Rip off the bandage:  LigoLab gives you the power to make sense of the data and maximize revenue with it’s billing solution

Rip off the bandage:  LigoLab gives you the power to make sense of the data and maximize revenue with it’s billing solution

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You did the work. You provided the service. Now comes the difficult part...actually getting paid for the work and collecting accurately for every procedure.

Maybe your operation depends on a legacy billing system that’s slow, not 100 percent accurate and certainly not 100 percent transparent. You’re also dealing with constant changes and modifications within the industry while trying to navigate through the thousands of payer requirements. It feels like you’re always trying to hit a moving target.

Or maybe you outsource for you’re billing needs.  If that’s the case, are you sure that your partner is incentivized to track down every dollar your operation is due or are they going for the low hanging fruit?  How secure are they with your company’s data?

There’s got to be a better way, right?

Thirteen years ago, the founders of LigoLab had a vision. They wanted to create a company that took full responsibility for and supported ALL laboratory departments, technical and financial Becoming the one and only informatics solution needed for any lab, no matter the size.

That vision is a reality today as LigoLab’s integrated laboratory operating platform now includes a very robust revenue cycle management module that will future-proof your billing needs and put your lab in a position to differentiate and scale quickly thanks to increased efficiency and performance.  

The LigoLab RCM uses automation and deep third party integration to streamline processes, accelerate cash flow and increase margins. It offers the real-time data and business intelligence needed to minimize errors and denials while speeding up reimbursements.

Speaking of denials, nationwide an estimated 35 percent of claim rejections are due to inaccurate or missing data, and manual processing of claims is both labor and time-intensive. Put the power of the LigoLab RCM to work for you and get your clean claim rate much closer to 100 percent.

LigoLab RCM highlights include real-time patient demographic checks, patient insurance eligibility and insurance discovery options, automatic CPT and diagnosis coding, claim scrubbing, ABN generation, patient and client billing, and much more. The RCM module also includes a comprehensive audit trail, giving your business full transparency.

LigoLab's solution is a game-changer for modern AP, CP, Molecular and Personalized Medicine labs ready to use the power of this fast and customizable tool to drastically boost the probability of payments while at the same time providing better service to their clients.  

Get everything you deserve and put your operation in a position to grow and thrive with LigoLab.

LigoLab LLC is a thriving business in Los Angeles that specializes in software licensing for pathology and clinical laboratories, no matter the size.  LigoLab competes with the giants of the laboratory industry thanks to its unique pricing model and its all-in-one Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform, the LigoLab AP/LIS + RCM.

For more information visit To request a LigoLab AP/LIS + RCM demonstration, contact Suren Avunjian at (818) 395-4659 or

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