a COVID-19 diagnostic test will drop to $75, and a $25 add-on payment will be made to laboratories that are able to complete the test in two calendar days or less.

To read the official CMS announcement and find out what your lab can do to improve its turnaround times, check out our LigoLab Blog.

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LigoLab's LIS & RCM Operating Platform Supports Pooled Testing

Are you interested in adding pooled testing to your laboratory operations but concerned about potential barriers like the retesting of positive pooled samples and the likelihood of errors?

The LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform has the connectivity and flexibility required to successfully execute a pooled testing workflow.

Find out if pursuing pooled testing is the right strategy for your lab.

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Unite Your LIS & RCM and Truly Revolutionize Your Business

The LigoLab LIS & RCM Platform is a fully integrated laboratory information system that connects every department on one united software infrastructure to transform laboratory operations. Unlike traditional RCM solutions, LigoLab starts the revenue cycle process at the order level, and from that point on, powerful verification and scrubbing components are shared by the LIS and RCM modules.  

The platform features billing-focused automation and a seamless workflow designed to increase operational efficiency, transparency, productivity, revenue, and profit.

Many labs across the country have experienced revenue growth of over 30 percent after making the switch to our platform. Is your lab ready for full integration? Learn more by checking out our brand new Dark Daily lab resources page.

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