LigoLab Earns Higher Performer Rating in G2’s LIMS Fall Grid Report

LigoLab Earns Higher Performer Rating in G2’s LIMS Fall Grid Report

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Having your customers serve as your best references. That’s the goal, no matter the business.

In many cases though, it’s much easier said than done as promises made during the sales process often evaporate after the sale has been completed.

At LigoLab, every customer-software vendor relationship is viewed as a partnership. This means the company aligns with the laboratory’s long-term goals while also offering unlimited support, plus every tool-set needed to stand out in a crowded and ultra-competitive marketplace. 

It’s a formula that’s worked extraordinarily well for the company for 16-plus years, as evidenced by the verified software reviews by LigoLab users that can be found at both Capterra and G2.

LigoLab recently earned “High Performer” status from G2 in its laboratory information management system fall rankings, largely because of customer satisfaction with its software platform.

Diving even deeper into the satisfaction ratings, the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform ™ stood out among the reviewers when asked if the product was going in the right direction (100% satisfaction), if the product met their requirements (94% satisfaction), if they were likely to recommend the product to others (91% satisfaction), and if the quality of the support met their expectations (90% satisfaction). 

The likelihood to recommend our system to others means a lot to us as a company,” said Suren Avunjian, LigoLab CEO. “When we say every customer is a reference, we mean it, and we continue to work hard every day to ensure that a core principle that dates back to our beginning in 2006 remains as strong as ever, no matter how big our company grows or how many customers we serve.”

Another holdover from day one of the company is responsive and unlimited support. 

“The quality of our support is every bit as important as the software, itself,” continued Avunjian. I think that’s what separates us from other competitors in this space. I don’t think anyone can match the level of service we provide for our customers.”

When asked about LigoLab’s 100% satisfaction rating for having a product that’s going in the right direction, Avunjian said the rating confirms the entire LigoLab team’s willingness to listen to customers and keep their hands on the pulse of the industry. 

“We really care about what our customers think and need, and we take great pride in our ability to quickly adapt and provide them with the tools that can open new lines of business and break growth barriers,” said Avunjian. 

Thinking About a LIS System Upgrade? Things to Consider Before Buying

As referenced earlier in this post, it’s imperative for lab management personnel to do their due diligence and ask the right questions during the sales cycle. This ensures that they are comparing apples to apples when evaluating LIS systems. 

With that in mind, here are five things lab directors should consider before buying new laboratory information system software.

1. Look for a vendor that’s aligned with the laboratory’s long-term success. This is often reflected in the vendor’s pricing model. If the pricing model includes large and front-loaded capital expenditures, this can hamper or delay the lab’s ability to scale up.

2. Look for a partner that has demonstrated rapid adaptability. As we all know, this industry is very dynamic and changes are constant, so a forward-thinking vendor and a future-ready platform are must-haves.

3. Check references to make sure the vendor is responsive and delivers on its promises.

4. The product is just as important as the vendor. It should be complete and it should have all of the many tool-sets a laboratory needs to be successful. This means one product with one database so that multiple systems and multiple vendors are not needed within the lab’s environment.

5. The system should be extremely flexible with every configurable function that a lab needs available, and the customer should be able to make changes themselves.

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