LigoLab Offers a Pricing Model That Aligns with Laboratory Goals and an Implementation Plan That Minimizes Lab Disruption

Los Angeles, CA, August 24, 2020 - The pressure is on as pathology groups look to sustain and even grow their businesses while facing heightened competition for customers, financial and regulatory constraints, and rising costs associated with their laboratory information systems. 

The cost to acquire a modern and comprehensive Laboratory Information System (LIS) in today’s price-sensitive market can be discouraging, so LigoLab Information System has addressed these concerns with a lab-friendly pricing model for its LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform.

LigoLab’s pricing model does not require large, upfront capital expenditures and prohibitive licensing fees. Instead, laboratory volume determines the cost-per-test. This model features a modest fixed fee per transaction, and as volumes increase, the fixed cost-per-test drops. 

The pricing model is attractive to lab operators looking to expand their businesses with minimal risk. With LigoLab, they’re no longer locked into substantial fixed support and maintenance fees regardless of how the company is doing. Instead, lab clients can leverage the LigoLab platform to stimulate business growth.  

Labs often resist replacing their existing LIS systems, even if they are outdated and lacking functionality, because of the potential for disruption of lab operations. LigoLab has addressed this concern with an implementation plan that’s designed to methodically guide the laboratory at every stage, from domain analysis to go-live, while considering the current and the future state of the laboratory and mitigating risks associated with making the switch. 

LigoLab has helped hundreds of laboratories upgrade their operations and replace a wide variety of LIS & RCM systems, from very well-known legacy vendors to custom-built homegrown systems. The company’s technical team relies on its domain expertise and best practices to replace and import data from any system, as well as migrate all existing interfaces.

Deciding to move away from their current information system is a big decision for laboratories. LigoLab makes that decision much easier by offering a future-ready laboratory platform that covers the entire life cycle of a specimen, aligns its pricing with laboratory goals, and minimizes disruption when making the switch. 

Why Choose LigoLab?

In Latin, Ligo means “to unite,” and that’s what LigoLab precisely does for its 100+ laboratory clients nationwide. The company’s comprehensive laboratory platform includes powerful modules for Anatomic Pathology (AP), Clinical Pathology (CP), Molecular Diagnostics (MDx), and Revenue Cycle Management/Billing, all united on one integrated software infrastructure. 

With LigoLab, you get data integrity from end-to-end and a trusted partner that takes full responsibility for all your information system needs. No synchronization, no middleware, no finger-pointing, no headaches.

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A Better Way to Collect, Process, and Report COVID-19 Tests

The TestDirectly web portal works with any LIS. It helps laboratories quickly move to an electronic workflow that addresses the order entry bottleneck while also reducing data entry errors. TestDirectly supports both drive-through and on-site collections with a workflow that expedites patient data collection, report delivery, and follow-up. It enables laboratories to boost capacity and improve turnaround times. 

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To learn more about LigoLab and TestDirectly, contact Michael Kalinowski at 310-227-7503 or

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