LigoLab - Who We Are and What We Do

LigoLab - Who We Are and What We Do

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LigoLab is a leading provider of innovative end-to-end laboratory information system software (LIS abbreviation medical) for clinical laboratories and pathology groups, servicing 250+ facilities nationwide. 

As a comprehensive enterprise-grade medical LIS software solution (LIS healthcare), the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Informatics Platform™ includes modules for anatomic pathology (LIS pathology), clinical laboratory (LIS medical), molecular diagnostics (molecular lab software), laboratory revenue cycle management (lab billing), and direct-to-consumer lab testing (TestDirectly and TestDirectly.com), all-in-one integrated informatics platform that supports every role, department, and case, enabling laboratories to provide better patient service, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, scale their operations, and become more compliant and profitable. 

Note: To see more about our lab information system platform and our commitment to helping laboratories grow and thrive, please watch our LIS company overview and read our detailed description of what we believe to be the best LIS software

A Detailed Description of LigoLab’s LIS Laboratory Information System 

Hello, and welcome. We look forward to showing you how our comprehensive and integrated LIS system and laboratory billing platform will transform your lab into an information-driven, connected, and thriving business. 

We'll demonstrate how our platform will position your lab for future growth, through an increase in efficiency, revenue, and patient satisfaction, while at the same time, reducing labor costs, human errors, and lost specimens. 

LigoLab's completely integrated and flexible platform is designed to support all clinical diagnostic disciplines and pathology labs. We'll show you how to leverage the platform to support, transform, and streamline the complete life cycle of all operations, including the financial aspects of your business. In short, LigoLab provides an innovative laboratory information system software solution for laboratories nationwide and we’re excited to tell you more about it.

Pathology Lab Software and Laboratory Billing Solutions 

At LigoLab we give labs the LIS system and lab billing tools to grow and thrive in a rapidly changing environment where consolidation and reduced fees are the new reality. To thrive, while managing the current challenges, labs must continue to adapt. 

We partner with you to help meet today’s challenges and prepare your lab for future success. Your success is our success because we align ourselves with your organizational goals. We understand the challenges that you're facing.

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Laboratory Information System Vendors and LIS System Partners

Let's start by first sharing a bit about our LIS company. LigoLab is headquartered in Los Angeles. It's privately owned and profitable and has served pathology laboratories nationwide since 2006. 

Before starting LigoLab, Edward and Suren, two of the company’s three founders were employed at a California lab that eventually became the largest privately held lab in the state. That lab was thriving because the founders had implemented innovative technology that allowed the lab to do more with less. 

Eventually, that lab was sold off to LabCorp. The sale provided an opportunity as Edward and Suren took all the lessons they had learned and decided to start this laboratory information system company.

A noteworthy and core principle behind that decision was to start a medical LIS company that would take full responsibility for all laboratory workflow management, becoming the only solution needed to grow and thrive. 

"Ligo" means to unite in Latin, and that's what the LigoLab platform does. It connects, merges, and integrates every lab process through shared LIS software technology into one source of truth. It becomes the focal point for all lab operations. 

A Pathology Lab Management System Built for Modern Times

LigoLab’s LIS system and lab billing platform is an all-in-one medical laboratory solution built with considerable user feedback. The pathology software modernizes labs by streamlining processes, improving workflows, and eliminating human errors and lost specimens. It's intuitive, easy to learn, accessible from anywhere, and scalable.

The LigoLab platform drives business growth, reduces labor costs, and increases revenue while catering to anatomic pathology groups and clinical and molecular labs. It's designed to support a wide range of laboratories, and it's also designed to scale. It's a powerful tool that enables labs to modernize, grow, and thrive.

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LIS System Vendors Interested in Customer Success 

Leading laboratories have leveraged their relationship with LigoLab to scale their businesses. For example, our platform currently supports a group of over 100 pathologists located at multiple sites across multiple states. We also have a reference laboratory processing over 10,000 orders a day. Our robust pathology software solution has the proven capability to handle those types of workloads and beyond. These are partner labs utilizing our laboratory platform to transform their labs.

At LigoLab we provide a comprehensive informatics platform that's flexible and configurable, and not a day goes by without us developing and then deploying a new feature for the platform. It's the most feature-rich LIS system available.

A Modern LIS System With Aligned Pricing 

Our edge is your edge for lab information system pricing. Unlike large legacy laboratory information system companies, we at LigoLab don't charge any licensing fees upfront. We invest in a long-term relationship with our customers through our transactional pricing model and policy of no large upfront capital investment.

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This means we share the risk and allow you to scale quickly. We charge based on the number of cases processed through the platform and don't nickel and dime you on the number of seats or modules used. You get the full power and capabilities of LigoLab’s pathology software from day one. 

We also have a client-friendly policy for sublicensing the pathology management software. LigoLab encourages its clients to sub-license to their customers the full capabilities of the LigoLab integrated platform, at no additional costs. LigoLab client labs can offer LIS system services to its customers for their use and benefit. 

We believe in our product and are confident that our LIS system and lab billing solution will increase your revenues and margins. In two decades of business, no client has left us for other LIS vendors because our system ties everything together and our pricing model encourages growth.

LIS System and Lab Billing System Attributes 

Additionally, we offer deep expertise and best practices in this domain learned from years of experience with a wide range of labs. We specialize in LIS system software and offer responsive and unlimited 24/7 customer service and support. We're there to assist and advise when you need help.

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LigoLab is a scalable solution for your lab with open architecture and automation, which means that it can easily interface with all service providers and lab vendors out there, while at the same time, eliminating redundancy and minimizing errors. 

The platform is internet-enabled. It can be hosted on a server or the cloud. Additionally, it can run on any operating system anywhere around the world, without the need to set up any VPN connections. Security is built-in throughout the platform. 

The results speak for themselves. Our laboratory information system software solution enables labs to increase productivity and scale quickly by applying automation to workflows and empowering labs to do more with the staff that they currently have. 

LigoLab gives you a competitive edge in your marketplace. This one united system, this one source of truth, can be configured to support the unique requirements of your customers, setting you apart from the competition.

Because it's an all-in-one LIS system, the LigoLab platform enables you to see potential problems as they arise and eliminate the bottlenecks and the pain points quickly, leading to better customer service and faster turnaround times. 

Why The LigoLab Platform Beats All Other LIS Systems 

LigoLab offers robust operational and laboratory billing solutions for all medical labs.

We can tailor the pathology lab reporting software solution to meet the specific needs of you the customer, no matter the size of the lab because the platform is very flexible. 

We load all the common workflows into the platform and then enhance those workflows with specialized engines that are integrated throughout. 

The solution includes supporting modules like outreach, specimen handling, sample tracking, document imaging, send-out tracking, and digital pathology, which utilizes whole slide imagers and machine reading algorithms to support the pathologist's workflow. Plus, a CRM module that supports the customer service department. 

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All modules are integrated and seamlessly work together. The business intelligence module covers all of your reporting needs. It includes configurable dashboards, CAP and CLIA reports, and beyond. Deeper under the hood we also offer supporting engines, like the workflow designer and the interface engine that connects to any instrument, EHR, or other third party.

Let's highlight the reporting and distribution engine, which enables you to create customizable reports and distribute them in 10 different ways. Rule and automation engines allow intuitive programming of simple to complex logic and preferences for consistent and reliable execution. On top of that, our platform also provides support for voice dictation software. 

The lab revenue cycle management module ties everything together, offering real-time patient demographic checks, patient insurance eligibility, and discovery options, automatic CPT, and diagnosis coding, claim scrubbing, ABN generation, and patient and client billing to name a few of the benefits.

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By using the combined power of the LIS system featuring integrated lab RCM solutions, you get the benefit of one united LIS system that creates efficiency every step of the way, while at the same time, opening up new lines of revenue. Other advantages include client and patient engagement and more valuable analytics for you and your business.

LIS System Software Engineered to Scale 

Our partner clients receive the full LIS system platform. Every module is available from the start. So, if a successful AP lab wants to expand its operations to include clinical testing, it'll have access to all the modules needed to expand its business. It's all pre-licensed and built within the lab information system with no need to add a third-party interface solution. This integrated platform will support your current and future lab needs.

We work closely with our partner labs from domain analysis and validation to going live. We're very experienced with this process and we have a proven way of bringing up the LIS software system while at the same time mitigating risk. In all our years of experience, we've never had a rollback. Every go-live has been a success. 

First, we take a deep look at your business and gain a full understanding of your challenges. Next, we implement and configure the lab pathology software, then provide training and best practices expertise. We validate all configurations, workflows, and processes, by testing in parallel with your current LIS system and then compare the results.

Typically 95 to 98 percent of the issues associated with configuration are eliminated during validation. Once everything is validated and ready to go live, we schedule and dedicate a support team to assess results, evaluate, and make adjustments where needed. From go-live and beyond, we take full responsibility for all your lab information system needs, providing 24/7 assistance and support as you thrive and grow.

The LigoLab Commitment 

We at LigoLab are committed to supporting your goals and also meeting the demands of your current and future stakeholders. We provide the pathology management software solution that empowers your employees to be more powerful and productive, and our platform’s shared risk pricing model and sublicensing agreement open up new lines of revenue for you to scale quickly by increasing efficiency, improving client services, and optimizing patient care.

Learn more by requesting an informal discussion or tailored LIS system software demonstration with a product specialist.

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Michael Kalinowski
Michael Handles Marketing and Communications for LigoLab

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