December 2020 LigoLab Newsletter: The Journey to One Million COVID-19 Tests

The Journey to One Million COVID-19 Tests

November 19 was a milestone day. That's the day that a LigoLab partner laboratory surpassed one million tests for SARS-CoV-2. Quite a remarkable accomplishment, especially when you consider the practice had only just added molecular diagnostic testing to its growing histopathology business in April, just as the first wave of the pandemic was hitting central Illinois.

So how did they do it, and how can other laboratories follow suit? Click on the LigoLab Blog link below to gain insight into how the lab overcame barriers and rapidly boosted testing capacity without sacrificing test quality and test turnaround times.

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Process Thousands of HRSA Patients in Minutes with LigoLab

The LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform is fully integrated and features targeted automation that enables labs to identify and process thousands of uninsured COVID-19 patients in minutes. This is a major advantage for labs that have boosted their diagnostic testing capacity to meet public demand but are struggling to efficiently process the increased number of claims.

LigoLab Billing Manager Farzad Abdi explains the reimbursement procedure and the automation that LigoLab customers are using to handle the increased number of claims.

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Is LigoLab the Right Software Solution for Your Laboratory?

At LigoLab, we offer a comprehensive enterprise-grade software solution that connects all laboratory and financial operations on one united infrastructure, and then we support this all-in-one platform with the best practices and expertise gained from over 15 years of industry experience.

Is your laboratory ready for a modern software solution, but you're not sure where to turn? Wondering if LigoLab is the answer? Interested in hearing from a LigoLab user? Then we invite you to check out our customer review pages at both Capterra and G2.

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